Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Shelter Kitten Names (Wordless Wednesday) and Thinking (Words for Wednesday)

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Linking up with Wordless Wednesday.   


Words for Wednesday was begun by Delores and has become a moveable feast of word or picture or music prompts that encourages us to write stories, poems, or whatever strikes our fancy.  This week, the prompts are photos by Bill, and are posted by Elephant's Child.      


The ride to the sea was not very scenic until you got right to the end of it, but he was a thoughtful child and always making up stories in his head.

When they came out of the tunnel and the water was finally visible, that’s when he would sit up and take notice.  Once they were passing sandy beaches, he looked out for the birds, especially his favorites, the gulls.

“Look!” he called out when two especially fine specimens came into view.  His mother glanced out of the window, said, “Yes, I see, gulls,” and went back to her book.

He knew better than to try to get anyone’s attention again, so he started making up a story about the two gulls.

They are cousins, he decided, cousins who pick on each other like Luke and I do, and then he went on to imagine out their conversation.

“It’s so hot today!” says Cousin 1.

“Of course it’s hot today, what do you expect!  It’s summer!” replies Cousin 2.

“Well, I know that!  It’s just, this sand is burning my feet,” Cousin 1 continues.

“You’re a bird, you bird-brain, if your feet are burning, why don’t you fly?” askes Cousin 2.

In his thoughts, he imagined Cousin 1 saying, “I believe I will!” and then flying off only to come around and peck Cousin 2 on the back of the head.

Smiling to himself, he continued to play out their antics in his mind for the remainder of the ride.

Yes, he always was a very thoughtful child.


Today is:

Biographer's Day -- anniversary of the day Boswell met Johnson in 1763

Hires Root Beer Day -- pharmacist Charles Elmer Hires created it on this day in 1866

Love a Tree Day -- and read about the love of a tree, in Shel Silverstein's The Giving Tree

Middlesex Day -- Middlesex, England (although it is only a postal county now, many celebrate the heritage of what was once the county that included London)

National Coquilles St. Jacques Day

National Employee Health & Fitness Day -- US (originally the 3rd Wednesday in May, but now spreading around the world as Global Employee Health & Fitness Month)

Ramadan -- Islam (began sunset yesterday, through June 14)

Sing "Row Row Row Your Boat" in Rounds Day -- but not around me, please, or i might do something drastic

Sneeze Without Embarrassment Day -- because of pollen levels, as declared by Karen Richmond, of Eastport, MI, US

Spaghetti-Os Day -- they were first sold on this day in 1966

St. Brendan the Voyager's Day (Patron of boatmen/mariners/sailors/watermen, travellers, whales; Ardfert, Ireland; Clonfert, Ireland; Kerry, Ireland)

St. Honorius of Amiens' Day (Patron of bakers[especially bakers of communion wafers], cake makers, candlemakers, chandlers, confectioners, florists, flour merchants, oil refiners, pastry chefs; against drought)

St. John of Nepomuk's Day (Patron of bridges, bridge builders, confessors, discretion, good and right confession, running water, silence; Bohemia; Czech Republic; Slovakia; against calumnies, floods, indiscretions, and slander)

Sudan People's Liberation Army Day -- South Sudan

Teachers' Day -- Malaysia

Turn Beauty Inside Out Day -- the day to remember what really counts is who you are, not just what you look like

U.S.Nickel Day -- the first U.S. five-cent nickel was minted on this day in 1866

Wear Purple for Peace Day -- the idea being that until we become a peaceful species, the aliens won't visit

Anniversaries Today:

Louis-Auguste, Dauphin of France, marries Marie Antoinette, 1770
Edgar Allen Poe marries his cousin Virginia Clemm, 1836 

Birthdays Today:

Megan Fox, 1986
Matt Ryan, 1985
Jim Sturgess, 1981
Tori Spelling, 1973
David Boreanaz, 1971
Gabriela Sabatini, 1970
Tracey Gold, 1969
Janet Jackson, 1966
Mare Winningham, 1959
Joan Benoit Samuelson, 1957
Olga Korbut, 1955
Debra Winger, 1955
Pierce Brosnan, 1953
Bob Edwards, 1947
Bill Smitrovich, 1947
Billy Martin, 1928
Liberace, 1919
Woody Herman, 1913
Louis "Studs" Terkel, 1912
Margaret Rey, 1906
Henry Fonda, 1905
Elizabeth Palmer Peabody, 1804
William Seward, 1801

