Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Are we going for a record?

According to the weather forecast, we should be getting snow again tomorrow.

For those of you who get it every winter, it's no big deal.

For us, this will be a winter for the record books.

Today is:

Curling Is Cool Day

Ember Day

International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day

Iwo Jima Day (flag raising)

Mt. Fuji Day, Japan

National Banana Bread Day

National Day, Brunei

Republic Day, Guyana

Spay Day USA (Sit! Stay! Spay! Good Owner.)

St. Polycarp's Day

Tennis Day

Terminalia -- Ancient Roman Calendar (festival for Terminus, god of land boundary markers)

Vaudeville Day

Birthdays Today:

Michael Dell, 1965
Howard Jones, 1955
Patricia Richardson, 1951
John Sanford, 1944
Johnny Winter, 1944
Peter Fonda, 1939
Donna J. Stone, 1933
Paul Tibbets, 1915
Victor Fleming, 1889
W.E.B. DuBois, 1868
George Frederic Handel, 1685
Tokugawa Tsunayoshi, 1646
Samuel Pepys, 1633

Today in History:

Emperor Diocletian orders the general persecution of Christians, 303
France begins its fifth "holy war" against the Huguenots, 1574
The first US raw-cotton-to-cloth mill is founded, in Waltham, Massachusetts, 1813
The first US pharmaceutical college is organized, the College of Apothecaries in Philidelphia, 1821
Santa Anna begins his siege of the Alamo, 1836
Great Britain formally recognises the independence of the Boers in the area between the Orange and Vaal rivers, signing the Bloemfontein Convention with the Orange Free State, 1854
The London Times publishes the world's first classified ad, 1886
The French/Italian Riviera is struck by an earthquake that leaves 2,000 dead, 1887
The Tootsie Roll is introduced by Leo Hirshfield, 1896
In France, Emile Zola is imprisoned for writing his "J'accuse" letter accusing the government of anti-Semitism and wrongly jailing Alfred Dreyfus, 1898
The Cuban state of Guantanamo is leased to the US, 1903
The US acquires control of the Panama Canal Zone for $10 million, 1904
The Rotary Club International is founded in Chicago, 1905
Russian Tsar Nicholas II dissolves the Diet of Finland, 1909
The US state of Nevada enacts a convenient divorce law, 1915
The February Revolution begins in Russia, 1917
Plutonium is first produced and isolated by Dr. Glenn T. Seaborg, 1941
The first mass innoculation with the Salk vaccine begins in Pittsburgh, 1954

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  1. "International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day."

    Ermm, how do humans celebrate it?