Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Some Weekends Are Like That (Wordless Wednesday) and Words for Wednesday


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Words for Wednesday was begun by Delores and has become a moveable feast of word or picture or music prompts to encourage us to write stories, poems, or whatever strikes our fancy.    The prompts are just to spark your creativity, don't feel constrained to use all of them, or even even any of them.

This month, the prompts are being provided by yours truly, right here.

This week's prompts are:














Many of you know that years ago, #2 Son got married.

I haven't mentioned it directly, but they have since divorced.  She is still friends with Little Girl, and there was no real animosity in their parting.  It's my BELIEF Nineteen and Twenty just isn't really ready for marriage, at least not most of the time.

He has dated a bit since and just about a year ago took a shine to a very nice young lady.  She and his ex DIFFER in her level of ambition, she is in college as well as working.  Into the BARGAIN, she brings a sense of humor his first didn't have.

An example would be this year was the second Thanksgiving they've been with us at Grandma and Grandpa's house.  Last year, Grandpa made the mistake of calling her by the ex's name.  She laughed it off.  The ex wouldn't have done so and would have refused to go back.

Their OUTLOOK is apparently bright, they'd discussed rings.  Looking online, he'd asked what styles she liked, and she picked several with a bit of MARGIN for him to personalize it as he chose.

He's decided Christmas is the right time.  He ordered from an online OUTLET, and as he's a district manager for his company and makes a nice income, this ring isn't like the very MODEST one with his first where you almost needed GLASSES to see the diamond.

Delivery was supposed to be this week, and was narrowed down to Tuesday.  When i asked him, he reassured me it wasn't through the Post Office.  (Thank heaven.  They delivered an Internal Revenue Service LETTER to our house that belonged to someone in a different zip code, for crying out loud, and just this past Saturday left a letter in the box that was supposed to have signature delivery with the signature card they're supposed to deliver back to the sender still on it.  I certainly wouldn't trust them with a ring.)

Sweetie had been hanging around the house in case it showed up and when he got a LIFT from Brother-in-Law to go get something he needed while i was out, i drove our currently working WAGON, Lunceford the Land Yacht, pretty hard to get home so as not to miss anything.

It arrived after dark (heaven bless delivery drivers at this time of year, they work long hours) and he plans to surprise her with it on Christmas Day at her parents' house (the parents who live in Louisiana, the rest of the family is in Alaska, and he wants to move there!).

There will be a family SOCIAL occasion in the future, it seems.


Today is:

Bonifacio Day -- Philippines

Cities for Life Day -- commemorates the abolition of the death penalty in many countries

Clear Up The Clutter Day -- internet generated, and what!?! in one day!

Computer Security Day -- International (sponsored by The Association for Computer Security Day; often held by some organizations/companies on another day of the week if it falls on a weekend)

Feast of Hecate, Goddess of the Crossroads -- Ancient Roman Calendar (also revered by the Greeks, Egyptians, and came from the Carians of the Bronze Age)

Ham and Roast Beef Night -- internet generated, but a good idea for a make your own sandwich dinner

Independence Day -- Barbados(1966); Yemen(1967)

National Day -- Benin

National Meth Awareness Day

National Mousse Day 

Perpetual Youth Day -- Dick Clark's birth anniversary

Regina Mundi Day -- South Africa

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting -- NY, NY, US

Saint Andrew the Apostle's Day (Patron of anglers/fishermen, fish dealers/fish mongers, maidens, old maids/spinsters, single lay women, singers, women who wish to become mothers; Spanish armed forces; Achaia; Greece; Russia; Scotland; Amalfi, Italy; Antey-Saint-Andre, Italy; Berchtesgaden, Germany; Burgundy, France; Cartosio, Italy; Confienti, Italy; Constantinople, Turkey; Encinasola, Huelva, Spain; Grand Rapids, Michigan; Grongnardo, Italy; Lampertheim, Germany; Luqa, Malta; Patras, Greece; Plymouth, England; Samolaco, Italy; San Andreas, California; Victoria, British Columbia; against gout, sore throats) related observances:

     Argyle Day

     National Day -- Scotland

     Sfantul Andrei -- Romania

Stay Home Because You're Well Day -- sponsored by the Wellness Permission League -- if you get in trouble with the boss, make sure they will take the fall!

