Sunday, December 13, 2009

Two of our kittens were adopted yesterday!

Hogan, who is white except for 3 small grayish/black smudges right on the top of his head, went to a very nice family that will relish his high energy.

The Goose, who is solid black except for the white spots on the very tips of 3 toes on one front foot and 2 on the other, went to a couple who will love that he is a snuggler.

This is why I foster.

Today is:

Ice Cream and Violins Day

Independence Day, Namibia

International Children's Day

International Shareware Day

Little Yule a/k/a Luciadagen (Festival of Lights in many parts of

Scandinavia, honoring St. Lucia.)

National Cocoa Day

Republic Day, Malta

St. Jose's Day (patron of harvests, ships; against fire, fever, storms)

Saint Lucy's Day (patron of writers, lights, people with eye trouble,

glass workers, lamplighters; against dysentary, throat disease,

blindness, hemorrhage)

Birthdays Today:

Taylor Swift, 1989
Amy Lee, 1981
Tom DeLonge, 1975
Christie Clark, 1973
Jamie Foxx, 1967
Ted Nugent, 1948
John Davidson, 1941
Aga Khan IV, 1936
Christopher Plummer, 1927
Dick Van Dyke, 1925
Archie Moore, 1913
Kenneth Patchen, 1911

Today in History:

The Council of Trent opens, 1545
Sir Francis Drake sets sail from England to circumnavigate the globe, 1577
Emperor Ferdinanad II delegates the first Anti-Reformation decree, 1621
The Massachusetts Bay Colony organizes 3 militias which are today seen as the founding of the United States National Guard, 1636
Dutch navigator Abel Tasman becomes the first European to land in New Zealand, 1642
Dartmouth College in New Hampshire is chartered, 1769
Charles Dicken's "A Christmas Carol" is published, sells 6,000 copies, 1843
Italo Marcioni patents an ice cream cone, 1903
The Relay 1 communication satellite is launched, 1962

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  1. What fabulous news! I am happy for you, the kittens and the folks who adopted them!
    The hymn on my post today became very special to me during mother's sickness/death - my friend sang it at mama's graveside service. A dear blog friend of mine from Ohio went into hospice yesterday and I thought the words would be especially comforting to her and her 3 grown daughters. I am happy they words were special to you as well.


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