Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Grandpa brought us some steaks, as a treat.

"Don't overcook the steaks!" Sweetie cautions, and cautions, and hovers, which makes me crazy.

So I hand him a steak, and he yelps, "It's undercooked!"

Well, what does he expect? He hovered! Better get it off a bit too soon, you can't uncook it.

Back on the grill for another 2 minutes. Just right, and peace reigns.

Today is:

Birth of the Bab -- Baha'i

Change Your Oil Day

Feast of No Excuse For A Feast Day

Installation of Scriptures as Guru Granth -- Sikh

International Juan Valdez Appreciation Day (As we sip our morning wake up brew, let's remember the hardy souls who pick the beans for us!)

Kenyatta Day -- Kenya

Miss American Rose Day

National Brandied Fruit Day

Revolution Day -- Guatemala

St. Conrad Ferrini's Day (patron of universities)

World Osteoporosis Day

Anniversaries Today:

Aristotle Onassis marries Jacqueline Kennedy, 1968

Birthdays Today:

Dann Gillen, 1967
Viggo Mortensen, 1958
Danny Boyle, 1956
Tom Petty, 1950
Jery Orback, 1935
Mickey Mantle, 1931
Art Buchwald, 1925
Fayard Nicholas, 1914
Bela Lugosi, 1882
Charles Ives, 1874
Arthur Rimbaud, 1854
Christopher Wren, 1632

Today in History:

The first Crusaders arrive at Antioch, 1097
The city of Nuestra Senora de La Paz (Our Lady of Peace), Bolivia, is founded, 1548
Battle of sekigahara sets Tokugawa clan as Japan's Shoguns, 1600
Maria Theresa of Habsburg becomes ruler of Austria, Hungary, and Bohemia, 1740
Patent of Toleration, providing limited freedom of worship, is approved in Habsburg Monarchy, 1781
US Senate ratifies the Louisiana Purchase, 1803
The U.S. and U.K. sign the Convention of 1818, which, among other things settles the U.S. - Canada border at the 49th parallel for most of its length, 1818
First Edition of London Sunday Times, 1822
Lincoln formally establishes Thanksgiving as a national holiday in the US, on the 4th Thursday of November each year, 1864
P.T. Barnum's Hippodrome featuring "The Greatest Show on Earth" opens in NYC, 1873
The hull of the RMS Olympic, sister-ship to the ill-fated RMS Titanic, is launched, 1910
The first Negro League World Series is held, the KC Monarchs shut out the Hilldales, 5-0, 1924
United States of America and Pakistan establish diplomatic relations for the first time, 1947
The Nepal Stock Exchange collapses, 1971
The Sydney Opera House opens, 1973


  1. Husband knows better to hover with me. He will end up with me handing him the utensils and sitting down. I tend to eat my steak when it just stops mooing, anyway, so he KNOWS not to bug me, or I make his steaks just like mine.

    YAY, Tom Petty's birthday! Hic! Brandied fruit! Which might make it hard to change my oil...


  2. Mine hovers anyway, but that's all right, he just gets stepped on! LOL