Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Surprises and Technology and Sore Throats (Random Tuesday)

Stacy Uncorked

And now, some random news from around here, linking up with Stacy's Random Thoughts at Stacy Uncorked.  

Mr. BA, a friend and client, got home from the hospital last week.  He's back in the hospital, though, blood clot in the lung.  His poor wife is feeling the strain, but a friend has repaired the dryer and came to get her car to go repair it.  Into each life a little rain must fall, but they've had a flood recently. 

Speaking of floods, some areas around here got a deluge Saturday and Sunday.  We got some rain, but the good thing is we really got cooler weather.  Not that it won't warm up again, but the downward trend to winter has begun.  Every time it rains, the temperatures will go down, and come back up but not quite as high as the time before.  Then in the spring, the trend reverses until we are back into the usual summer pattern.

Yesterday was Sweetie's birthday, he is now 64.  This year, i really did fool him into thinking i was not making the banana pudding because i waited until he went to the Deacon meeting at the church to make it.  He was so surprised!  It's fun to wait and not let him know i'm preparing it, but this time it almost backfired.  It took so long for it to "pudding up" (thicken) that i was afraid he'd get home before it was done.

Bigger Girl found it quite funny that i was standing over the pot, stirring and yelling "Would you pudding already!"

Speaking of Bigger Girl, she has strep throat again.  She gets it so often now that i'm wondering if she's got tonsil trouble behind it.  After all, Grandpa was 24 when he had his tonsils out, and i was 24 when i had to get mine out.  She's 24, and if it's going to happen, it will probably be soon.

My friend DiDreaming's landlady is out of town for the next few months, and just as happened when she left this time last year, the house is falling apart.  We think the house waits until landlady leaves town to need any and all repairs.  Last year it was the septic tank and a few other minor things, this year it's the tub stopped draining and the latch handle fell off of the dishwasher.  What is it about landlady's going on her yearly trip to see all the relatives that makes the house implode?  If i knew the answer, i guess i would be rich.

It is also beyond me how technology can work one minute and not the next, and then come back up.  Sunday morning i woke up to no internet, the wifi modem was dead.  Unplugged and replugged, dead.  Plugged other stuff in the wall to check the socket, that stuff worked.  Pushed the reset button on the back, dead.  Called customer support, got an appointment for a tech for Monday evening.

We went to church, and got home to find out the electricity had gone out for a while when we were gone, and the modem was suddenly working again!  Canceled the tech call.  It's weird, but i'll take it, as long as it keeps working.

#1 Son is plotting and scheming with Friend Chris and another person to find an apartment early next year.  We will see where it goes, but i know he is itching to get out of mom's house.

Ms. S let me go to her house last week and we went over a few of her bookshelves.  She gave me some books to give away, and i made her promise to let me keep coming back until we've gone through all the books.  Also i got her to promise that she will keep paring down books until her shelves are full and not a single book more.  It's a drop in the bucket compared to everything that is in her house, but it's a start, and i'm especially glad she realizes i'm doing this for friendship and not for pay.

That's about all from here today.  Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!

Today is:

Feast of Good & Plenty (the candies)

Food Day -- US (inspiring people to change their diets and our food policies) 

Independence Day -- Zambia(1964)

Lilith's Day -- Ancient Mesopotamian Calendar (Lilith, legendary first wife of Adam, mother of the giants; date approximate)

Maladay -- Discordianism

National Bologna Day

Share a Pop Tart With Someone You Love Day -- internet generated, and how much do you want to bet the Kellog company may have had a hand in it?

St. Anthony Claret's Day (Patron of weavers; Catholic press; Claretians; Missionary Sons of the Immaculate Heart of Mary)

St. Crispin's Eve Celebration -- Tenby, Wales

St. Raphael the Archangel's Day (traditional date; Patron of health inspectors, druggists, happy meetings, leaving home, travelers; against blindness)

Suez Victory Day -- Egypt

Take Back Your Time Day -- Canada; U.S. (anniversary of the day in the US that the Fair Labor Standards Act went into effect, specifying a 40-hour work week as the standard, in 1938)

United Nations Day
    Disarmament Week begins
    World Development Information Day

World Origami Days -- held each year from today, the birth anniversary of Lillian Oppenheimer, founder of the first origami societies in Britain and the US, until Nov. 11, which is Origami Day in Japan; a couple of good sites to explore about origami are here and here   

Birthdays Today:

