Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Cry Heart 'Round the House

"Wahoo!  This is awesome!  Mom, mom, did you hear about this?"  #2 Son was yelling loudly enough to wake the dead, so it must have been some news, i thought.

No, what? i asked.

"Somebody is going to bring back Twinkies!  Isn't that awesome!  We won't have to make our own!"

Well, really, i was kind of looking forward to it, because ours wouldn't be full of chemicals and preservatives and heaven knows what.

"Nah, they have to be the real thing to count as Twinkies!  I hope they have them back on shelves by the time we go on vacation in June."

Oh, joy.  They probably will.  Those little yellow blobs with the half life longer than nuclear waste and questionable ingredients are never going to really go away, are they?

Then again, i guess that's part of what vacation is all about, eating junk and having fun.

Meanwhile, at least he eats salad and vegetables every night, and lots of fruit, and we don't buy junk food.  That is really one of the good things about not having much money to spare, you have to make every penny count, and so every calorie bought had better be a high quality one that will nourish you.

Today is:

Argungu Fishing and Cultural Festival -- Argungu, Nigeria (a wild fishing contest, plus singing, dancing canoe racing, and more)

Ear Muff Day -- invented by Chester Greenwood in 1873, when he was only 15; if you need them today, keep a good thought for Chester

Good Samaritan Involvement Day -- emphasizing the importance of unselfish aid to others

Kasuga Matsuri -- Kasuga Grand Shrine, Nara, Japan (Monkey Festival)

K-9 Veterans Day -- US (on the day in 1942 the US Army K-9 Corps was established)

National Coconut Tort Day

National Decoration Day -- Liberia

National Jewel Day -- for no other reason than that someone who liked jewels wanted a holiday for them

National No Smoking Day -- UK

National Open An Umbrella Indoors Day -- an experiment in whether or not bad luck ensues

Registered Dietitian Day

Saint Ansovinus of Camerino (Patron protector of crops)

Sticking Very Close Together for Fairies of the Fourth and Fifth Flights -- Fairy Calendar

Uranus Day -- the planet was discovered this day in 1781

Birthdays Today:

Emile Hirsch, 1985
Rachael Bella, 1984
Will Clark, 1964
Adam Clayton, 1960
Dana Delany, 1956
William H. Macy, 1950
Neil Sedaka, 1939
William Casey, 1913
L. Ron Hubbard. 1911
Sammy Kaye, 1910
Percival Lowell, 1855
Joseph Priestly, 1733

Today in History:

Twelfth recorded perihelion passage of Halley's Comet, 607
Spanish explorer Cortez lands in Mexico, 1519
The Spanish fleet occupies Djerba, at Tripoli, 1560
Cambridge College is renamed Harvard for clergyman John Harvard, 1639
Jews are denied the right to build a synagogue in New Amsterdam, 1656
Massachusetts gains title to Maine for $6,000, 1677
The twenty-seventh recorded perihelion passage of Halley's Comet, 1759
William Herschel discovers Uranus, 1781
The Uncle Sam cartoon figure makes its debut in the NY Lantern weekly, 1852
The US Senate begins Pres Andrew Johnson's impeachment trial, 1868
Oxford defeats Cambridge in their first golf match, 1878
The Siege of Khartoum, Sudan begins, Madhist Sudanese against the Egyptian, British, and loyalist Sudanese forces, 1884
In France the length of the workday for women and children is limited to 11 hours by law, 1900
Mongolia (formerly Outer Mongolia) declares independence from China, 1921
A law is passed in the US state of Tennessee prohibiting the teaching of evolution, 1925
Clyde Tombaugh announces the discovery of Pluto at Lowell Observatory, 1930
Rotaract begins as a youth program of Rotary International, 1968
Apollo 9 returns safely to Earth after testing the Lunar Module, 1969
The Seikan Tunnel, the longest undersea tunnel in the world, opens between Aomori and Hakodate, Japan, 1988
India's Missionaries of Charity chooses Sister Nirmala to succeed Mother Teresa as its leader, 1997
Gold prices on the New York Mercantile Exchange hit $1,000 per ounce for the first time, 2008


  1. yep
    uh huh
    it's that last paragraph here too.

  2. Miz, i know it is with you. Junk food is not cheap, it's expensive!

  3. So I'm thinking if we smathers the foods that never deteriorate (10,000 year shelf life) into our faces, it will preserve our facial features and youthful appearance. Yes?

    You Grab the Twinkies, I'll grab the McDonald's fries. Let's give ourselves facials!!

  4. LOL Josie! At least it's worth a try. Speaking of McD's, i know a health guru who bought a cheeseburger from there once and just left it to sit on her desk. It petrified, and she carries it around when she speaks to show people. It's rock hard and not deteriorated or moldy or anything. Whatever they put in there is scary.