Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Why Not Today?

Blogging, I always thought. was not for me. After all, what does a dumpy, middle aged, not too bright wife and SAHM have to blog about?

Still, at least I can try to get a few of my ideas out of my head and written down.

It's July 1, the beginning of a new fiscal year. So, I will start something new. I'm not sure where it will lead, and that's okay.

Also, today is:

Canada Day (I wish many happy returns of the day to all Canadians!)

Second Half of the Year Day (Second half of the year resolutions, anyone?)

US Postage Stamp Day (Philatelists unite!)

Zip Code Day

Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day (The local dairy did this already, they came out with special flavors just for south Louisiana, including a sweet potato flavor!)

International Joke Day (Joke will follow the rest of the post.)

Build a Scarecrow Day (Why wait till October?)

La Fiesta De Burro (Don't underestimate the usefulness of pack animals.)

Mt Fuji Day, Japan

National Gingersnap Day

St. Cosmas and Damian's Day

Today's joke, for International Joke Day -- A cowboy walks into a bar in Wyoming and orders 3 beers. He takes them to a table and takes a sip from each one, over and over, until they are gone. Then he goes and orders 3 more.

The bartender says, "You know, the beers go flat once I draw them, so why don't you order one at a time? They will taste better."

The Cowboy answers, "Well, I have two brothers, one in Arizona and one in Colorado. When we all left Texas, we promised we would always drink like this, in memory of when we used to drink together."

The bartender thinks this is a nice tradition, so he says nothing further.

The Cowboy became a regular at the bar, always ordering 3 at a time, and drinking them the same way. Then one day he walks in and orders only 2 beers. All of the regulars fall silent.

When he comes back and orders 2 more, the bartender says, "I don't want to intrude on your grief, but I would like to offer you my condolences."

The Cowboy looks puzzled for a moment, then he breaks out in a laugh.

"No, we are all doing just fine," he says. "It's just that the wife and I joined the Baptist Church, so I had to give up drinking. Didn't affect my brothers, though."

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