Monday, December 10, 2012

Persistent or Stupid?

 And i don't like to use the word "stupid" that often.  It's rude.

This, however, seems to cross into that category.

A man named Robert Ponti obviously wanted a Bentley Coupe, but was unable to afford one.  He therefore stole one, and parked it in plain sight right in front of his home.

Police in the area, noticing a $200,000+ vehicle in a very modest neighborhood, investigated and found out that it had been taken while the owners, from a much less modest part of town, were on vacation.

Mr. Ponti and another person were arrested for the theft and the vehicle impounded.

The next day, Mr. Ponti had made bail and was out.

Apparently, he still wanted the Bentley.  So he went to the impound lot and managed, somehow, to convince someone there that it was actually his vehicle.  He was allowed to drive it away.  Very persistent, and his persistence paid off.

Did he then high tail it to parts unknown with his booty?

No, which is where the stupid part comes in.  He drove back home, to the same place where the police had found the vehicle the first time.

If you want to be a criminal, let this be a lesson to you.  You have to hide the evidence.  Especially when it is a big as a Bentley Coupe.

Today is:

Chief Red Cloud Day -- marking the Sioux leader's death in 1909; defender of Native rights, son of Lone Man and Walks As She Thinks

Constitution Day -- Thailand

Do Something Wild and Crazy with Velveeta Day -- guess they mean besides turn it into Hillbilly Hor d'oeuvres (melted with Rotel and served with chips)

International Animal Rights Day

International Human Rights Day -- anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948

Lux Mundi -- Ancient Roman Calendar (honoring Libertas as the bringer of light into the world)

National Lager Day

National Tree Planting Day -- Malawi

Nobeldagen -- Sweden (Alfred Nobel Day, presentations of the Nobel Prizes)

Sister-Friend Day -- internet generated, but if you have a sister who is a good friend to you, it's worth celebrating

St. Eulalia of Merida's Day (Patron of runaways, torture victims, widows; Merida, Spain; Oviedo, Spain)

Total Lunar Eclipse -- see this site for details

Whirling Dervishes Festival -- Konya, Turkey (through the 17th)

Anniversaries Today:

Mississippi becomes the 20th US State, 1817

Birthdays Today:

Raven-Symone, 1985
Bobby Flay, 1964
Kenneth Branach, 1960
Susan Dey, 1952
Dan Blocker, 1928
Dorothy Lamour, 1914
Chet Huntley, 1911
Emily Dickinson, 1830

Today in History:

Martin Luther publicly burns the papal edict demanding that he recant, 1520
Isaac Newton's paper De Motu Corporum in Gyrum, containing the derivation of Kepler's laws from his theory of gravity, is read to the Royal Society by Edmund Halley, 1684
The Massachusetts Bay Colony becomes the first American Colonial government to borrow money, 1690
The metric system is formally established in France, 1799
The first traffic lights are installed outside the Palace of Westminster in London, 1868
Women's suffrage is granted in Wyoming Territory, the first in the US, 1869
Women are granted suffrage in Tasmania, 1902
The 10,000,000th Model T Ford is assembled, 1915
The Grand Ole Opry makes its radio debut, in Nashville, Tn, 1927
UN General Assembly adopts the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948
Ralph J Bunche becomes the first black to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, 1950
The United Nations General Assembly approves Pakistan's proposal for establishing nuclear free-zone in South Asia, 1981
The last shift leaves Wearmouth Colliery in Sunderland; the closure of the 156-year-old pit marks the end of the old County Durham coalfield, which had been in operation since the Middle Ages, 1993

A U.S. passenger jet landed in Vietnam, the first one to do so since the Vietnam War ended nearly three decades earlier, 2004


  1. Ill be sad the day the child doesnt us the "I WANNA SAY THE S WORD MAMA BUT I WONT" phrase.
    I loathe the word, too.

  2. It's tossed about too often, Miz. Some people, however, are very thinking challenged.

  3. I have a feeling that Mr. Ponti will soon be featured on "World's Dumbest Criminals". I watch that show, ya know.

  4. So, today I am going to plant a tree, have a lager, toast Emily Dickinson with said lager and vow to never steal a Bentley.
    Just what was he thinking? Oh yeah- he wasn't!
    Thanks for your always entertaining blog! Cheers!

  5. This actually makes me feel better about some of the dumb things I do over and over. At least they're not felonies!

  6. Everything I can think of as a wild and crazy thing to do with Velveeta is probably something that NOBODY would ever want to do with Velveeta.

  7. Josie, watch for him, for certain.

    Kathe, i'm glad to oblige.

    Crabby, me, too. Everyone does foolish things once in a while, but i'm glad mine don't land me in the clink.

    Sully, i won't ask.