Thanksgiving Day -- Norfolk Island

Whisp and Thread Fair -- Fairy Calendar

Anniversaries Today:

Lucille Ball marries Desi Arnaz, 1940

Birthdays Today:

Elisha Cuthbert, 1982

Clay Aiken, 1978

Jessalyn Gilsig, 1971

Sandra Oh, 1970

Amy Ryan, 1969

Ben Stiller, 1965

Bo Jackson, 1962

Colin Mochrie, 1957

Billy Idol, 1955

Shuggie Otis, 1953

Mandy Patinkin, 1952

David Mamet, 1947

Noel Paul Stookey, 1937

Ridley Scott, 1937

Abbie Hoffman, 1936

G. Gordon Liddy, 1930

Dick Clark, 1929

Joan Ganz Cooney, 1929

Robert Guillaume, 1927

Richard Crenna, 1926

Shirley Chisholm, 1924

Efrem Zimbalist, Jr., 1923

Gordon Parks, 1912

Winston Churchill, 1874

L(ucy) M(aude) Montgomery, 1874 (Anne of Green Gables)

Mark Twain, 1835

Oliver Winchester, 1810

Jonathan Swift, 1667

Philip Sydney, 1554

Debuting/Premiering Today:

"Thriller"(Michael Jackson Album), 1982

"The Wall"(Pink Floyd album), 1979

Brian's Song(TV movie), 1971

"Bwana Devil"(Film, first 3-D movie), 1952

The Joy of Cooking(Publication date), 1931

"Le Cid"(Opera), 1885

Today in History:

Amsterdam bans assembly of heretics, 1523

Death count by plague in Venice is officially set at 16,000, 1630

Beijing earthquake causes 100,000+ deaths, 1731

Britain signs agreement recognizing US independence, 1782

Peter Leopold Joseph of Habsburg-Lorraine, Grand Duke of Tuscany, promulgates a penal reform making his country the first state to abolish the death penalty. November 30 is therefore commemorated by 300 cities around the world as Cities for Life Day, 1786

Spain cedes her claims to Louisiana Territory to France, 1803

First ground is broken at Allenburg for the building of the original Welland Canal, 1824

First Welland Canal opens for a trial run, 5 years to the day from the ground-breaking, 1829

Work begins on the first US underwater highway tunnel, in Chicago, 1866

The first international soccer football game is held, in Glasgow; Scotland-England 0-0, 1872

The first commercially successful AC electric power plant opens, Buffalo, NY, 1886

A German engineer patents front-wheel drive for automobiles, 1900

American Old West: Second-in-command of Butch Cassidy's Wild Bunch gang, Kid Curry Logan, is sentenced to 20 years imprisonment with hard labor, 1902

Pike Place Market is dedicated in Seattle, Washington, 1907

The Crystal Palace in Hyde Park London destroyed by fire, 1936

Baseball's Negro National League disbands, two years after major league baseball integrated, 1948

In Sylacauga, Alabama, United States, the Hodges Meteorite crashes through a roof and hits a woman taking an afternoon nap in the only documented case of a human being hit by a rock from space, 1954

Exxon and Mobil sign a $73.7 billion USD agreement to merge, thus creating Exxon-Mobil, the world's largest company, 1998

Longtime Jeopardy! champion Ken Jennings of Salt Lake City, Utah finally loses, leaving him with US$2,520,700, television's biggest game show winnings, 2004

John Sentamu becomes the first black archbishop in the Church of England with his enthronement as the 97th Archbishop of York, 2005

