Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tax Season Blues

We are in the midst of it, the tax season blues.

So much to figure, so many numbers for my brain to crunch. How much did we give and to whom, how much did i pay the kids for work, and those cats cost us how much last year?!

It floors me every year, and this year a new wrinkle. While trying to sort Brother-in-Law, The Mouth's taxes, it seems he's lost his password to his TurboTax account. He wants it done yesterday, but i have to wait for him to figure out or reset the password.

Yes, a family friend accountant does my taxes. Yes, i do The Mouth's. After all, he is single, no kids, standard deduction, very simple. We -- meaning i, because Sweetie breaks out in hives if you get near him with math or a calculator and papers -- have to figure out how much tuition went where, and sort out all those receipts that got in such a muddle last year, even though i was trying to keep up with them as it went along.

So don't expect much from me for the next few days aside from kitten feedings and number madness. If someone finds me sitting amid a sea of papers, laughing like a maniac and shredding them into confetti, give me chocolate and send what's left to the accountant. Let him try to make heads or tails out of it.

Today is:

Armed Forces Day -- Burma

Fly a Kite Day

Lazy Moochers' Day

Liberalia -- Ancient Roman Calendar (festival of the vegetation god)

National "Joe" Day

National Spanish Paella Day

Osweiler, Luxembourg (blessing of horses, tractors, and caars)

Quirky Country Music Song Titles Day

Smell the Breezes Day

St. Alkelda's Day (patron against eye disease)

World Theatre Day

Anniversaries Today:

Mary Pickford marries Douglas Fairbanks, 1920

Birthdays Today:

Brenda Song, 1988
Stacy "Fergie" Ferguson, 1975
Mariah Carey, 1970
Quentin Tarantino, 1963
Xuxa, 1963
Michael York, 1942
David Janssen, 1931
Sarah Vaughan, 1924
Harold Nicholas, 1921
Gloria Swanson, 1899
Edward Steichen, 1879
Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, 1845
Nathaniel Currier, 1813

Today in History:

Ptolemy V ascends to the throne of Egypt, BC196
Pope Clement V excommunicates the entire population of Venice, 1309
Juan Ponce de Leon discovers Florida, 1513
The first English child born in Canada at Cuper's Cove, Newfoundland to Nicholas Guy, 1613
The dike at Hardinxveld breaks, causing the Alblasserwaard flood, 1709
Spain losses Menorca & Gibraltar, 1713
John Parker Paynard originates medicated adhesive plaster, precursor to the band-aid, 1848
First reported sighting of the Yosemite Valley by Europeans, 1851
M L Byrn patents "covered gimlet screw with a 'T' handle" (corkscrew), 1860
The first international rugby football match, England v. Scotland, is played in Edinburgh at Raeburn Place, 1871
Famous Apache warrior, Geronimo, surrenders to the U.S. Army, ending the main phase of the Apache Wars, 1886
The first Japanese cherry blossom trees planted in Washington, D.C., 1912
The first successful blood transfusion takes place in Brussels, 1914
Typhoid Mary, the first healthy carrier of disease ever identified in the United States, is put in quarantine, , 1916
Charlie Chaplin receives France's distinguished Legion of Honor, 1931
Nikita Khrushchev becomes Premier of the Soviet Union, 1958
The Good Friday Earthquake, the most powerful earthquake in U.S. history at a magnitude of 9.2 strikes South Central Alaska, killing 125 people and inflicting massive damage to the city of Anchorage, 1964
The Concorde makes its first supersonic flight. 1970
Construction of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System begins, 1975
The Norwegian oil platform Alexander L. Kielland collapses in the North Sea, killing 123 of its crew of 212, 1980


  1. Chocolate should cure all that ails you. I hope you surface from the sea of paperwork soon.

  2. Thanks, Hilary. Right now, it feels more like an ocean.

  3. In our house, Husband does the taxes. He lets me know, goes into the back room, and I supply cookies. Then I leave. I learned this the hard way. My normally lovable, laid back hubby makes Ghengis Khan look charming at tax time. So, get a big bar of Hershey's, and repeat, This too will pass. This too will pass.

    At least you aren't doing a complicated form where you need to find the standard deduction for znazzle stops or some goofy thing... (Ask me why I know this fact. Urg.)