Tuesday, December 1, 2009

If it's Tuesday, it must be cheesecake

Today is the last "teaching" co-op of this semester. Next week is the obligatory gift exchange and the fun of watching the kids perform or demonstrate or put out samples of what they did this semester.

For our last recipe, Mildred of http://mildredsmenagerie.blogspot.com/ directed me to the classic cheesecake recipe at http://www.kraftfoods.com/kf/recipes/philadelphia-classic-cheesecake-52544.aspx . I let the kids work with it and see how easy it is to do a basic cheesecake, and have challenged them to find a more complicated recipe over the break and make one for themselves. I hope they will do it.

Today is:

Becky Thatcher Day (birthday of Laura Hawkins, in 1836, who inspired the

character in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer)

Bifocals at the Monitor Liberation Day

Bizarre Bazaar

Calends of December

Carnival of Celendonia -- Fairy Calendar (Celendonia is the Fairy City

all Fairies want to retire to, by the way.)

Civil Air Patrol Day

Eat A Red Apple Day

Festival of Poseidon -- Ancient Greek Calendar (Greek God of Sea &


Independence Day, Central African Republic, Iceland, Ireland

International Prisoners for Peace Day

National Pie Day

Restoration of Independence, Macau, Poland, Portugal

Rosa Parks Day

Saba Day, throughout the Caribbean

Theater Day

Unity Day, Serbia

Youth Day, Portugal

Anniversaries Today

Napoleon weds Josephine, 1804

Birthdays Today:

Bette Midler, 1945
John Densmore, 1944
Richard Pryor, 1940
Lee Trevino, 1939
Woody Allen, 1935
Lou Rawls, 1933
David Doyle, 1925
Mary Martin, 1913
Charles Finney, 1905
Robert Welch, 1899
Cyril Ritchard, 1897
Rex Stout, 1886
Oliver Wolcott, 1726
Louis VI of France, 1081

Today in History:

Henry V of England enters Paris, 1420
Pasha Muhammad ibn Farukh, governor, driven out of Jerusalem, 1626
Portugal regains independence from Spain, 1640
Massachusetts becomes first colony to give Statutory recognition to slavery, 1641
An athlete from Croydon is reported to have run 20 miles from St. Albans to London in less than 90 minutes, 1653
The first American school to offer manual training courses opens in Maryland, 1750
Charles and M.N. Roberts ascend 2,000' in a hydrogen balloon, 1783
Erie Canal closes for a month due to cold weather, 1831
Hans Christian Andersen publishes his first book of fairy tales, 1835
The first chartered mutual life insurance company opens, 1843
First appearance of sherlock Holmes in print, in "Study in Scarlet", 1887
The first certified public accountants receive their certificates in New York, 1896
The first Western film, "The Great Train Robbery," released, 1903
The first Israeli kibbutz is founded, Deganya Alef, 1909
The first drive-up gasoline station opens in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, 1913
Lady Nancy Astor is sworn in as the first female member of the British Parliament, 1919

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  1. I was in town yesterday most of the day and am late visiting. Today would be mama's 80th birthday and she LOVED cheesecake. We once shared a large, thick slice of Red Velvet cheesecake at a nearby shop. It was delicious and very Christmasy!