Sunday, January 31, 2021

Putting It Where It Goes (Cajun Joke) and Sunday Selections


Just because Sandee of Comedy Plus is no longer hosting a Silly Sunday blog hop, do not expect me to quit telling Cajun jokes, especially as it has now become a habit.

Grandpa is exceptionally well organized.  Grandma is ... not.  

Grandpa has every password for everything that needs a password in a hidden place in a locked drawer, with copies in the home safe and the bank vault, and he updates them every 3 months to make sure he hasn't changed anything without noting it in all 3 places.

When Grandma goes, you can kiss her gadgets good-bye, no one will have any clue where to find any passwords or pin codes.

Grandpa's office is a study in exactness of everything.

Grandma's studio is a working artist's studio, 'nuff said.

Boudreaux an' hims boss be discussin' dat Boudreaux not be able to done keep hims desk ver' neat.

De boss say, "A clean desk be de sign of de organized mind!"

An' Boudreaux say, "Mais!  A clean desk be de sign o' de messy desk drawer!"


Sunday Selections was started as a way for bloggers to use photos that might otherwise just languish in their files.  The rules have been relaxed, and it is now simply a showcase for your photos, new or old, good or bad, although nothing rude, please.  It is now hosted by Elephant's Child.    

These days, i cannot seem to get it together enough to have a theme for my Sunday Selections.  

First, some yard decor.  

The sign says Yard of the Month.(this is at Ms. S's retirement facility)

Ms. PA's petunias.

Ms. PA has an owl candle holder and a few refrigerator magnets, i thought Mother Owl might enjoy seeing them.  

Valentines and Mardi Gras are close enough this year that the decor is in competition in some places.  

When i say the vacuum cleaner i borrowed was old, i meant it.  

Here's a nice idea for preserving a child's artwork, make it a cup.  

We've been hearing an odd groaning noise on windy days, and i finally tracked it to a neighbor's tree.  It looks like some of the aluminum skirting from the school's temporary building ended up stuck in the tree and they can't get it down. 

Finally, some sunset photos, and one shot in the other direction to catch the moon.


Today is:

Backward Day -- no info on the origin, but if you want to do something backward, go ahead

Eat Brussels Sprouts Day --  saute in olive oil with some garlic, they are worth it!

Eve of Brigantia -- Ireland (St. Bridget's Eve, the night when she crosses the countryside and bestows blessings)

Feast of Great Typos -- another that no one will claim inventing, but since we've all made them, we may as well celebrate them

Feast of Isis -- Ancient Egyptian Calendar (date approximate)

H&ll is Freezing Over Day -- internet generated day to review the list of things you said you would do when h*ll freezes over

Independence Day -- Nauru(1968)

Inspire Your Heart With the Arts Day -- begun by Rev Jayne Howard Feldman as a day to use art to feed your soul

National Brandy Alexander Day

National Bug Busting Day -- UK (this is one idea that needs export to the whole world! the aim is to have every child checked for head lice on the same day, and thus get rid of them in one fell swoop, so they don't circulate endlessly; when this date is on a weekend, the checking is done on the next school day)

National Gorilla Suit Day -- Mad Magazine's Maddest Artist, Don Martin, says this is the day to pull that gorilla suit out of the closet and step out in style.

Phlegm-Green, Moldy-Grey, and Gazzard Day -- Fairy Calendar (don't ask what color Gazzard is, it doesn't exist in the human world, and you don't want it to)

Play An Old Game You Haven’t Played in Years Night -- internet generated, and a great idea

Scotch Tape Day -- it hit the market this day in 1928

St. John Bosco's Day (Patron of apprentices, boys, editors, laborers, schoolchildren, students, young people-especially youth of Mexican descent)

World Leprosy Day -- International

Birthdays Today:

