Sunday, February 14, 2010

Year of the Tiger

Yes, it is Valentines Day for us in the US. To some it is just another small holiday which the gift card industry has hyped. To many it is just another trap for men who are expected to be romantic on command.

To other parts of the world, though, it is New Year's Day, and today ushers in the Chinese Year of the Tiger.

This particular Year of the Tiger is associated with the element metal. Tigers are supposedly born leaders, whose motto is "I Win" and who tend to be noble and fearless. They can be very generous, and work hard for humanitarian causes. and on the opposite side can be rash and hot-headed.

Tigers should marry someone born in the year of the Horse, Boar (sometimes called Pig), or Dog. They work with other Tigers for mutual causes, but can mistrust each other. Tigers should avoid Snakes and Rabbits, for there will be suspicion on both sides. Monkeys will always be their enemies.

Even though I don't believe in Zodiac signs, the stories surrounding their origin are fun to read.

Happy Valentines Day, and Happy Year of the Tiger!

Today is:

Bird Mating Season begins

Cat Festival

Cheesefare Sunday -- Orthodox Christian, sometimes called Forgiveness
Sunday (the last day that dairy products can be eaten before the Lenten

Chinese New Year

Daytona 500

Feast of Vali -- Norse Calendar (archer god)

Ferris Wheel Day

Fjortende Februar, Denmark

International Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Day

League of Women Voter's Day

Library Lover's Day

National Call In Single Day (What a lot of men who feel pressured to be
romantic on this day wish they could do, I'm sure!)

National Cardiovascular Technologists Recognition Day

National Cream-Filled Chocolates Day

National Have a Heart Day

National Organ Donor Day

National Random Acts of Kindness Day

National Women's Heart Day

Quirky Alone Day

Race Relations Day

Read to Your Child Day

Shrovetide (through the 16th)

Sts. Cyril & Methodius' Day (patrons of Czechoslovakia, Europe, the Slavs)

Transfiguration Sunday

Valentine's Day

World Marriage Day

Anniversaries Today:

Oregon becomes the 33rd US state, 1859
Arizona becomes the 48th US state, 1912

Birthdays Today:

Drew Bledsoe, 1972
Meg Tilly, 1960
Gregory Hines, 1946
Carl Bernstein, 1944
Michael Bloomberg, 1942
Florence Henderson, 1934
Vic Morrow, 1932
Hugh Downs, 1921
Mel Allen, 1913
Jimmy Hoffa, 1913
Jack Benny, 1894
Gale Ferris, 1859
Frederick Douglass, 1817

Today in History:

The annals of the monastery of Quedlinburg make the first known mention of Lithuania, 1009
Roman Catholic emperor Leopold I chases the Jews out of Vienna, 1670
The "Stars and Stripes" arrives in France, appearing on foreign soil for the first time, 1778
The apple parer is patented by Moses Coats of Downington, Pennsylvania, 1803
US Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall declares that any act of the US Congress that conflicts with the Constitution is void, 1803
A.G. Bell and Elisha Gray both apply for a patent for a telephone; Bell is first by only 2 hours, and is ruled the rightful inventor, 1876
The first trainload of California grown fruit, oranges, leaves L.A. for the east,1889
The Canadian 5 cent nickel coin is authorized, 1921
The Bank of England is nationalized, 1946

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