Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Rest (Wordless Wednesday) and Words for Wednesday


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Words for Wednesday was begun by Delores and has become a moveable feast of word or picture or music prompts to encourage us to write stories, poems, or whatever strikes our fancy.    

This month, the prompts are being provided by WiseWebWoman.    

As of the time i am preparing this post, the prompts are not up yet.  As soon as they are, and i can get done with work and get to them, i will do my best to get back and get to them.


Today is:

Administrative Professionals Day (original date)

Aggie Muster -- Texas A&M University

Birthday of Rome -- Rome, Italy (753 BCE)

Feast of Wadjet (a/k/a Udjet or Buto) -- Ancient Egyptian Calendar (date approximate)

First Day of Ridvan -- Baha'i (began sunset yesterday; through May 2)

Gio to Hung Vuong Day -- Vietnam (National Day; celebrating the founding of the nation by Emperor Hung Vuong some three millenia ago)

Grounation Day -- Rastafari (one of the Rastafarian's most important festivals, in honor of Haile Selassie's 1966 visit to Jamaica)

Heroica Defensa de Veracruz -- Mexico (Heroic Defense of Veracruz)

Homecoming of the Elves -- Fairy Calendar (Singing Festival)

Iroquois Corn Planting Ceremony -- Iroquois Native Americans (three day celebration, always around this time of year)

John Muir Day -- US (American conservationist)

Kartini Day -- Indonesia (honoring a leader who helped emancipate women)

Kindergarten Day -- Germany; US (birth anniversary of Friedrich Froebel, in 1782, who began the first Kindergarten in Germany in 1837)

Mibu Dainembutsu Kyogen -- Mibu Temple, Kyoto, Japan (nine day festival of kyogen performances which dates back to 1299)

National Chocolate-Covered Cashew Truffle Day

National Tree Planting Day -- Kenya

Paralia -- Ancient Roman Calendar (shepherd's festival of Pares, goddess of herders)

Queen's Birthday -- Falkland Islands; St. Helena(except Tristan da Cunha)

Ramnawami / Ramanavami / Chaitay Dashain -- India; Nepal (Hindu celebration of the birth of Lord Rama, avatar of Vishnu)

     Swaminarayan Jayanti -- birth of Lord Swaminarayan for followers of the Swaminarayan tradition

San Jacinto Day -- Texas, US

St. Anselm of Canturbury's Day

St. Bueno Gasulsych's Day (Patron of diseased cattle, sick animals, and sick children)

Tiradentes Day/Brasilia Day -- Brazil (honors Joaquim José da Silva Xavier, called "tooth puller", who fought for Brazilian independence)

     Inauguration of Brasilia, Distrito Federal -- Brazil (anniversary of the 1960 inauguration of the new federal capital)

World Creativity and Innovation Day -- final day of World Creativity and Innovation Week, which always begins on DaVinci's birth anniversary

Birthdays Today:

Robert Smith, 1959

Andie MacDowell, 1958

James Morrison, 1954

Tony Danza, 1951

Patti LuPone, 1949

Iggy Pop, 1947

Charles Grodin, 1935

Elaine May, 1932

Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom, 1926

Anthony Quinn, 1915

John Muir, 1838

Charlotte Bronte, 1816

Friedrich Wilhelm August Fröbel, 1782

Catherine the Great, 1729

Jan van Riebeeck, 1619

Debuting/Premiering Today:

"Annie"(Musical), 1977

"Inherit the Wind"(Play), 1955

"Arms and the Man"(Play), 1894

Today in History:

Traditional date for the founding of Rome by Romulus and Remus, BC753

Marc Antony continues to battle the senators who assasinated Julius Caesar in the Battle of Mutina, which he loses, BC43

Henry VIII ascends the throne of England, 1509

Hernan Cortez lands in Veracruz, 1519

The Maryland Toleration Act is passed, granting religious freedom to all in that colony, 1649

Catherine the Great ends noble privileges in Russia, 1785

Tiradentes, leader of the independence movement in Brazil, is executed, 1792

Republic of Texas forces under Sam Houston defeat Mexican troops under Santa Ana, winning the Battle of San Jacinto and the independence of Texas, 1836

The first train crosses the first bridge over the Mississippi River, crossing from Rock Island, Illinois to Davenport, Iowa, 1855

Alexander Douglas patents the bustle, 1857

Baha'u'llah, the founder of the Baha'i' faith, declares his mission, 1863

The first firehouse pole is installed in a firehouse in NYC, 1878

The Red Baron (Manfred von Richthofen)is shot down, 1918

The first Aggie Muster is held, a remembrance of fellow Texas A&M graduates who had died in the previous year, 1922

Brasilia is officially inaugurated as the capital of Brazil, 1960

In Beijing, around 100,000 students gather in Tiananmen Square to commemorate Chinese reform leader Hu Yaobang, 1989

Alexander Wolszczan announces his the discovery of extrasolar planets, 1994

The ashes of Timothy Leary and Gene Roddenberry are launched into orbit, 1997

By order of an Egyptian court, the name of Egypt's former President, Hosni Mubarak, is stripped from public spaces, schools and streets, 2011

Teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg speaks at the Extinction Rebellion protest in London, 2019

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Quite a Day, a Random and Happy Word Counters A to Z Post


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It's time once again for a random and happy Tuesday, linking up with Stacy's Random Thoughts at Stacy Uncorked and Sandee at Comedy Plus 

Part of today’s post is also a writing challenge. This is how it works: one of the contributing bloggers picked a number between 12 and 74. The submitted number is a challenge to participating bloggers to write at least one piece using that exact number of words. 