Justin Timberlake, 1981

Kerry Washington, 1977

Portia de Rossi, 1973

Minnie Driver, 1971

Kelly Lynch, 1959

Jhn Lydon, 1956

Nolan Ryan, 1947

Charlie Musselwhite, 1944

Richard Gephardt, 1941

Jessica Walter, 1941

Stuart Margolin, 1940

Queen Beatrix, 1938

suzanne Pleshette, 1937

Philip Glass, 1937

James Franciscus, 1934

Ernie Banks, 1931

Jean Simmons, 1929

Carol Channing, 1923

Norman Mailer, 1923

Mario Lanza, 1921

Jackie Robinson, 1919

Thomas Merton, 1915

Garry Moore, 1915

Tallulah Bankhead, 1903

Eddie Cantor, 1892

Zane Grey, 1872

Franz Schubert, 1797

Robert Morris, 1734

Tokugawa Ieyasu, Shogun of Japan, 1543

Debuting/Premiering Today:

"These Are My Children"(TV), 1949 (first daytime TV Soap Opera)

"The Green Hornet"(Radio), 1936

"The Lone Ranger"(Radio), 1933

"Three Sisters"(Chekhov Play), 1901

"Hedda Gabler"(Ibsen Play), 1891

Today in History:

Guy Fawkes is executed for his plotting against Parliament and James I of England, 1606

The first venereal diseases clinic opens at London Lock Hospital, 1747

The Corn Laws (tariffs on imported grains) are abolished in Britain, paving the way for more free trade, 1849

The United States orders all Native Americans to move into reservations, 1876

The Bulletin of Sydney is founded, publishes for 128 years, 1880

An automobile exceeds 100 mph (161 kph) for the first time, at Daytona Beach, driven by A. G. MacDonald, 1905

The Soviet Union exiles Leon Trotsky, 1929

Scotch tape is first marketed by the 3M Company, 1930

Ida May Fuller of Ludlow, Vermont, US receives the first US Social Security monthly payment check, for $22.54, 1940

President Harry S. Truman announces a program to develop the hydrogen bomb, 1950

A North Sea flood causes over 1,800 deaths in the Netherlands, 1953

Explorer 1 – The first successful launch of an American satellite into orbit, 1958

James Van Allen discovers the Van Allen radiation belt, 1958

Mercury-Redstone 2 – Ham the Chimp travels into outer space, 1961

The Soviet Union launches the unmanned Luna 9 spacecraft as part of the Luna program, 1966

Astronauts Alan Shepard, Stuart Roosa, and Edgar Mitchell, aboard a Saturn V, lift off for a mission to the Fra Mauro Highlands on the Moon, 1971

The first McDonald's in the Soviet Union opens in Moscow, 1990

Comet Hyakutake is discovered by Japanese amateur astronomer Yuji Hyakutake, 1996

NASA reveals the Regolith Advanced Surface Systems Operations Robot (RASSOR), a lunar mining robot which could be used to produce fuel and water directly on the Moon, 2013

Lydia Ko, 17, becomes the youngest golfer in men's or women's golf history to be ranked No. 1 in the world, 2015

Sergio Matarella is elected President of Italy, 2015

"World's best chef" French-Swiss Benoît Violier is found dead after apparent suicide weeks after being named world's best by La Liste, 2016

Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah is crowned King of Malaysia (Yang di-Pertuan Agong) to serve a five-year term, 2019

The United Kingdom formally withdraws from the European Union, 2020

Saturday, January 30, 2021

Cézanne, Birds and Dog-Sitting, a Ten Things of Thankful Post


Well, look at this, we've gone and gotten to Thankful Day again.  This was a week where i had to keep the calendar near, and i'm thankful to have a calendar.

Grandpa, i am thankful to say, is back to going over the "what to do" files in his office, and i am taking notes.  The most important files are the funeral plan (he's got all the details done and paid for!) and the will.  If anything ever happens, at least we are as prepared as you can be.

This past Monday was our Civic Association meeting.  Attendees spread out all over the sanctuary of the Baptist church across the highway, making sure we stayed apart.  A good many people got in on the meeting via Zoom, including the Mayor, who had some very nice things to say.

We're thankful for a nice neighborhood, and nice association, and the shortest meeting we've ever had.

Some very good friends from church moved away, and while we're sad to see them go, we're thankful for their wonderful contributions to our music program over the years.

They have moved to Dallas to be near all of the children and grandchildren, and they hired me to do the final clean-out on the apartment.  Tuesday after i got through with Ms. RW and Ms. S, i went over and dusted the blinds and walls, cleaned baseboards, the two bathtubs and vanities, wiped out the ash from the self-cleaning oven's self-clean cycle, and wiped down the kitchen.

