Thursday, May 7, 2015

It finally happened.

Ms. P and the kids moved.  And like most moves, it has its complications.

First, the house wasn't really ready.  Despite loads and loads of handyman work in the past two or three months, there are problems.  The kitchen sink drain got disconnected by one of the workers (we figure one of the ones who used the opportunity of being in the house alone to steal a few items and order a couple of porn movies on the TV) the day before they moved in, and didn't get reconnected.  They didn't find this out until they turned the water on.  You can imagine how much fun they had there.

The washing machine is hooked up wrong, so the hot water is hooked up to the cold water valve and vice versa.  When i went over to do laundry on Tuesday, i figured it out when everything came out of the "cold rinse" blazing hot.

One toilet doesn't work, the workers left grout and crud where it shouldn't be, and because they hadn't finished the work, the place wasn't cleaned up thoroughly before the move.  Everything was moved in on top of the construction/repair dust, dirt, and detritus.

Ms. P's wonderful Sunday school class at her church helped with the actual move.  They were wonderful, but they took it upon themselves to move almost everything, not just what she had packed and indicated was to be moved.

The result is that they've tried to cram the furnishings and everything else from a 2,000+ square foot house that had 4 bedrooms, 3 1/2 bathrooms, a bonus room, and generous living and dining rooms into a space about half the size, 3 bedrooms, 1 1/2 baths, and a tiny living/dining area.

To say it doesn't work is an understatement.

Today i am back over trying to help sort.  This could take a while.

Today is

Beaufort Wind Force Scale Day -- birth anniversary of the British Navy officer whose wind scale, in refined form

Box Camera Day -- George Eastman patented the Box Camera on this day in 1888

Childhood Depression Awareness Day / Children's Mental Health Awareness Day -- US (sometimes also called Green Ribbon Day, and sponsored by SAMHSA;  SAMHSA's "Caring for Every Child's Mental Health" public awareness effort)

Day of the Soldier -- El Salvador 

Doodle 4NF Auction Days -- Neurofibromatosis Foundation's biggest fundraiser, from today until May 17, go to Ebay to bid on doodles drawn by celebrities

Experience the Awesome Stomach-Churning Wonder of a Thrill Ride Day -- internet generated, and they can have it!

Feast of St. Nicola -- Bari, Italy (celebrates's the moving of the relics of St. Nicholas -- yes, later Santa Claus -- to this town, where they still are; here he is patron of orphans and pirates, and the date of his body's arrival is celebrated as a huge three-day festival with fireworks included)

Fire Escape Ladder Day -- Joseph Winters patented a wagon-mounted version on this day in 1878

Hamburg Harbor Day -- Hamburg, Germany (founding of the city)

Homeland Defender's Day -- Kazakhstan

Homespun History Day -- internet holiday often exploited by Modern Drunkard Magazine as a day upon which to drink specifically so the stories will sound better

Lag B'Omer -- Judaism (began sunset yesterday, ends sunset today)

Martin Z. Mollusk Day -- Ocean City, NJ (if the hermit crab sees his shadow, summer comes a week early)

Mom's Night Out -- sponsored by

National Barrier Awareness Day -- US (declared by Presidential Proclamation in 1986)

National Day of Prayer -- US / Interfaith

National Day of Reason -- US Humanist alternative to the National Day of Prayer

National Children's Mental Health Awareness Day -- US (SAMHSA's "Caring for Every Child's Mental Health" public awareness effort)

National Roast Leg of Lamb Day

Nones of May -- Ancient Roman Calendar

Radio Day -- Bulgaria; Russia

St. Domitian of Huy's Day (Patron of Huy Liege, Belgium; against fever)

Anniversaries Today:

Founding of Univerzita Karlova in Prague, the first university in Central Europe, 1348

Birthdays Today:

Owen Hart, 1965
Peter Reckell, 1955
Amy Heckerling, 1954
Tim Russert, 1950
Johnny Unitas, 1933
Teresa Brewer, 1931
Darren McGavin, 1922
Eva Peron, 1919
Gary Cooper, 1901
Archibald Macleish, 1892
Gabby Hayes, 1885
Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, 1840
Johannes Brahms, 1833
Robert Browning, 1812
Francis Beaufort, 1774
David Hume, 1711

Debuting/Premiering Today:

"Strike It Rich"(TV), 1951
Choral Symphony in D Minor(Beethoven's Ninth), 1824

Today in History:

The dome of the Hagia Sophia in Constantinople collapses, 558
Joan of Arc leads the final charge in the Battle of Orleans, 1429
Louis XIV of France inaugurates The Palace of Versailles, 1664
The city of New Orleans is founded by Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville, 1718
Jews are expelled from Ukraine by Empress Catherine I of Russia, 1727
Chief Pontiac begins the "Conspiracy of Pontiac" by attacking British forces at Fort Detroit, 1763
The independence of Greece is recognized by the Treaty of London, 1832
George Eastman patents the "Kodak Box Camera," 1888
In Saint Petersburg, Russian scientist Alexander Stepanovich Popov demonstrates to the Russian Physical and Chemical Society his invention, the Popov lightning  detector — a primitive radio receiver, 1895
German  submarine  SM U-20  sinks RMS Lusitania, 1915
England lowers age of women voters from 30 to 21, 1928
Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering (later renamed Sony) is founded with around 20 employees, 1946
The Council of Europe is founded during the Hague Congress, 1948
The concept of the integrated circuit, the basis for all modern computers, is first published by Geoffrey W.A. Dummer, 1952
Canadian Patrick Morrow became the first person to climb each of the Seven Summits, 1986
The Space Shuttle Endeavour is launched on its first mission, 1992
Mercedes-Benz buys Chrysler for $40 billion USD and forms DaimlerChrysler in the largest industrial merger in history, 1998
The tomb of Herod the Great is discovered, 2007
A new study reports that all Europeans are related to a small group of ancestors dating back only 1,000 years; researchers believe it's likely that everyone in the world is related over the past few thousand years, 2013


  1. (((holds out coffee and offers a hug)))

  2. Moving is a headache and so sorry this has become your headache. Sounds like the workers there are not the most responsible.

  3. oh, my! a mess on top of a mess on top of a mess! bless you as i know you're going to wear yourself out!

  4. Oh, moving... Yeek! I think that that kind of thing, you need to be 'directing traffic', maybe put bright pink paint on the boxes that do go... Something that is glaringly obvious. People are willing, but not always... helpful in the way you want. Good luck with the re-moving of stuff!


  5. Yikes on those workers. Need to hire some folks that can fix this stuff and find the ones that messed things up and take care of business.

    I'm at a loss for why she moved. Divorce? I'm lost here.

    Have a terrific day trying to figure out the puzzle. ☺

  6. Like Erma Bombeck said: War is hell, but moving is worse.

  7. Ugh. I'm imagining dealing with this. The stress. The frustration. You are an angel, mimi. Thank God you are helping her today.