The first human face transplant takes place in France, 2005

Enzo di Fabrizio, physics professor at Magna Graecia University in Catanzaro, Italy, successfully takes the first photograph of DNA, 2012

UNESCO adds Belgian beer to its Cultural Heritage List, 2016

Two Chinese scientists make it to the Guinness Book of World Records by recording the world's longest lasting rainbow - 8 hrs 58 min in Taipei's Yangmingshan Mountain range, 2017

Archaeologists announce newly discovered rock art in Serranía La Lindosa, Colombia, dating between 12,600 and 11,800 years ago, depicting many extinct species of animals, 2020

Alphafold's DeepMind AI program announces it has achieved scientific breakthrough by being able to predict how proteins fold into 3D shapes, 2020

Josephine Baker becomes the first black woman to be honored at Paris’ Panthéon, France's highest honor, 2021

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Lunch Bag Blues, a Random and Happy Tuesday Post


It's time once again for a random and happy Tuesday, linking up with Stacy's Random Thoughts at Stacy Uncorked and Sandee at Comedy Plus

Carl had done two loads of laundry by the time i got there yesterday.  One load was half dry because he'd only set the dryer for 30 minutes.  The other was still in the washer.

Clean clothes on the back of this chair.

Clean clothes on the back of this chair, too.

Clean clothes gathered from the bathroom.

Clean clothes (hanging) on the left side of the closet.

Clean clothes on the right side of the closet.

He has clean clothes everywhere and that's part of what confuses him, he can't find the ones he just had a minute ago, so he gets out more.

Because i'm doing catsitting for Ms. GA this week, i got to his house early, just as he was getting up.  After confirming that he did actually have work, i suggested a shower right away.

"But I need biscuits!" he said.

I told him i'd get the biscuits and asked where they were.

"In the freezer," he said, heading to the bathroom.

Upon opening the freezer, i was deluged with the papers that were on top of the freezer and attacked by an errant quart of ice cream.

Order was restored and i took the biscuits into the main kitchen to bake two of them in the toaster oven.  Mr. L was awake and did it for me, so i could get back into Carl's room.

Just in time, i saw him heading into the bathroom, then come back out looking for something.  I took that opportunity to peek in and grab all the extra clothes out of there.  He had long pants, two pair of shorts, and four shirts.  I left the long pants and one shirt, plus socks.

He was trying to bring more clothes into the bathroom when i stopped him and said he already had clothes in there.

"Underwear?" he asked, so i handed him another pair, it was easier than arguing.

Once he was done, i handed him an apron to keep it all clean while eating, and he started mumbling about lunch.

Time to find the new lunch box, right?  Hmmm, in the car?  No, nor was the stain remover (i had to use the back-up bottle that i hide in the broom closet).  On the shelf where it belongs?  Oh, heavens no.

How about in the refrigerator with a dead piece of banana in it.  I didn't take a picture.  You're welcome.

About the time i found and was cleaning the lunchbox, i noticed he'd taken off the apron.  This time i talked him into keeping it on, and i packed him a nice lunch, with cookies.

He lives to eat, that one.

How about a few lunch funnies.

Have a blessed and beautiful Tuesday, everyone!


It's my month to provide the prompts for Words for Wednesday.  Since it becomes Wednesday in some parts of the world while it is still Tuesday here, i am providing the prompts today, so you can work on them and post them when it's Wednesday where you are.

Please remember the prompts are just suggestions and don't have to be used.  The point is to have fun being creative!

