Friday, October 6, 2017

Whose Chair? (Feline Friday) and Friendly Fill-Ins, October Begins Edition

Feline Friday was started by Steve, The Burnt Food Dude, and i'm going to believe it's because he likes cats.
He has handed hosting duties off to Sandee, of Comedy Plus, and it's simple to join, just follow the link to Sandee's page for the rules and the code.

Dumpling says, "What do you mean, your chair?"

Iz my chair now!


Friendly Fill-Ins are easy to do. There are four statements: the first two statements are provided by Ellen of 15AndMeowing, and the final two are offered by McGuffy Ann Morris of McGuffy's Reader. They try to make sure the statements will be fun to both answer and share. The linky will be posted at or about 12:00 AM on Friday. Please head over to one of their sites, link up, and share your thoughts! 

My fill-ins for the statements are underlined:

Week 74: October 6, 2017

1. October is the perfect time to ________________.

2. Halloween ______________.

3. Every October, I                               .

4. My experience with the supernatural world is                                   .

October is the perfect time to get all of the space heaters and heating pads out and make sure they are working.

Halloween is always just The Great Neighborhood Candy Exchange to me.  The kids get to dress up and play pretend and the moms in the neighborhood trade candy through their children.

Every October, i make banana pudding for Sweetie's birthday.  He loves it so, but it's very rich and very expensive and time consuming to make.

My experience with the supernatural world is very scary and i don't talk about it, and i try not to think about it at all.

Eli of Coach Daddy has gone live with this month's In Six Words post.  This month's topic is, Why I Would Be In The Guinness Book of World Records.  

Today is:

Armed Forces Day -- Egypt

Belfast International Arts Festival  -- Belfast, Ireland (International arts festival; through the 28th)

Boun Suang Heua -- on the Mekong River near Vientiane, Laos (second day of the Ok Phansa festival, the Boat Racing Festival)

Children's Day -- Singapore

Columbus Day Festival and Hot Air Balloon Regatta -- Columbus, KS, US (through Sunday)

Come and Take It Festival -- Gonzales, TX, US (celebrating the cry of Texans fighting for independence when the Mexican military demanded a cannon be returned; through Sunday)

Earthquake Remembrance Day -- Turkmenistan

Festival of the Other Five Toes -- Fairy Calendar

Garlic Lovers Day -- internet generated, unofficial, and delicious

Hull Fair -- Hull, England (a fair that dates back over 700 years, now one of the countries largest travelling funfairs; through the 14th)

Ivy Day -- Ireland (death anniversary of Irish nationalist leader and Home Rule advocate Charles Stewart Parnell)

Jackie Mayer Rehab Day -- Sandusky, OH, US (anniversary of renaming the local rehab hospital after Sandusky's "favorite daughter", Jackie Mayer, Miss America 1963 and stroke survivor, now advocating on behalf of stroke survivors)

Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest -- Kitchener and Waterloo, ON, Canada (second largest Oktoberfest in the world; through the 14th)

Lee National Denim Day -- US (but i'm sure they want this one celebrated anywhere jeans are sold and worn! proceeds from the day go to fight breast cancer) 

Mad Hatter Day -- US (second crazy day in the year, to balance April Fool's Day, and based on the 10/6 on the Mad Hatter's hat in Tenniel's drawing; in English-speaking countries where the day preceeds the month in notation, it is celebrated on June 10)

National Diversity Day -- US (vow tolerance, embrace how differences make the world a better place)

National German-American Day -- US (anniversary of the disembarking of the first German immigrants to Pennsylvania in 1683)
    German Pioneer Day -- Pennsylvania

National Noodle Day

National Physician's Assistant Day -- US (anniversary of the first graduating class of physician assistants from Duke University on this day in 1967

National Storytelling Festival -- Jonesborough, TN, US (a three-day celebration of storytellers, stories, and oral tradition from around the country and around the world, all in Tennessee's oldest town)

Ocean County Columbus Day Parade and Italian Festival -- Seaside Hgts., NJ, US (through Sunday)

Ozark Fall Farmfest -- Springfield, MO, US (largest agricultural trade show in the Ozarks; through Sunday)

Springs Folk Festival -- Springs, PA, US (Amish crafts and food at the height of fall foliage; through tomorrow)

St. Charles Scarecrow Festival -- St. Charles, IL, US (handcrafted scarecrows, music, entertainment, and more; through Sunday)

St. Bruno's Day (Founder of the Carthusian Monks; Patron against demonic possession)

St. Faith's Day (Patron of pilgrims, prisoners, soldiers)

Sukkot -- Judaism (began at sunset yesterday, through sunset on Oct. 11)

Tennessee Fall Homecoming -- Museum of Appalachia, Clinton, TN, US (celebrating the culture and heritage of Appalachia; through Sunday)

Tennessee Valley Old-Time Fiddlers Convention -- Athens, AL, US (200 contestants, 18 catagories, all crammed into two music filled days; if you love old time fiddle music, this is the place for you)

Tishreen Liberation War Day -- Syria

World Smile Day -- do one act of kindness, help one person smile, in honor of Harvey Ball, who created the Smiley face 
    some sites tag this as Send A Smile Day, or have it on different days

Worldwide Forgiveness Day -- sponsored by the Worldwide Forgiveness Alliance 

Anniversaries Today:

Elizabeth Taylor marries Larry Fortensky, 1991
American Library Association founded in 1876

Birthdays Today:

