Thursday, September 5, 2013

Annual PSA

Tomorrow is the appointment, but tomorrow i have a different post scheduled, so, i will do my Annual PSA today.

Tomorrow, i go in to get the twins their glamor shots.  It's a simple procedure, it's quick and easy and not even really all that uncomfortable.  It is a bit of a PITA to get around to it, of course, but i make the time once a year like i make the time to brush and floss each day, or to go in every 3 months and have my thyroid blood work done.

So, Ladies, if you are "of an age" and haven't done so yet, go schedule a mammogram, and get the twins their glamor shots.  If you are even more "of an age," as i am, you might do what i'm doing and get a bone density scan, too.  It's also simple and painless and can save you a world of trouble by detecting problems early.

Gentlemen, don't think i'm letting you off the hook easily.  Please go schedule your annual exams, too.  You know what they are, and why.  Your libido will thank you, and so, presumably, will your wife.

Today is:

Be Late For Something Day -- sponsored by the Procrastinators' Club of America, Inc. (if they can get around to mentioning it in their newsletter, of course)

Blessed Teresa of Calcutta's Day

Fiesta de Santa Fe -- Santa Fe, NM, US (festivities include the burning of the Zozobra -- Old Man Gloom effigy -- on the first night, so bring your personal gloom written down before the burning, and watch it be destroyed, then enjoy one of the oldest fiestas in the US; through Sunday)

Genesia -- Ancient Greek Calendar (a day of the dead; date approximate)

Hassaku-sai -- Matsuo-taisha Shrine, Kyoto, Japan (rituals to ask the gods for mild weather, good harvests and safe homes)

Jeune Genevois -- Geneva, Switzerland (Genevan fast, dates back to the 16th century; now a flower and garden show also)

Jupiter Stator Festival -- Ancient Roman Calendar (commemorates that Jupiter helped Romulus to stop the Sabine invasion under Titus Tatius)

Jury Rights Day -- marking the decision by a jury, in 1670, to not convict William Penn of laws which they considered unjust which would have prohibited him from the practice and preaching of his religion to a peaceably assembled congregation; this decision became the basis of the First Amendment to the Constitution of the US

Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials -- Stamford, England (this year with a reappearance of some gates from the Olympic 3-Day event; through Sunday)

Longs Peak Scottish/Irish Highland Festival -- Estes Park, CO, US (wonderful celebration of the heritage of the Highlands and Ireland; through Sunday)

Marion Popcorn Festival -- Marion, OH, US (performances by nationally renowned entertainers, races, parade, arts and crafts, and more popcorn than you could ever shuck; through Sunday)

National Cheese Pizza Day

St. Laurence Gustiani's Day (First Patriarch of Venice)

Sts. Zechariah and Elisabeth's Day -- Anglican and Eastern Orthodox Churches

Teacher's Day -- India

Toronto International Film Festival -- Toronto, ON, CA (through the 15th)

United Tribes International Pow-Wow -- Bismark, ND, US (over 70 Native American Tribes represented at the major cultural event; through Sunday)

Wag and Carrot Fancying Day -- Fairy Calendar

Yellow Daisy Festival -- Stone Mountain, GA, US (annual arts and crafts festival and fun; through Sunday)

Birthdays Today:

Cathy Guisewite, 1950
Raquel Welch, 1940
Carol Lawrence, 1934
Bob Newhart, 1929
Arthur C. Nielsen, 1923
John Cage, 1912
Darryl F. Zanuck, 1902
Jesse James, 1847
Johann Christian Bach, 1735

Today in History:

Peter the Great of Russia imposes a tax on beards, in an attempt to Westernize his people, 1698
The First Continental Congress is assembled in Philadelphia, 1774
The French National Convention initiates the Reign of Terror, 1793
Napoleon surrenders Malta to Great Britain, 1800
Sam Houston is elected as the first president of the Republic of Texas, 1836
The First Opium war begins in China, 1839
James Glaisher, pioneering meteorologist and Henry Tracey Coxwell break world record for altitude whilst collecting data in their balloon, 1862
Sioux Chief Crazy Horse is killed, 1877
The First Labor Day Parade is held in NYC, 1882
The first gasoline pump is delivered to a gasoline dealer in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, 1885
The first legal forward pass in American football is thrown by Bradbury Robinson of St. Louis University to teammate Jack Schneider in a 22–0 victory over Carroll College (Wisconsin), 1906
The French Upper Volta is broken apart between Ivory Coast, French Sudan, and Niger, 1932
The first conference of the Non Aligned Countries is held in Belgrade, 1961
A Palestinian terrorist group called "Black September" attack and take hostage 11 Israel athletes at the Munich Olympic Games. 2 die in the attack and 9 die the following day, 1972
Voyager 1 is launched after a brief delay, 1977
The St. Gotthard Tunnel opens in Switzerland as the world's longest highway tunnel, 1980
The current international treaty defending indigenous peoples, Indigenous and Tribal Peoples Convention, 1989, came into force, 1991
Tuvalu joins the UN, 2000


  1. I shall now and forever think of them as GLAMOUR SHOTS.
    thank you :-)

  2. Glamor shots? Bwahahahahahahahaha. I never thought of them like that. I go every single year. I've done the bone density test too. I've done all the things old people are supposed to do.

    Have a terrific day. ☺

  3. Ha.. glamour shots! But if you're finding that it's a bit of a PITA, you need to turn around and raise the plate. ;)

  4. I love your Fairy Calendar. I wonder what Wag and Carrot Fancying is?

    And don't forget my beard - it's Celebrate Facial Hair Day.

  5. I'm current with my colonoscopy exams but there are other issues I've been putting off and need to address. Thanks for reminding me.