Sunday, September 22, 2013

Weekend Snafus

We've had a few, and a couple of hiccups, too.

First, there was my trip to the MomAndPop Grocery Store nearby.  That's where i stop for basics, and when they have a good sale, i like to stock up on some things.  This time, among other things, they had ibuprofen on sale.

As Bigger Girl says, "Mom, at certain times of the month, there better be ibuprofen in the house, or blood will be shed!"

She means it, so i try very hard not to run out.

The MomAndPop store is a good one.  Literally begun by a local family, and many of the family, down to what is now the 4th generation, still work at one of the locations.  So i was surprised to find, on the morning of the first day of a two day special sale, that there was not a single bottle of the particular ibuprofen on sale on the shelves.

Some stores do that on purpose.  They tell you it's on sale, "while supplies last," and stock one of that item, and tell everyone else, "Sorry, we ran out."  This place doesn't do that, they aren't those kind of people.

When i asked, i was told the HBA (Health and Beauty Aids) rep hadn't come in yet, there should be some in soon.  Then, and this is one reason i love this store, Ms. Edith offered to put two bottles under her register for me to pick up later.  Yes, it's her register; if she's not there, that register is closed, and no one messes with it.

A second reason to love the place -- the manager, Mr. Daryl, went in the back and found two bottles (the HBA lady had them delivered, but hadn't come in to shelve them yet), and he handed them to Ms. Edith who came and found me at the back of the store to hand them to me.

Later, #1 Son noted that he was looking for a VCR.  When we were at the shelter, i saw two of them, only $5 each.  Thus i sent him a text, asking if he wanted me to pick one up.

He didn't answer until over 2 hours later, long after i was home.  So i called up to the shelter to ask that one be set aside, and i would come pick it up later.

Both had been sold.  You snooze, you lose.  Turn up your phone so you can get your mother's texts, son.

Then there was the matter of the weekend's American style football game at the university.  Little Girl has desperately wanted to take a special friend, so i decided to stay home and let her use my ticket.  Heavens, i've been to more of these games than i can count, so it's not that big of a deal to me, but it's still big for the kids and their friends.

The big deal is, on game days, Sweetie has to go to work.  (He usually has weekends off.)  Naturally that had to mean his sleep would be disturbed, and it was, by a 2am text from Miss Lizzie, panicking.    Next time i see that girl, i'm going to emphasize to her, again, that if it happens after hours, and it's not a 911 emergency, she better wait until morning.

We both slept poorly, then he had to drive in the pouring rain to work.  When he got home, after working an 8 hour day, he had just over an hour until it was time to turn around and drive the family back to the university.

They were about  to leave when his car wouldn't start.  He had driven through high water get to work, and his battery light had been on earlier, and, sure enough, it was the battery.  He had, of course, parked in such a way as to block in the car they were to take to the game.

One jump start later, i moved his car, everyone else got in the other, and they were gone.

Now, i get to figure out how to get him a battery, and cram that errand into the million and one others i already have on my plate so that i can leave town on Wednesday.  This may also eat into my trip money.

On the good side, it looks like we've ordered everything to get Bigger Girl's computer fixed, and my computer guru has worked with Ol' Bessy a bit.  He thinks a bit more RAM will help.  It's worth a try, as he has the RAM available at his house, sitting and doing nothing.

Please, though, no more snafus, or hiccups, or errands on my plate.  It's full, and i'm going to get indigestion if it piles up any more.

Today is:

Aizu Byakko Matsuri -- Aizuwakamatsu-shi, Fukushima, Japan (ceremonial recreation of a march to war in 1868; through the 24th)

American Business Women's Day -- US (anniversary of the founding of the American Business Women's Association)

Autumnal Equinox -- 20:44UTC related observances
     Mabon -- Wicca/Pagan Northern Hemisphere
     Ostara -- wicca/Pagan Southern Hemisphere
     Alban Elfed -- Celtic Winter Finding
     Chuseok -- Korean harvest festival (high point of the festival)
     Feast of Carpo -- Greek Horae, goddess of autumn
     Kukulcan Snake God Celebration -- Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico (the snake appears at the equinox, a time to honor this Mayan god)
     Festival of the Sea Goddess -- Eskimo
     Higan -- Japan
     Mabon/Fallfest -- Asatru/Norse Pagan (harvest festival, time to make wine and mead for the next winter)
     Oenach Carman -- Ancient Celtic Calendar
     Sendai Great Tug-of-War -- Sendai, Japan (festival on the equinox that dates back over 400 years)    
     Svarog's Holiday -- Slavic Pagan Calendar/Asatru (day to drink mead in honor of Svarog, god of fire and the sky)

Banned Books Week begins -- US (sponsored by the ALA; Defend the Freedom to Read, It's Everybody's Job; celebrate your right to read what you want!)