Monica, 1980
Kevin Kline, 1947
F. Murray Abraham, 1939
Bill Wyman, 1936
David Nelson, 1936
J. P. "Big Bopper" Richardson, 1930
Y. A. Tittle, 1926
Moss Hart, 1904
Melvin Purvis, 1903
Alexandra David-Neel, 1868 (first female foreigner to explore Tibet)
Belva A. Bennett Lockwood, 1838
Sarah Joseph Hale, 1788 (author of "Mary had a little lamb")
Antony van Leeuwenhoek, 1632
Domitian, Roman Emperor, 51

Debuting/Premiering Today:

"Dancing at Lughnasa"(Play), 1991
"Voices for Today"(Britten Op. 75), 1965
"Take Me Out to the Ball Game"(Single release), 1908
"Zibeunerbaron/The Gypsy Baron"(Strauss Opera), 1885
The first Transcontinental Telegram is sent, 1861

Today in History:

Cathedral of Chartres is dedicated, 1260
The Treaty of Westphalia ends the 30 Years War, recognized the independence of Switzerland, and marks the end of the Holy Roman Empire, 1648
Felix Mendelssohn, age 9, performs his first public concert in Berlin, 1818
The match is patented, by A. Phillips, 1836
The first US transcontinental telegram is sent, from San Francisco to Washington, DC, ending the need for the Pony Express after only 2 years, 1861
Levi P. Morton, US ambassador to France, drives the first rivet for the Statue of Liberty, 1881
Dr. Robert Koch discovers the germ that causes tuberculosis, 1882
Anna Taylor becomes the first woman to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel, 1901
The first NYC subway opens, 1904
Harry Houdini's last performance, 1926
The Hershey Company is incorporated, 1927
"Black Thursday", the start of the stock market crash, Dow Jones down 12.8%, 1929
Al Capone is sentenced for tax evasion, 1931
The George Washington Bridge, connecting NY to NJ, opens, 1931
US forbids child labor in factories, 1938
The United Nations Charter is signed by the first member nations, 1945
Eisenhower pledges US support to South Vietnam, 1954
Government of Poland legalizes Solidarity trade union, 1980
Launch of Deep Space 1 comet/asteroid mission, 1998
The Concorde makes its last commercial flight, 2003
Justice Rutherford of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice struck down the "motive clause", an important part of the Canadian Anti-Terrorism Act, 2006
"Bloody Friday" saw many of the world's stock exchanges experience the worst declines in their history, with drops of around 10% in most indices, 2008
The Northern Lights become visible over much of North America due to a coronal mass ejection, 2011


  1. You have covered a lot of information in this most which covers both happy and sad.

  2. Happy birthday to your Sweetie! I am sure he was very pleased with the pudding you made for him. We are now experiencing very hot weather and have been advised to stay indoor.

  3. Mimi,

    Oh, that's good you surprised your hubby! lol

    Sometimes when our electricity or Comcast has issues our router (maybe the modem,too) will need to be restarted. Usually, it's the router that needs it. I find it easier to unplug the router from the cable wait for approx. 30 seconds before plugging it back into the modem. After it goes through its flashing this light and that, it usually connects with the Internet. Technology can be screwy! Our weather is cooling down after the rain,too. I don't think it'll get warm as it has been, though. I like the cooler temps but I'm not looking forward to winter. I hope your daughter feels better soon but if she needs her tonsils removed then it'd be nice to get that done before the holidays. There's always something needing one's attention if it's not a sick kid, it's the house, right? lol Oh well...hopefully your repairs needed will be okay until landlady returns. Happy random, my friend!

  4. WOW! What a life you have Mimi. Pudding, I love vanilla pudding. See ya my friend.

    Cruisin Paul

  5. I hope Mr. BA gets better soon. Awful.

    ♪♪Happy Birthday to you,♪♪
    ♪♪Happy Birthday to you,♪♪
    ♪♪Happy Birthday Dear Mimi's Sweetie,♪♪
    ♪♪Happy Birthday to you.♪♪

    Glad your electricity was the problem and not the modem.

    Tonsils need to come out. Poor thing.

    Good luck with the decluttering. So important to do.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  6. I know so many people who've had their tonsils out, but I still have mine.

  7. Happy Birthday to your Sweetie. Mine will be 64 in January. I hope your daughter feels better soon and won't need her tonsils out.

  8. Prayers going out for Mr. BA!

    I love that you were able to surprise Sweetie for his birthday - and that Bigger Girl got a kick out of you encouraging the pudding to 'pudding'...that cracked me up! Happy belated Birthday to your Sweetie! Mine turns 60 in April and is starting to feel the passage of time is marching too fast for his liking. ;)

    Your modem sounds suspect - if whomever you have it through will replace it free, I'd totally hedge my bets and have them do it. I had to do that once when a modem we had was acting funky like that - the new modem was much better at keeping us connected! :)