Wednesday, July 29, 2009

As the most boring blog in the world, this post will be typical. After all, where does a boring blogger with blogger's block have to go but down?

I've always been a morning person, which makes it easier for me to take the morning shift feeding the kittens, and one of my night owl children does the last feeding after I go to bed. It is wearing, however, and yesterday when the Hope cat decided to make the night more interesting by peeing in the dryer, it just about frazzled that last nerve.

When looking up today's holidays and special days and bits of trivia, I ran across several sites saying that today is "National Cheese Sacrifice Purchase Day." There is no site that tells what this means, though a few do speculate. I think it is some one's idea of a practical joke, spread through the internet like a virus or trojan, but doing no damage except perhaps to the wallets of people who go buy cheese preparing to sacrifice it. I wonder which god or goddess would want a cheese sacrifice? And since today is the day to make the purchase, when is the actual sacrifice?

I propose going out and buying some cheese and just eating the stuff. As expensive as it is to buy cheese (I'm paying an average of over $3/pound when it is on sale), the only sacrifice any cheese I buy will be used for is tonight's dinner.

Speaking of which, another night, another family meal. I wonder what I should cook tonight. The real chef magicians of the world are not necessarily the ones you see on tv. The real magic is in turning out a fresh meal idea for the hungry horde using yet another blah old pound of ground round.

A friend of mine was working on her computers yesterday. She was doing a great deal of technical stuff that makes no sense to me (if I need technical done, I call my friends at Rent-A-Nerd, yes, it is a real business and they do a great job). So she tried to explain it in terms a mom who cooks like grandma could understand.

She explained that she was cleaning and reformatting and redownloading Windows and drivers and such, and we finally got it down to this. The computer is like the stove, and Windows is like the individual burners on the stove (electric, or gas, or ceramic burners with your stove, sweetie?). The drivers are the pots and pans you cook it. When you clean out old stuff from the computer and load in new things, it's like you are cleaning out the pantry and putting new groceries in it. You cook the groceries by using the drivers on the type of burners you want. That's about as close as your going to get to explaining it all to me.

She also told me she has 20,000 songs, and that after she moves they will hook the computer to the speakers she has and have the young generation equivalent of a stereo system/album collection to envy. I think I will stick to my FM tuner, first cousin to a Luddite that I am.

Today is:

Cherry Feast, Germany

Dragon Day

Festival of the Polymorphously Perverse (Do I dare to try to look up this one? Nah, sacrificing cheese is enough for one day.)

Final Frontier Day

NASA Anniversary

National Cheese Sacrifice Purchase Day (I say buy the kind you can cook desserts with and sacrifice it in tomorrow's cheese cake.)

National Lasagna Day (Eat your heart out, Garfield.)

National Roller Skating Tournament

Oslok, St. Olav's Feast, Norway (Patron saint of Norway)

Pardon of the Birds, Quimperle, Brittany

Rain Day, Waynesburg, PA

St. Ladislas' Day

Thor's Day (Norse)

Birthdays Today:

Martina McBride, 1966
Clara Bow, 1905

Today in History:

JamesVI crowned King of Scotland in Stirling, 1567
English defeat the Spanish Armada, 1588
Pitt's Gazette becomes the first newspaper published west of the Alleghenies, 1786
Vincent Van Gogh dies in Auvers, France, 1890

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  1. I had a friend whose cat used to pee in their stove burners... but peeing in the dryer is a new one.

    Gahhhh!! That's got to be unpleasant to deal with!