This month, the word count number is: 31

It was submitted by:  Diane of On The Border

At the end of this section you’ll find links to the other blogs featuring this challenge. Check them all out! 

Yesterday was quite a day.  Carl's room had exploded into the hallway and i almost tripped over items just getting in the house.  Let's take a look around, shall we now?

The Cracker Barrel kids' meal crayons on top of the freezer rather threw me.

He was still in bed, so i rousted him, and as i cleaned, he kept picking up his kettle bell to swing or dropping to the floor to do push ups.

If you've never tried to clean while stepping over a man in a bathrobe doing push ups, let's just say i do not recommend you try.  You have to be nimble.

As usual, i spent five hours on the job, three loads of laundry, lots of tidying and scrubbing, cleaned out the fridge, and set up his outfits for the week ahead.

Once i was done at Carl's, i headed to Ms. PA's house to find that there was a "situation."  When i say that, it usually means something has hit the fan.

Last Friday, Ms. PA hurt her back.  Only, she didn't tell her son and daughter-in-law because they were going out of town and she didn't want to bother them.

By yesterday morning, she couldn't get out of bed, so when i got there, her son had her at the ER and DIL was with Mr. Jack.  They were eating lunch.

DIL introduced herself, explained the situation, and asked me to please start coming every week and doing more of the cleaning.  Ms. PA only ever let me dust, polish, and vacuum.

Right away, i tackled the bathroom.  The tub is white again, and i had to take the toilet seat apart to get all of the gunk.  The floor is better, too.

DIL got a call about then, Ms. PA has a compression fracture in her back.  She'll need a back brace until it heals, and it is expected to heal.  Praise G-d!

Then i turned to the usual dusting and vacuuming and this time, making the beds.  Little Bit, the cat, didn't want to let us make Mr. Jack's bed, she was comfy.

Somehow i am going to work them in for every week, probably by moving Ms. JAI, who only wants me once a month anyway.  Ms. PA simply needs much more help.

Please don't get the wrong idea about her.  She has been doing the cleaning herself for a while, and it's hard to admit when some of those things get beyond you.

Also, when you see the surfaces every day, you don't always see the build up, it is so very gradual.  Once a week, and you notice the difference much more easily.


That was my "Quite a Day" yesterday.  Links to the other Word Counters posts:

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Now it's time for some of what Grandma forwards to me:

Have a blessed and beautiful Tuesday, everyone!


Today is:

Anniversary of Something That Happened So Long Ago Everyone Has Forgotten Day -- Fairy Calendar

Chinese Language Day -- UN   

Go Around Humming "You Light Up My Life" Until Everybody Screams Day -- the person who thought this one up should be tied down and forced to listen to Barry Manilow songs for 12 hours straight!

Harvest Offering to Renenutet -- Ancient Egypitian Calendar (offering to the Lady of the Fertile Fields; date approximate)

Lima Bean Respect Day

National Pineapple Upside-Down Cake Day

National Take a Break to Reset Your Mind Day -- because everyone needs a day like this

Ridvan begins -- Baha'i (begins at sunset)

St. Caedwalla of Wales' Day (Patron of converts, repentant murderers)

Birthdays Today:

Danny Granger, 1983

Joey Lawrence, 1976

Carmen Electra, 1972

Shemar Moore, 1970

Crispin Glover, 1964

Don Mattingly, 1961

Clint Howard, 1959

Luther Vandross, 1951

Jessica Lange, 1949

David Leland, 1947

Steve Spurrier, 1945

Ryan O'Neal, 1941

George Takei, 1937

Nina Foch, 1924

Ernesto Antonio "Tito" Puente, 1923

John Paul Stevens, 1920

Lionel Hampton, 1908

Harold Lloyd, 1893

Joan Miró i Ferrà, 1893

Holland McTyeire "Howlin' Mad" Smith, 1882

Daniel Chester French, 1850

Debuting/Premiering Today:

Annie Hall(Film), 1977

"Your Hit Parade"(Radio), 1935

Today in History:

The last naval battle in Byzantine history, 1453

Jews are expelled from Orange Burgundy, 1505

Jacques Cartier begins the voyage in which he will claim Canada and Labrador for France, 1534

Freedom of religion is granted to the Jews of New Amsterdam, 1657

Admiral Robert Blake destroys a Spanish silver fleet under heavy fire at Santa Cruz de Tenerife, 1657

Captain Cook arrives in New South Wales, 1770

René Caillié becomes the first non-Muslim to enter Timbouctou, 1828

Edgar Allan Poe's Murder in the Rue Morgue becomes the first detective story ever published, 1841

Louis Pasteur and Claude Bernard complete their first pasteurization tests, 1862

Pierre and Marie Curie refine radium chloride, 1902

Manfred von Richthofen, aka The Red Baron, shoots down his 79th and 80th victims marking his final victories before his death the next day, 1918

Western Electric and Warner Bros. announce Vitaphone, a process to add sound to film, 1926

Apollo 16, commanded by John Young, lands on the moon, 1972

Pianist Vladimir Horowitz performs in his native Russia for the first time in 61 years, 1986

Danica Patrick wins the Indy Japan 300 becoming the first female driver in history to win an Indy car race, 2008

The Deepwater Horizon drilling rig explosion kills 11 and causes rig to sink, initiating a massive oil discharge in the Gulf of Mexico, 2010

Tens of thousands of people demonstrate in Tahrir Square against continuing military rule in Egypt, 2012

The Pulitzer Prize is awarded to Anthony Doerr for his novel "All the Light We Cannot See" and to Elizabeth Kolbert for "The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History", 2015

The Commonwealth countries decide that Prince Charles will suceed Queen Elizabeth as the next head of the Commonwealth, 2018