Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hotel Weekend

It was a game day weekend at the university, so Grandpa invited the kids to stay up at the hotel.  It's very convenient, and more fun.

On the way downstairs to breakfast Saturday morning, Little Girl was tapping her room key against her hand.  It's one of those that look like a credit card, and then she reached up with it for some reason and tapped one of the wall sconce lights.  It made a sound that made her look at it again.

"What!" she exclaimed.  She tapped it a bit again.  "It's plastic!  All these years, I thought those were glass!  It's a lie!  My whole life is a lie!"  She was laughing as she said it, but she did look a bit chagrined to find cheap plastic where she expected glass.

Then she went on, "Oh, and I had a weird dream last night, but I can't remember it. I hate when that happens.  If it's weird and interesting, I want to remember it."

"I had a weird dream, too," Bigger Girl said as we sat down.  "I dreamed that two actors from one of my favorite shows were being interviewed, and they were complaining about what their wives cooked for them every night.  They were even complaining that their wives used the stove to cook!  It was odd.  Never fall asleep with the cooking channel on the TV!"

"I won't, 'cause I want to watch the shows," #2 Son said, flopping into a chair at the table and setting a whopping big waffle down in front of him.  He then took off his team logo hat, and, looking for a place to set it, threw it into an empty chair.

"Does your hat need a chair of it's own?" Little Girl teased.

"Yes, it does!  All hail, the mighty hat!" he laughed back at her.

Altogether, it turned out to be a very good day.

Today is:

Assassination of the Hero of the Nation Day/Prince Rwagasore Day -- Burundi (Commemorates the assassination of Prince Louis Rwagasore in 1961.)

Blessing the Fish Harvest -- St. Oswald's Church, Flamborough Head, Yorkshire, England (the blessing is this month, and it was on this date in 2009, cannot confirm that it is the same date each year)

Burgoo Festival -- North Utica, IL, US (only the Burgoomeister knows the secret recipe!  enjoy the burgoo, as well as music, food, antiques, and more)

Chicago Marathon

Cirio de Nazare -- Belem, Brazil (two week Feast of Cirio begins in Belem [St. Mary of Bethlehem])

Chung Yeung Festival -- Hong Kong; Macau (Ancestors' Day)

Clean the Crumbs Out of the Broiler Oven Day -- keep it working longer, and prevent a potential fire

Clergy Appreciation Day

Fontinalia -- Ancient Roman Calendar (garlanding of fountains)

Grandmother's Day -- FL, US

International Skeptics Day -- while there are skeptic organizations( around the globe, there's no documentation of this being celebrated internationally; maybe the creator of the day wanted us to be skeptical about it?

John Peel Day -- UK (in honor of his last broadcast)

Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day --

Modern Mythology Day -- internet generated, go look up a few modern myths on or and have a good laugh

Naha Festival -- Okinawa, Japan (tug-of-war involving a 27 ton rope)

National Police Day -- Thailand (Wan Tamruat)

National Yorkshire Pudding Day

Navy Establishment Day -- US

Prince Rwagasore Day -- Burundi

Runic Half-month Wyn (joy) begins

St. Colman's Day (Patron of horned cattle, horses, and those who are to be hanged; Austria; against death by hanging and plague; a blessing of horses and cattle is still held at Melk on this day)

St. Edward the Confessor's Day (Patron of kings, those in difficult marriages, separated spouses; the English Royal Family)

Train Your Brain Day -- spread around the internet by no one knows whom, but today is a good day to commit to doing what you can to keep your brain young

Waqf al Arafa - Hajj Day -- Islam (begins at sunset, through sunset tomorrow)

White Sunday -- Samoa and American Samoa (children wear white to church and run the church services, are served a special meal, and recieve new church clothes for the upcoming year)

Windsor Pumpkin Regatta -- Windsor, NS, Canada (racing giant pumpkin boats [PVCs -- Personal Vegetable Crafts] across Lake Pezaquid, plus a parade and other festivities)

Anniversaries Today:

Founding of Georgia Institute of Technology (Ga. Tech), 1885
Cornerstone of the White House laid, 1792
US Navy is authorized by the Continental Congress, 1775

Birthdays Today:

Nancy Kerrigan, 1969
Kelly Preston, 1962
Jerry Rice, 1962
Marie Osmond, 1959
Chris Carter, 1957
Sammy Hagar, 1947
Paul Simon, 1941
Nan Mouskouri, 1934
Lenny Bruce, 1925
Margaret Thatcher, 1925
Nipsey Russell, 1924
Yves Montand, 1921
Cornel Wilde, 1915
L. L. Bean, 1872

Debuting/Premiering Today:

"Kukla, Fran, & Ollie", 1947

Today in History:

Nero becomes emperor, 54
The Vandals and Alans cross the Pyrenees and appear in Hispania, 409
Rabbi Issac Abarbanel begins his exegesis on the Torah, 1483
Jonathan Swift publishes the last of Drapier's letters, 1724
Charles Messier discovers the Whirlpool Galaxy, 1773
First publication of the "Old Farmer's Almanac", 1792
George Washington lays the cornerstone of the "Executive Mansion" (White House), 1792
Founding of B'nai B'rith, 1843
The first arial photo taken in the US, from a balloon over Boston, 1860
Eliezer Ben-Yehuda & friends agree to use Hebrew exclusively in their conversations, which begins the revival of it as an active and growing language, 1881
Greenwich, in London, England, is established as Universal Time meridian of longitude, 1884
Edward Emerson Barnard discovers D/1892 T1, the first comet discovered by photographic means, on the night of October 13–14, 1892
Ankara replaces Istanbul as the capital of Turkey, 1923
Fiji joins the United Nations, 1970
The first electron micrograph of an Ebola viral particle was obtained by Dr. F.A. Murphy, now at U.C. Davis, who was then working at the C.D.C, 1976
Ameritech Mobile Communications (now AT&T) launched the first US cellular network in Chicago, Illinois, 1983
End of the Lebanese Civil War, 1990
The 2010 Copiapó mining accident in Copiapó, Chile comes to an end as all 33 miners arrive at the surface after surviving a record 69 days underground awaiting rescue, 2010


  1. Sounds like a wonderful family time shared, great memories being made! I am with Little Girl in being disappointed that everyone once nicely made has gone to cheap plastic replicas. Love the hat having its own chair!

  2. I love your kids. They are most entertaining.

    Have a fabulous day. :)

  3. Funny, but I always fall asleep on the Food Channel. Isn't that what it's for?