While i was there, i joined our church ladies' circle Zoom meeting, listening in and cleaning at the same time and it was a blessing and a big thankful thing.

Here i also have to insert that at Ms. RW's house, her husband, who is now on hospice care, he's going down fast.  They are having a difficult time controlling his pain.  The good news is that when the pain is under control, he's almost like his old self for a bit.  When i left, he was sitting on the front porch, smiling and lighting one of his cigars.  (Mr. BA, one of his best friends, told me that another friend brought them a fried chicken dinner, and Mr. RW laughed and said, "The good thing is, I can eat   anything I want now!")

Wednesday, after finishing with Ms. G and Ms. S, i went back to the apartment.  Ms. GA had loaned me the old, old vacuum cleaner (think metal parts old, 1980's old), and when i accidentally went over a screw that had fallen on the floor, i did not kill the poor thing because i stopped it right away and got it dislodged.  As old as it is, it did the job, and i am thankful as it was a shag carpet (yes, really) and the vacuum had a setting for that.  (Yes, the complex is renovating, but this apartment won't get done for a bit yet.)

Little Girl texted me that night to ask if we could keep Coda starting the next morning, as her friend had to bow out last minute (he's also military reserves, and got a sudden assignment).  We're always thankful to have Coda, and now we get to take her to see Lulu.

Thursday was office and Ms. SE day, followed by going back to the apartment so Sweetie could help me asses if i'd gotten the place clean enough and figure out how to get some things home.  When they moved out, the couple left behind some items that the full truck just could not hold, a beautifully framed Cézanne print, and two porch chairs.  They also left more food in the fridge than you could shake a stick at.

We packed up some of the food, and made arrangements to borrow The Big Boss' truck to move the chairs, we are thankful he will let us do that.

As we were heading to the apartment, i texted Becca's mom to see what time she needed me to babysit that night.  She texted back that on Tuesday they were exposed to Covid19 through her father, so they are in quarantine until Feb. 6.  Now we just hope none of them get it, they don't need that on their plates, too.

Friday i finished up Ms. GA's house and headed over to see Ms. S, who was in a bad way.  She could hardly walk, was shaking although not with cold, and had spilled her entire pill minder for the rest of the week.

She said she wanted to get back into bed, and i told her that as weak as she was, i did not think i could get her into that ridiculously tall bed that she has to use a stool to get into, and still has to hoist herself in with great difficulty.  She has a lift chair/recliner now, purchased from my other client, Ms. JAI, who wants a leather version for herself and so sold this one for a good price.

Her response to the suggestion to get in the chair was, "I don't want to mess it up!"  When i pointed out that i had two waterproof pads on it, she agreed and we got her settled there much more easily than if she'd continued to insist on trying to climb into bed.  Waterproof pads are a big thankful right now.

Once i got her straight, with lunch in her and the place tidied, i went back to the apartment to pack up the fridge/freezer while Sweetie went to get the truck.  The food and chairs came home with him, then he returned the truck while i went to the shelter.

When i got home, i was very thankful to see the porch chairs, they give us another place to sit besides the porch swing, which will only hold two.  Now we can have two more out there.

Also i am thankful i managed to get all of the food in the fridge/freezer.

One last bit of fun, a bird flew into Ms. S's apartment this week, and we played havoc trying to get it to fly out, which it eventually did.  My feather duster came in handy for bird shoo-ing, another reason to be thankful for good quality feather dusters.

Please write up your own list and link up to Ten Things of Thankful, where Dyanne and her co-hosts always have a warm welcome waiting.   


Today is:

Cash Register Day -- James Ritty and John Birch were granted a patent on this day in 1883 for an early mechanical cash register

Congressional Brawl Day -- marking the first ever all out brawl in the US Congress in 1798

Draw A Dinosaur Day -- and post it to the web site   

Feast of King Charles the Martyr -- Anglican

Fred Korematsu Day -- US (honoring the civil rights activist who protested the internment of Japanese Americans during WWII) 

Inane Answering Message Day -- the day to change those annoying messages, sponsored by Wellcat Holidays

King's Birthday -- Jordan

Martyrs' Day -- India (assassination anniversary of Gandhi)

