Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dream On

Yahoo Shine has come up with a list of 7 dream inventions that every mother would love to have, including Insta-Dinner and the Aqua Alarm Clock (squirts water on the kids who won't get up).

What would i like? How about the automatic car? Program it, and it takes the kids to school for you! Know for sure they didn't use the opportunity of being out running an errand for you at the store to also cruise by the mall!

The automatic change scrounger. Gets everything from between those couch cushions, and makes sure the change goes right into the change jar. No more digging for milk money. If they really want to make it great, it would also dig around in the kids' rooms for all the pens, scissors, and other tools they didn't take, and return them to where they belong.

A self cleaning floor would be nice, while we are dreaming.

A dishwasher that empties itself, anyone?

What you would love to see invented?

Today is:

Alaska Day -- Alaska, US

Clean Water Act Day -- Native Americans in US (day to give thanks for water; may be observed by any who are grateful for clean water)

Independence Day -- Azerbaijan

Information Overload Awareness Day -- we all get bombarded, take stock of how it affects you!

King Look Under Your Mattress's Unique Hiding Display -- Fairy Calendar (Finally! Proof, on the internet, that you do, indeed, need to look under the mattress!)

National Chocolate Cupcake Day

National Statistics Day -- Japan

No Beard Day -- internet generated, a day to shave, which is illogical in the northern hemisphere, with winter coming

Pandrosus Festival -- Ancient Greek Calendar (all-refreshing goddess, or all-dewy one; date approximate)

Persons Day -- Canada (Marking the ruling that women are persons in 1929.)

Procession of the Lord of Miracles (Senor de los Milagros) -- Lima, Peru (Christian celebration of the Lord's miracles, with song, dance, prayers, and parades; through tomorrow)

St. Luke's Day (Patron of doctors, painters, glassmakers, artists, butchers, notaries, sculptors)

Watch a Squirrel Day -- internet generated, and different from squirrel appreciation day in January

World Menopause Day

Anniversaries Today:

University of Heidelberg opens, 1386

Birthdays Today:

Wynton Marsalis, 1961
Erin Moran, 1960
Jean-Claude Van Damme, 1960
Martina Navratilova, 1956
Pam Dawber, 1951
Laura Nyro, 1947
Mike Ditka, 1939
Dawn Wells, 1938
Peter Boyle, 1935
George C. Scott, 1927
Chuck Berry, 1926
Melina Mercouri, 1923
Jesse Helms, 1921
Anita O'Day, 1919
Lotte Lenya, 1900

Today in History:

Pappus of Alexandria, Greek philosopher, observes an eclipse of the sun and writes a commentary on The Great Astronomer (Almagest), 320
Caliph Al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah destroys the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, 1009
Battle of Assadun (Ashingdon), Danes defeat Saxons, 1016
Basel, Switzerland is destroyed by the Basel earthquake, the most significant historic seismological event north of the Alps, 1356
Fourth Battle of Kawanakajima -- Takeda Shingen defeats Uesugi Kenshin in the climax of their ongoing conflicts in feudal Japan, 1561
The shoemakers of Boston form the first labor organization in the Colonies/US, 1648
The Mason/Dixon line is agreed upon, 1767
Herman Melville's Moby-Dick is first published as The Whale by Richard Bentley of London, 1851
The US takes formal possession of Alaska from Russia, for $7.2 million, 1867
Edison makes electricity available for household use, 1878
John Owen becomes the first formally timed person to run 100 yd dash in under 10 seconds, 1890
United States takes possession of Puerto Rico, 1898
The British Broadcasting Company (later Corporation) is founded, 1922
The Grand Ole Opry opens in Nashville, Tennessee, 1925
Texas Instruments announces the first Transistor radio, 1954
The Soviet probe Venera 4 reaches Venus and becomes the first spacecraft to measure the atmosphere of another planet, 1967
Azerbaijan becomes independent from the USSR, 1991


  1. How about the self-cleaning house? Laundry that folds itself?
    I so agree with your insta-dinner.

  2. Any of them would be good, Leah.