This week's prompts are:















Today is:

Dita e Clirimit -- Albania (Liberation Day)

Electronic Greetings Day -- sponsored by Wellcat Holidays

Fairy Flute Fantasy -- Fairy Calendar

Festival of Saturnia -- Ancient Roman Calendar (for the Sons of Saturn; Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto)

Giving Tuesday -- after celebrating Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, be part of the international giving movement 

International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People -- UN

National Chocolates Day -- yes, another one

National Lemon Creme Pie Day

National Unity Day -- Vanuatu

St. Andrew's Eve -- in many traditions, a night to fortell the future, especially whom you will marry

St. Saturnius of Toulouse's Day (Patron of Toulouse, France)

Strange Names Day -- in honor of all the celebrity -- and other -- kids with "unique" names; sponsored the last Tuesday in November by Marlar in the Morning at 101QFL in Rockford, IL, US

Square Dance Day -- internet generated, and fun to do, but here's some information about square dancing

William Tubman's Birthday -- Liberia (it's longest serving President)

Anniversaries Today:

Erwin Rommel marries Lucie "Lu" Mollin, 1916

Birthdays Today:

Jon Knight, 1968

Don Cheadle, 1964

Andrew McCarthy, 1962

Kim Delaney, 1961

Cathy Moriarty, 1960

Jeff Fahey, 1956

Howie Mandel, 1955

Joel Coen, 1954

Garry Shandling, 1949

Petra Kelly, 1947

Chuck Mangione, 1940

Peter Bergman, 1939

John Mayall, 1933

Jacques Rene Chirac, 1932

Diane Ladd, 1932

Vin Scully, 1927

Madeline L'Engle, 1918

Adam Clayton Powell, Jr., 1908

C.S. Lewis, 1898

Busby Berkeley, 1895

Nellie Tayloe Ross, 1876

Louisa May Alcott, 1832

Wendell Phillips, 1811

Christian Doppler, 1803

Charles Thomson, 1729

Debuting/Premiering Today:

"Tatort"(TV), 1970

"I Want to Hold Your Hand"(Beatles single release), 1963

"Bells Are Ringing"(Musical), 1956

"Kukla, Fran, and Ollie"(TV), 1948

"Gay Divorce"(Musical), 1932

Today in History:

Jews of Augsburg, Germany, are massacred, 1349 (Sometimes, it seems, the more things change...)

King Philip II devalues Spanish currency, 1596 (See above...)

Sir James Jay invents invisible ink, 1775

San Jose, California, is founded as el Pueblo de San José de Guadalupe, 1777

Dessalines & Christophe declare St Domingue (Haiti) independent, 1803

First Italian opera in US, "Barber of Seville" premieres (NYC), 1825

Thomas Edison demonstrates hand-cranked phonograph, 1877

The first motorcycle race ever is held in Surrey, England; the distance was one mile and the winner was Charles Jarrot in a time of 2 minutes, 8 seconds, 1897

The first US patent for inventing the traffic lights system is issued to Ernest Sirrine. 1910

Fire destroys most of the buildings on Santa Catalina Island, California, 1915

Howard Carter opens the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun to the public, 1922

Richard Byrd becomes the first person to fly over the South Pole, 1929

The first surgery (on a human) to correct blue baby syndrome is performed by Alfred Blalock and Vivien Thomas, 1944

The United Nations General Assembly votes to partition Palestine, 1947

Mercury-Atlas 5 Mission – Enos, a chimpanzee, is launched into space, orbits earth twice, and is successfully recovered after splashdown, 1961

Canadian Space Agency launches the satellite Alouette 2, 1965

Nolan Bushnell (co-founder of Atari) releases Pong (the first commercially successful video game) in Andy Capp’s Tavern in Sunnyvale, California, 1972

The United Nations General Assembly passes a resolution stating that Soviet Union forces should withdraw from Afghanistan, 1983

The Czechoslovakian Parliament votes to end Communist rule, 1989

The United Nations Security Council passes two resolutions to restore international peace and security if Iraq did not withdraw its forces from Kuwait and free all foreign hostages by the following January 15, 1990

A 7.4 magnitude earthquake occurs off the northern coast of Martinique, 2007

Pablo Picasso's electrician reveals 271 previously unknown works he claims were gifts from the artist, 2010

NASA announces its space probe MESSENGER has almost certainly found water ice buried beneath the surface of the north pole of Mercury, 2012

Tens of thousands Indian farmers protest the agrarian crisis at parliament in Delhi, 2018