National Croissant Day

National Storytelling Week -- UK (the Society for Storytelling encourages you to celebrate one of the most ancient art forms; through Feb. 6)  

Pax -- Ancient Roman Calendar (Festival of Peace)

Puce and Ochre Day -- Fairy Calendar

School Day of Nonviolence and Peace -- sponsored by DENIP

St. Aldegund's Day (Patron of cancer patients; against cancer, childhood diseases, sudden death, wounds)

St. Bathilde's Day (Patron of children, sick people, widows; against bodily ills and sickness)

St. Martina of Rome's Day (Patron of nursing mothers; Rome, Italy)

Three Archbishops' Day -- Eastern Orthodox (a/k/a Holy Hierarchs' Day)

Yodel For Your Neighbors Day -- begun by a neighbor hater, perhaps?

Birthdays Today:

Johnathan Lee Iverson, 1976

Christian Bale, 1974

Brett Butler, 1958

Phil Collins, 1951

Charles Dutton, 1951

Steve Marriott, 1947

Marty Balin, 1942

Dick Cheney, 1941

Vanessa Redgrave, 1937

Boris spassky, 1937

Tammy Grimes, 1934

Louis Ruckeyser, 1933

Gene Hackman, 1930

Dorothy Malone, 1925

Dick Martin, 1922

Barbara W. Tuchman, 1912

Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1882

Isaiah Thomas, 1749

Thomas Rolfe, 1615 (Only child of John Rolfe and Pocahontas.)

Debuting/Premiering Today:

"The Yogi Bear Show"(TV), 1958

"Robert Montgomery Presents"(TV), 1950

"City Lights"(Chaplin Movie), 1931

Today in History:

The Jews of Freiburg, Germany, are massacred, 1349

King Charles I of England is beheaded, 1649

Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England, is ritually executed after having been dead for two years, 1661

The Forty-seven Ronin, under the command of Oishi Kuranosuke, avenge the death of their master, 1703

Henry Greathead tests the first boat intended to be specialized as a lifeboat for rescue purposes, which he invented, on the River Tyne in England, 1790

The burned Library of Congress is reestablished, with Thomas Jefferson contributing, 1815

Edward Bransfield sights the Trinity Peninsula and claims the discovery of Antarctica, 1820

The Menai Suspension Bridge, considered the world's first modern suspension bridge, connecting the Isle of Anglesey to the north West coast of Wales is opened, 1826

A fire destroys two-thirds of Mayagüez, Puerto Rico, 1841

The city of Yerba Buena is renamed San Francisco, for the nearby mission of the same name, 1847

William Wells Brown publishes the first Black drama, "Leap to Freedom," 1858

The US Navy's first ironclad warship, the Monitor, is launched, 1862

The pneumatic hammer is patented by Charles King of Detroit, 1894

The Canadian Naval Service becomes the Royal Canadian Navy, 1911

The House of Lords rejects the Irish Home Rule Bill, 1913

"The Lone Ranger" begins a 21 year run on ABC radio, 1933

Indian pacifist and leader Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi is assassinated by Pandit Nathuram Godse, a Hindu extremist, 1948

American civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr.'s home is bombed in retaliation for the Montgomery Bus Boycott, 1956

The Beatles' last public performance, on the roof of Apple Records in London. The impromptu concert is broken up by the police, 1969

Carole King's Tapestry album is released, it would become the longest charting album by a female solo artist and sell 24 million copies worldwide, 1971

Pakistan withdraws from the Commonwealth of Nations, 1972

The Monitor National Marine Sanctuary was established as the first United States National Marine Sanctuary, 1975

Richard Skrenta writes the first PC virus code, which is 400 lines long and disguised as an Apple boot program called "Elk Cloner", 1982

Peter Leko of Hungary becomes the world's youngest chess grand master at age 14, 1994

Workers from the National Institutes of Health announce the success of clinical trials testing the first preventive treatment for sickle-cell disease, 1995

Over half a million people participate in the world's largest wildlife survey after extreme cold drives exotic birds into Britain's back gardens, 2011

Peter Paul Rubens’s 1608 drawing, "Nude Study of Young Man with Raised Arms," sells for $8.2 million at auction in New York, 2019

The World Health Organization declares COVID-19 a Public Health Emergency of International Concern at a meeting in Geneva, 2020