Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Truth in Advertising

Grocery stores certainly know how to get people to buy.

The other day i saw a sign that read "Heirloom Naval Oranges".

Now, anyone who knows about naval oranges knows that they are a mutation that happened almost 200 years ago in one tree. Because they don't have seeds, all naval orange trees are from cuttings. Thus, all naval orange trees are clones, in a sense, of the original tree.

Thus, they are technically heirloom. All dating back to one mutation. All genetically identical. So really, this was making a huge deal out of the desire for heirloom produce for, well, not much.

Organic navals -- now that might be something to tout and to charge a bit more for. This, however, even if it is truth in advertising, is stretching it.

In honor of National Humor Month:

Even though i push the envelope every day, it still remains stationery.

Boudreaux was lying on his death bed. The doctor had already told him that he surely wouldn't live for another week.
Suddenly, and much to Boudreaux's glee, a wonderful aroma hit Boudreaux like a tidal wave. He knew that the smell meant only one thing- his wife had just made a pot of gumbo.
Boudreaux wanted a bowl so badly, but he was no longer able to walk, so he crawled out of his bed and into the kitchen.
Just as Boudreaux was reaching for the pot, Clotile barked out, "Boudreaux! Shame on you! You know dat gumbo is going to be for the funeral."

Today is

Big Wind Day

D.E.A.R. Day (a/k/a Drop Everything And Read)

Festival of Cerealia begins -- Ancient Roman Calendar

Halifax Day -- North Carolina, US

Hocktide Festival/Tutti Day -- Hungerford, Berkshire, England (commemorates a battle in 1002 A.D. when Saxon women defeated the invading Danes; celebrated in the Middle Ages by women imprisoning their men and, after paying the church, retrieving them)

Look Up At The Sky Day

National Licorice Day

National Redemption Day -- Liberia

Ramanavami -- Hindu

Russian Cosmonaut Day

St. Zeno's Day

Walk on Your Wild Side Day

Yuri's Night -- International

Birthdays Today:

Riley Smith, 1982
Claire Danes, 1979
Nicholas Brendon, 1971
Shannen Doherty, 1971
Nick Hexum, 1970
Art Alexakis, 1962
vince Gill, 1957
Andy Garcia, 1956
David Cassidy, 1950
Tom Clancy, 1947
David Letterman, 1947
Ed O'Neill, 1946
Herbie Hancock, 1940
Dennis Banks, 1937
Tiny Tim, 1930
Ann Miller, 1923
Beverly Cleary, 1916
Mahavira, the 24th Tirthankara of Jainism, BC599

Today in History:

Constantinople falls to the Fourth Crusade, temporarily ending the Byzantine Empire, 1204
The formal inquest of Galileo by the Inquisition begins, 1633
The first edition of Tatler Magazine is published in London, 1709
The American Civil War begins at Fort Sumter, South Carolina, 1861
George C Blickensderfer patents a portable typewriter, 1892
Pierre Prier makes the first nonstop flight from London to Paris, in 3h 56m, 1911
Sir Frank Whittle ground-tests the first jet engine designed to power an aircraft, at Rugby, England, 1937
The strongest surface wind gust ever measured, 231 mph, at Mount Washington, New Hampshire, 1943
The Salk vaccine is declared safe and effective, 1955
Yuri Gagarin becomes the first human to travel into outer space, 1961
Samuel Doe takes over Liberia in a coup d'etat, ending 130 years of peaceful and democratic presidential successions, 1980
The first launch of a space shuttle, the Colombia, 1981
The Euro Disney Resort officially opens (now Disneyland Paris), 1992
Canter & Siegel post the first commercial mass Usenet spam, 1994


  1. Yep. The advertising folks think most of us are dumber than the proverbial doorknob.

    The gumbo!!! hehheh

  2. PonyGirl, sometimes i don't know whether to just laugh it off, or shake my head that these things catch some people.