Boidromia -- Ancient Greek Calendar (date approximate; honor Apollon as god of rescue during war)

Breakfast, Snack, Elevenses, Snack, Lunch, Snack, Tea, Snack, Dinner, Snack, More Snacks, Supper, Snack, and Bilgewack Celebration Day -- Fairy Calendar (Borms; they are little known relatives of Goblins, given to being overweight and sedentary and lying around feeling ill; bilgewack is their term for having eaten too much and having to lie down.)

Car-Free Day -- this has spread to much of the world; try it for yourself!

Clypping the Church Ceremony -- Painswick, Gloucestershire, England (since 1321, surrounding the church hand in hand for the Clypping Hymn and an open air ceremony)

Coya Raymi -- Inca Native Americans (festival to honor Moon Goddess Quilla, with a focus on purging sickness and evil; through tomorrow, dates approximate)

Dear Diary Day -- sponsored by Wellcat Holidays; get it down on paper!

Elephant Appreciation Day -- sponsored by "Elefunteria" and WildHeart Productions

Feast of Mikeli -- Ancient Latvian Calendar (harvest celebration; through the 24th)

Hobbit Day -- Bilbo's and Frodo's Birthday

Ice Cream Cone Day -- Italo Marchiony applied for a patent for an ice cream cone mold on this day in 1903

Independence Day -- Bulgaria; Mali

International Day of Radiant Peace --

National Centenarians Day -- US

National White Chocolate Day


Princess Martha Louise's Birthday -- Norway (an official flag day)

Ritual of the Netjers of the Two Lands (Upper and Lower Egypt) -- Ancient Egyptian Calendar (date approximate)

St. Maurice's Day (Patron of armies, cloth dyers, cloth makers, infantrymen, soldiers, swordsmiths, weavers; Austria; Manresa, Spain; Pianello Val Tidone, Italy; Piedmont, Italy; Sardinia; Stadtsulza, Germany; Pontifical Swiss Guards; against cramps and gout)

Tolkien Week begins (always the Sun - Sat that includes Hobbit Day)

UCI Road World Championships -- Toscana, Italy (Union Cycliste International sponsors these races, through the 29th)

XTERRA Trail Run Nationals -- Ogden/Snowbasin, UT, US (finale of the series of extreme runs held across the country through the year, featuring 21k of extreme, off-road trail runs)

Birthdays Today:

Bonnie Hunt, 1964
Scott Baio, 1961
Joan Jett, 1960
Andrea Bocelli, 1958
Debby Boone, 1956
Shari Belafonte, 1954
Tommy Lasorda, 1927
Michael Farriday, 1791
Lord Chesterfield, 1694

Today in History:

Legion I Italica is created by Emperor Nero, 66
Switzerland becomes an independent state, 1499
The General Provincial Court at Patuxent, MD, US, empanels the first all female jury in the colonies to try the case of a woman accused of murdering her child, 1656
A final 8 people are hanged for witchcraft in Salem, Mass., 1692
Nathan Hale is hanged for spying during American Revolution, 1776
Russia establishes a colony at Kodiak, Alaska, 1784
City of Des Moines, Iowa, is incorporated as Fort Des Moines, 1851
Abraham Lincoln, by executive proclamation, declares that the slaves in the rebelling states shall become free on Jan. 1 of the upcoming year, 1862
Richard Wagner's opera Das Rheingold premieres in Munich, 1869
The first issue of National Geographic Magazine is published, 1888
Queen Victoria surpasses her grandfather, King George III, as the longest reigning monarch in British history, 1895
Italo Marchiony granted a patent for an ice cream cone, 1903
The Duke of York's Picture House opens in Brighton, now the oldest continually operating cinema in Britain, 1910
Ralph J. Bunche becomes the first black winner of the Nobel Peace Price, 1950
The Dead Sea Scrolls are made available to the public for the first time by the Huntington Library, 1991
David Hempleman-Adams becomes the first person to cross the Atlantic Ocean in an open-air, wicker-basket hot air balloon, 2003


  1. I like that store. A. Lot. Don't have anything like that around here.

    You are on overload and then some. I hope things run smoothly for a bit. You deserve a break.

    Have a fabulous Sunday. :)

  2. oie.yie yie......your day would do me in ....hats off to ya!