Monday, May 30, 2011

Few Words, Just Thoughts

While making myself crazy trying to think of something to write for today that i could manage during my few moments online between everyone else's turns, it occurred to me that it is Memorial Day.

Thus, not a lot of words. Just thoughts of those who have sacrificed so much for freedom.

Lest We Forget.

Today is

Anguilla Day -- Anguilla

Canary Island Day -- Canary Islands

Einherjar -- Asatru (Modern Norse Pagan) Calendar (a memorial for the war dead in Valhalla)

Feast Day of St. Joan of Arc (patron of France)

Gloucestershire Cheese Rolling Race -- Cooper’s Hill, near Gloucester, Stroud and Cheltenham in the Cotswolds, England (dating back to pre-Roman times, the races are fun but dangerous, as the cheeses are heavy and people do get hurt; winner gets the cheese!)

Heirloom Seed Day -- While i can't find the history of this one, it's a good one to celebrate, we need to raise awareness of and preserve heirloom seeds

Hug Your Cat Day

Indian Arrival Day -- Trinidad and Tobago

Kaamatan Harvest Festival begins -- Labuan, Sabah

Lod Massacre Remembrance Day -- Puerto Rico

Loomis Day

Memorial Day -- US (traditional and observed)

Mother's Day -- Nicaragua

My Bucket's Got a Hole In It Day

National Mint Julep Day

Pacing the Bounds -- Liestal, Switzerland

Parliament Day -- Croatia

Prayer for Peace Memorial Day

Tetbury Woolsack Races -- Gumstool Hill, Tetbury, Cotswalds, England (originally an uphill race between patrons of two competing pubs, now just for fun)

Water a Flower Day

Anniversaries Today:

Henry VIII marries Jane Seymore, 1536

Birthdays Today:

Wynonna Judd, 1964
Tom Morello, 1964
Meredith MacRae, 1945
Michael J. Pollard, 1939
Keir Dullea, 1936
Benny Goodman, 1909
Mel Blanc, 1908
Peter Carl Fabergé, 1846

Today in History:

Titus and his Roman legions breach the Second Wall of Jerusalem; the Jewish defenders retreat to the First Wall, 70
19-year-old Joan of Arc is burned at the stake by an English-dominated tribunal, 1431
In Florida, Hernando de Soto lands at Tampa Bay with 600 soldiers with the goal of finding gold, 1539
Publication of La Gazette, the first French newspaper, 1631
John Francis attempts to murder Queen Victoria, 1842
Westminster's Big Ben rang for the first time in London, 1859
Decoration Day (the predecessor of the modern "Memorial Day") is observed in the United States for the first time, 1868
New York City's Gilmores Garden is renamed Madison Square Garden by William Henry Vanderbilt and is opened to the public, 1879
The Treaty of London, 1913, ends the First Balkan War and Albania becomes an independent nation, 1913
In China protests erupt against the Great Powers infringing on Chinese sovereignty, 1925
A dike along the flooding Columbia River breaks, obliterating Vanport, Oregon within minutes, 1948
The Auckland Harbour Bridge, crossing the Waitemata Harbour in Auckland, New Zealand, is officially opened, 1959
launch of Surveyor 1 the first US spacecraft to achieve landing on an extraterrestrial body, 1966
At the Ascot Park in Gardena, California, daredevil Evel Knievel jumps his motorcycle over 16 cars lined up in a row, 1967
Tiananmen Square protests of 1989: the 33-foot high "Goddess of Democracy" statue is unveiled in Tiananmen Square by student demonstrators, 1989
272 days after the September 11 attacks, closing ceremonies are held for the clean up/recovery efforts at the World Trade Center site in New York City. The last remaining steel beam is removed and transported to the Fresh Kills Landfill in Staten Island, 2002


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