Debuting/Premiering Today:

Top Gun(Film), 1986
"McCartney II"(album release), 1980
"Listen to What the Man Said"(Single release), 1975
"Annie Get Your Gun"(Musical), 1946
"Dalibor"(Opera), 1868

Today in History:

The Florentines drive out the Medici for a second time and Florence is re-established as a republic, 1527
Sir Thomas More resigns as Lord Chancellor of England, 1532
Samuel Johnson meets his future biographer, James Boswell, in London, 1763
Denmark abolishes slave trade, 1792
The first major wagon train heading for the Pacific Northwest sets out on the Oregon Trail, 1843
Charles Elmer Hires invents root beer, 1866
A naval Curtiss aircraft NC-4 commanded by Albert Cushing Read leaves Trepassey, Newfoundland, for Lisbon via the Azores on the first transatlantic flight, 1919
Pope Benedict XV canonizes Joan of Arc, 1920
Chaim Weizmann is elected the first President of Israel, 1948
The first regularly scheduled transatlantic flights begin between John F Kennedy International Airport (then Idlewild Airport) in New York City and Heathrow Airport in London, operated by El Al Israel Airlines, 1951
Theodore Maiman operates the first optical laser, at Hughes Research Laboratories in Malibu, California, 1960
China's Cultural Revolution begins, 1966
The Soviet Venera 5 spacecraft lands on Venus, 1969
India annexes Sikkim  after the mountain state holds a referendum in which the popular vote is in favour of merging with India, 1975
Junko Tabei becomes the first woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest, 1975
The Seville Statement on Violence is adopted by an international meeting of scientists, convened by the Spanish National Commission for UNESCO, in Seville, Spain, 1986
A report by United States' Surgeon General C. Everett Koop states that the addictive properties of nicotine are similar to those of heroin and cocaine, 1988
Queen Elizabeth II becomes the first British monarch to address the US Houses of Congress, 1991
Kuwait permits women's suffrage in a 35-23 National Assembly vote, 2005
The oldest water ever found is discovered in a Canadian mine; the water dates back 2.6 billion years, 2013


  1. Brilliant use of Bill's prompts. I am still smiling at Cousin 2 being pecked in the head.

  2. When I was growing up, I used to be like the thoughtful child. Nice story!

  3. I love your seagull story, I can picture the child in the train imagining and creating stories.

  4. You have to wonder how they date water...
    I mean, how do you know it's old water, not new water that picked up old stuff?
    This is going to bug me all day, Mimi!

  5. Oh hot sand ouchy ouchy - one of the drawbacks of a day at the beach in summer. Wouldn't mind one at the moment- its getting cold here lol
    What a shame he had to imagine quietly and not be able to express his thoughts outloud.

  6. My wife is planning to arrange a time near the
    Lake to spend time on the beach, at a cottage and hopefully with of daughter and family. Have a great Wednesday Mimi. See ya.

    Cruisin Paul

  7. It looks like a lot of work to take care of all those kitties. I know you love it though.

    I always enjoy your writing. Your stories are done so very well.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. ♥

  8. I really like your story. Imagination is so important in kids and I like how you illustrated that with the gulls.

  9. I think I'll finish my day by celebrating with a Hires Root Beer. I know, A&W is the big dog in the kennel, but I like Hires and Dad's. Have a blessed week.

  10. haha! It's a good thing most cousins aren't birds.

    Root beer day?? I was JUST drinking some. Weird.

    I did not know about all these holidays! Thanks. Big world, isn't it?

  11. Lovely beach photos!

    Happy Week to you,
    C & Z

  12. Well done, but sad story. My Mom's neighbor had 3 gray cats with those names. :)

  13. Purrfect names for kittens and I love the imaginative mind of the little boy!