Jimmy Sisto, 1974
Elisabeth Shue, 1963
David Zucker, 1947
Britt Ekland, 1942
Thor Heyerdahl, 1912
Carole Lombard, 1908
Janet Gaynor, 1906
Helen Wills Moody, 1905
Florence Seibert, 1897
Le Corbusier, 1887
Karol Szymanowski, 1882
George Westinghouse, 1846
Jenny Lind, 1820

Debuting/Premiering Today:

Instagram(launched by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger), 2010
"CSI: Crime Scene Investigation"(TV), 2000
"The Gin Game"(Play), 1977
"I Hear a Symphony"(Supremes single release), 1965
"The Mousetrap"(Mystery play), 1952 (still being performed)
The Jazz Singer(Film, the first "talkie"), 1927

Today in History:

The Cimbri inflict the heaviest defeat on the Roman Republic army of Gnaeus Mallius Maximus in the Battle of Arausio, BC105
Founding of Germantown, Pennsylvania by 13 Mennonite families from Germany, 1683
The Americans and French begin the siege of Cornwallis at Yorktown, which becomes the last battle of the American Revolutionary War, 1781
Benjamin Hanks patents a self-winding clock, 1783
Louis XVI accedes to the demands of the women of Paris and returns to that city, 1789
Great Fire of Newcastle and Gateshead begins shortly after midnight, leads to 53 deaths and hundreds of injuries, 1854
The American Chess Association is organized and holds the first major US chess tournament, in NYC, 1857
The American Library Association is organized in Philadelphia, 1876
Thomas Edison shows his first motion picture, 1889
Nabisco Foods debuts its Cream of Wheat, 1893
Beatrix Van Rijk becomes the first licensed Dutch woman pilot, 1911
Opening of The Jazz Singer, the first prominent talking movie, 1927
Egypt launches a coordinated attack against Israel to reclaim land lost in the Six Day War, 1973
Massacre of students gathering at Thammasat University in Bangkok, Thailand to protest the return of ex-dictator Thanom, 1976
Pope John Paul II becomes the first pontiff to visit the White House, 1979
President of Egypt, Anwar al-Sadat is assassinated, 1981
51 Pegasi is discovered to be the first major star apart from the Sun to have a planet (and extrasolar planet) orbiting around it, 1995
Jason Lewis completes the first human-powered circumnavigation of the globe, 2007
The Messenger Spacecraft performs a second Mercury flyby, 2008
Pope Benedict XVI's butler, Paolo Gabriele, is found guilty of leaking confidential documents and sentenced to 18 months in prison, 2012


  1. LOL well Dumpling has definitely made sure everyone knows who's chair it is heheh!

    Have a felinetastic day :-)

  2. Mimi,

    Whew, autumn change is coming! I'm not looking forward to what follows but I do enjoy the fall. This week I've had to wear my fleece jacket in the mornings for a few hours. It's not too cool in the house but the humidity is low and it feels cooler than it is. Outside is a bit brisk.

    Jonesborough TN is a close drive from us. We've visited this quaint little town on a number of occasions. I knew they had their annual autumn storytelling event but I forgot about it. We've not attended it but it sounds like fun. I think they even have a haunted tour. I have a couple of posts where I shared photos snapped on visits to Jonesborough. I'd like to go again at Christmas. We went one year during the day but at night would be better. We'll have to try to do this this year. :) Oh, your reminder of the Tennessee Fall Homecoming makes me think of our early years. We went to the Museum of Appalachia with my in-laws one fall and they had a great time. It was lots of fun. This is another place I hope to revisit. It's a lovely place. The old homestead is preserved beautifully.

    World Smile Day sounds like a good idea. We all certainly can use the smiles. :) Have a great weekend, my friend!

  3. I enjoyed your answer to Halloween. That is funny, and so true!

    I understand your answer to the supernatural. I agree; it can be frightening. I am glad you are okay with your experiences. Hugs.

    I have not had banana pudding in years. Granny used to make it.

    I always love your dates and trivia. I wear Lee jeans! Yea for them for doing something good with it. All of your info is cool and worthwhile, even for a smile. Hugs.

  4. Dumpling is such a cutie. Great answers, thanks for participating. I am sorry you had bad experiences with the supernatural. I bet your banana pudding is amazing Have a great weekend!

  5. No, it's clear that the chair belongs to Dumpling. What a cutie pie.

    There is a story to your supernatural experience, but we'll never know. You're not going to tell us.

    Have a purrfect Feline Friday. ☺

  6. That cannot be a bad luck cat. Such a sweet face.

  7. Banana pudding is the best! My granny used to make it for every family get together. My daddy made it, too. I've only made it a few times, but I love it. Mine will never compare to theirs, though.

    Thanks for your history tidbits. I really enjoy reading them.

    Your candy exchange answer made me smile. That's the best part of Halloween. :)

    Have a blessed weekend!

  8. Those pets love the furniture, as we are learning while trying to keep our dogs off of our new sofas.

    1. October is the perfect time to walk the dogs.

    2. Halloween is such a fun holiday, but I hope I don't eat the candy for the trick-or-treaters. I have to buy something that won't tempt me. No chocolate!

    3. Every October, I remember my father who died on October 2nd.

    4. My experience with the supernatural world is just getting started. I have a new job giving ghost tours downtown and have seen a few weird things, already.

  9. Interesting that you mention getting out the heaters. We lived in this house two years before we found out there was not a heater in the house. The gas line had never been run to it. We found that out when we had a new A/C installed and the guy told me that there was no gas line for the heater. It just doesn't normally get cold enough to run a heater here. This year winter lasted 3 days then it was back to 100+ for February.


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