Thursday, December 16, 2010

The tiniest kittens are not getting better. My kitchen floor is atrocious no matter how much i clean it. Most of the time i just don't look down. They will have to go to the vet, although i know what she will say. Give them reglan and an antibiotic and fortiflora. I'm already doing all that, so i hope she has something else in her arsenal.

Brother-in-Law has agreed, for the time being, to come pick Sweetie up for work each day, and bring him home, too. They work in the same general area, but he does not live that close so it makes it a bit of a trip. We will pay him for gas as we try to work out how to replace the van, if we can do that at all.

As typical for us, we will not be putting up a tree this year. Have you ever tried to have a tree with 14 kittens in the house? 'Nuff said.

Bigger Girl is trying to convince Sweetie to dress up as Santa for the cat rescue. He won't, as those fake beards make him break out, or so he says. I think he just has a deathly fear of anyone thinking he is fat.

Oh, and Happy Beethoven's Birthday! Remember Schroeder from Peanuts and his love of Beethoven? He would celebrate every year, except for the times Charles Schultz mixed it up and had him forget. Those were funny ones. One person went to visit Germany, and saw a statue of Beethoven with a tiny toy figure of Schroeder at the base. The thought of that makes me smile.

Today is:

Barbie and Barney Backlash Day

Beethoven Day

Day of Reconciliation -- Afrikaners of South Africa

Day of the Republic -- Kazakhstan (Independence from the USSR)

Eat What You Want Day

Festival of Sophia / Sapinetia -- Celtic Calendar (goddess of wisdom)

Independence Day -- Bahrain, Nepal

Man Will Never Fly Memorial Society Annual Meeting

National Chocolate Covered Anything Day

National Day -- Bahrain

National Sports Day -- Thailand

Posadas Navidenas (Fiesta of the Virgin of the Lonely), Mexico -- celebrated through the 25th, "pilgrims" go house to house seeking shelter to commemorate the search of Mary and Joseph for shelter in Bethlehem

Simbang Gabi, Philippines (Christmas festivals that last until Three Kings Day.)

St. Adelaide's Day

Underdog Day

Victory Day -- Bangladesh; India

Birthdays Today:

Michael McCary, 1971
Benjamin Bratt, 1963
William "Refrigerator" Perry, 1962
Billy Gibbons, 1949
Benny Andersson, 1946
Steven Bochco, 1943
Lesley Stahl, 1941
Liv Ullmann, 1939
Arthur C. Clarke, 1917
Margaret Mead, 1901
Noel Coward, 1899
Wassily Kandinsky, 1866
George Santayana, 1863
Jane Austen, 1775
Ludwig von Beethoven, 1770
Catherine of Aragon, 1536

Today in History:

An Lushan revolts against Chancellor Yang Guozhong at Fanyang, initiating the An Shi Rebellion during the Tang Dynasty of China, 755
Mount Vesuvious, Italy erupts, destroys 6 villages & kills 4,000, 1631
Oliver Cromwell sworn in as English Lord Protector, 1653
The last recorded eruption of Mount Fuji in Japan, 1707
A big tea party in Boston harbor -- Indians welcome -- is "celebrated" (Boston Tea Party), 1773
Fire burns over 600 buildings in NYC, 1835
In New Zealand, the Charlotte-Jane and the Randolph bring the first of the Canterbury Pilgrims to Lyttelton, 1850
The Kingdom of Nepal accepts its constitution, 1862
AntonĂ­n Dvorak's Symphony No. 9 in E minor, Op. 95, From The New World is given its world premiere performance at Carnegie Hall, 1893
The first submarine with an internal combustion engine is demonstrated, 1897
The "Great White Fleet" sails from Hampton Downs on its round the world tour, 1907
The first credit union in the US is formed, in Manchester, New Hampshire, 1908
The first US postage stamp picturing an airplane, a 20 cent parcel post, is issued, 1912
Albert Einstein publishes his "General Theory of Relativity", 1915
The Haiyuan earthquake, magnitude 8.5, rocks the Gansu province in China, killing an estimated 200,000, 1920
Theodore Cole and Ralph Roe attempt to escape from the American federal prison on Alcatraz Island in San Francisco Bay; neither is ever seen again, 1937
Thailand joins the United Nations, 1945
William Shockley, John Bardeen and Walter Brattain build the first practical point-contact transistor, 1947


  1. Mimi, I hope you get over here to read this soon...maybe I'll get a msg. to you on the other place...

    Your vet might try Albon (sulfadimethoxine). Mine prescribed it for relentless diarrhea in one of my rescue kittens last year (Twotwo). It is used in dogs and cats for a myriand of issues, including enteritis/enteric problems and soft tissue infections. It could be that the little ones have a bacterial infection which could be squelched with Albon. I used an oral liquid form. It took quite some time for mine to level off, but it eventually did. I know, you know, that dehydration is a concern with this, especially with those so tiny. Caution: some cats/dogs are allergic to sulfa drugs and this could be a way to really know if yours are, at this point, though. There are other side effects, as with all meds. Lots of info on net if you google Albon. You can talk to your vet about it. Hope this works. I'll pray it will help.

    Hope to get back here later to post about other stuff...just found out that my office neighbor (Bernie) was rushed to the hospital at 3:00 am. Got to go check on her. Just finished helping her grandson take care of her inside cats (I don't have a key). Say a quick prayer for her, too, if you can. Looks like it might be just a virus, but at 81, it pays to be extra careful! Will be praying for your kits...

  2. Dear PonyGirl,

    Yes, the rescue uses Albon on occasion, usually for coccidia. We have mostly replaced it with Ponazeril, but i will talk to the vet about a couple of weeks of Albon treatment.

    Of course i will be praying for Bernie.