Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Platforms and Meetings and The Same Old Stuff, a Random Tuesday Post

Stacy Uncorked

And now, some random items and bits of news from around here, linking up with Stacy's Random Thoughts at Stacy Uncorked.  

There is a quandary in my brain right now, the whole Blogger versus Wordpress issue.

Many people have been having trouble with Blogger.  At first, it was the time that Blogger said they "cannot upload pictures to your blog."  That's bad when the whole post is based on a picture, such as on a Feline Friday (which that was).

Then it was taking forever to post replies.  That's okay, i have figured out that if i press reply and leave it alone, it posts the response.

There's no doubt that Blogger does not work very well with tablets, though.  Over the years i have learned to work around it, and mostly i just adapt.

Last year i joined Wordpress just for the ability to more easily reply to Wordpress blogs.  Now i see many friends moving to this platform, and i am not so sure that i want to go completely one way or the other.

For the last three days or so, i've been publishing at both.  My Wordpress posts get no views or replies, and i could not post Sandee's linkup on the Wordpress blog.

(By the way, Annie from McGuffy's Reader, you asked me to email you about this issue, and i cannot figure out how to find your email address, i am that much of a tech klutz.  Mine is my name - messymimi - at gmail.com, if you want to let me know how to get in touch with you!)

Right now i think i will post on both for a bit, see if i can figure out how to work Wordpress, and maybe eventually just put a teaser on Blogger pointing to my Wordpress blog the way The Chubby Chatterbox used to do with his first site.  Or the other way around, i haven't decided yet.

On to other great topics.  Last night was the annual Civic Association meeting.  Madame President of the Association posted on our neighborhood website the agenda, answered a lot of questions there ahead of time, and said the meeting would last from 7pm to 8:15pm.  It did, and we elected new officers with no objections or problems.

Our Fire Chief came and talked to us about fire safety and reminded us to replace our smoke detectors.  The crime prevention district officers gave their report, we have fewer crimes in our district in a year than some places have in a week.  It's a good neighborhood, but i could have told them that.

As a follow up to my "stolen" wallet, it turns out it was not stolen.  My thought was i dropped it outdoors somewhere while at work on that Thursday and someone found and kept it.  Turns out it was under one of the beds at Ms. SE's house.  Maybe i need a wallet with a chain attached to a belt loop like #2 Son has.

Because i've already replaced everything in it, i was trying to update my card on Paypal.  Turns out if your credit card has an expiration date of 2023, that's not a valid date and you can't use that card.  Paypal has been contacted, but we all know how long it takes to get these things resolved, so i'm not holding my breath.

This last week or so has been quiet and i am not sure whether to call it boring or relaxing.  The electricity did go out yesterday morning when a tree limb took out a power line, but that's about the most excitement we've had.  Now that all of the children but Bigger Girl are moved out, and she is moving soon, it's rather a letdown from the constant racket and nuttiness i'm used to. 

Then again, i'm sure something insane will happen soon enough, i seem to draw that sort of thing.

Today is:

Bounty Day -- Pitcairn Island (celebrates the burning of the HMS Bounty in 1790)

Cold, Cold, Cold Day -- coldest temp ever recorded in the US, -79.8°F (-62.11°C), this day in 1971 at Prospect Creek Camp, Alaska

Day of Hathor -- Ancient Egyptian Calendar (date approximate)

Lenaia -- Ancient Greek Calendar (three day Dionysian festival to arouse the sleeping vegetation and bring spring; date approximate)

Measure Your Feet Day -- one can only ask...."Why!?!"

National Pie Day -- US, sponsored by the American Pie Council   

National Handwriting Day -- US, on the birth anniversary of John Hancock, to encourage the dying art of legible handwriting by the Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association 

National Rhubarb Pie Day

National Speak Up and Succeed Day -- become one of those people who aren't afraid of public speaking, practice! originally sponsored by Polished Presentations International, but they no longer have a website, but i'm sure Toastmasters International can help   

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Jayanti -- TR and WB, India (birth anniversary of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose)

Ragwort Dance -- Fairy Calendar (Pixies only)

Rid The World of Fad Diets and Gimmicks Day -- always the Tuesday of Healthy Weight Week and includes the announcement of the Slim Chance Awards, highlighting the worst fad diets of the prior year   

Sioux Empire Farm Show -- Sioux Falls, SD, US (great winter farm show, since you can't be planting, come out and have fun; through Saturday)

Snowplow Mailbox Hockey Day -- sponsored by Wellcat Holidays; plow drivers, see how far you can make those rural mailboxes go!

