Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I mailed a package out today, and it got me thinking (a very dangerous thing for the world's most boring blogger to do). Here I have sent a package to a person I have never seen, and only know through the cyber world. I have "spoken" to her extensively in a chat room, and read her responses on the boards, that is all.

From those things I have developed a strong enough connection to her that I have invested both time and money (mailing books) into helping her. It is amazing and in a way scary. Amazing that we can become friends across the miles and support one another in this way. Scary, because we just never know, until we meet in person, whether the person is who we think.

Still, all I am doing is sending her books. What trust it must take to try online dating.

Today is:

Baby Food Day

Black Ship Festival, Japan (Commemorating Admiral Perry's arrival in Japan)

Corfuflux (Discordian Calendar)

Cow Appreciation Day (Remember Bossie when drinking that milk in your coffee.)

Festival of Rowana (Tree Goddess)

Gummi Worm Day

No Hitter Day

National Ice Cream Day

National Tapioca Pudding Day

Respect Canada Day

St. Bonaventure's Day

St. Swithin's Day

St. Vladimir's Day

Birthdays Today:

Clement Clarke Moore, 1779
Rembrandt Van Rijn, 1606

Today in History:

The First Crusaders capture and plunder Jerusalem, 1099
Alexei Chirikov and his men become the first Europeans to visit Alaska, 1741
The first Buddhist Temple in the US is formed in Los Angeles, 1904
Jews take Jerusalem, 1995

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