St. John the Almoner's Day (Patron of Knights Hospitaller; known for his generosity to the poor, "If we are able to enter the church day and night and implore God to hear our prayers, how careful we should be to hear and grant the petitions of our neighbor in need.")

Women in Medicine Day -- Elizabeth Blackwell becomes the first woman awarded the degree of Medical Doctor on this date in 1849

Anniversaries Today:

The founding of Georgetown University, the first US Catholic college, 1789

Birthdays Today:

Tito Ortiz, 1975
Tiffani Thiessen, 1974
Mariska Hargitay, 1964
Gail O'Grady, 1963
Princess Caroline of Monaco, 1957
Antonio Villaraigosa, 1953
Pat Haden, 1953
Richard Dean Anderson, 1950
Rutger Hauer, 1944
Gil Gerard, 1943
Chita Rivera, 1933
Jeanne Moreau, 1928
Ernie Kovacs, 1919
John M. Browning, 1855
Edouard Manet, 1832
Stendhal(Marie-Henri Beyle), 1783
John Hancock, 1737
Joseph Hewes, 1730

Debuting/Premiering Today:

"The A-Team"(TV), 1983
"Roots"(TV miniseries), 1977
"Barney Miller"(TV), 1975
"King Family Show"(TV), 1965
"After the Fall"(Miller's Play), 1964
"The Treasure of the Sierra Madre"(Film), 1948

Today in History:

Epoch (origin) of the Kali Yuga (Hindu Iron Age of the Gods), BC3102
In China, the war elephant corps of the Southern Han are soundly defeated at Shao by crossbow fire from Song Dynasty troops, 971
The first printing of Ramban's Sha'ar ha-Gemul, 1490
The first printing of the Pentateuch, 1492
The second version of Book of Common Prayer becomes mandatory in England, 1552
What is probably the most deadly earthquake in history kills 830,000 in Shensi Province, China, 1556
Queen Elizabeth I opens the Royal Exchange in London, 1571
Blaise Pascal publishes the first of his Lettres provinciales, 1656
Joseph Pease, a Quaker, is admitted to Parliament on his affirmation, 1833
Elizabeth Blackwell becomes the first female physician in the US, 1849
The first bridge over the Mississippi River opens in what is now Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1855
Alesund Fire: the Norwegian coastal town Alesund is devastated by fire, leaving 10,000 people homeless an one person dead, 1904
Charles Curtis of Kansas becomes the first Native American US senator, 1907
Pianist Ignaz Paderewski becomes premier of the Polish government in exile, 1940
Duke Ellington plays at Carnegie Hall in New York City for the first time, 1943
The bathyscaphe USS Trieste breaks a depth record by descending to 10,911 m (35,798 feet) in the Pacific Ocean, 1960
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducts its first members: Little Richard, Chuck Berry, James Brown, Ray Charles, Fats Domino, the Everly Brothers, Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis Presley, 1986
Final communication between Earth and space probe Pioneer 10, 2003
Six Venezuelan cable television channels are taken off the air by the Venezuelan government after refusing to transmit government messages, 2010
Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud is crowned King of Saudi Arabia, on the death of this half-brother King Abdullah, 2015


  1. I had enough trouble learning BLogger, I don't think I could go through that with another system.

  2. Good luck with the Blogger/Wordpress decision. Sadly WordPress often doesn't let blogger people comment. Both systems have their pluses - and their faults.

  3. WhyOhWhy would National Rhubarb Pie Day be held outside of rhubarb season? I love rhubarb pie, it's prolly my favorite... but January?
    However... saying that... I may have a bit in the freezer.

  4. Now I know why it took so long to post my replies and publishing comments of other blogs! So it is Blogger all along and not the internet problem!

  5. Wordpress is okay, but not my cup of tea. If blogger completely fails then I'll entertain Wordpress. I think each has their issues. I'm just used to Blogger.

    Your life is fun to me. I know you have craziness going on, but it's your approach to the craziness that I love. Just saying.

    Have a fabulous day, my friend. ♥

  6. I am pleased with wordpess, but I have never used anything else. I am glad your wallet was found, sorry you had already replaced everything though.