Sunday, November 13, 2011

Why to Never Wait Until the Last Minute

Because at the last minute, you will find out that the place you are staying has lost its internet connection and you can't write your blog in time to publish by midnight the way you like to.

That's why this is late.

On homecoming weekend here at the uni, we stay at the hotel on campus and enjoy the fun of the whole weekend, which this year had the parade as usual, plus a salute to veterans, and the game, of course.

Came back after the game to update and write the blog for today and get some stuff done, and internet was down for the whole complex. Ouch.

Since there's no use fussing when you can't help it, i just hoped i could get it done in the morning, and sure enough, we are back up and running.

And i'm running. We will have breakfast here, then head to church so i can teach Sunday school.

Have a great day, everyone, and from now on i need to write a bit more in advance than at "stop the presses!" time.

Ah. another post idea, newspaper deadlines.

Today is:

Father's Day -- Estonia

Festival of Feronia, Juno, Minerva, and Jupiter (Epulum Iovis) -- Ancient Roman Calendar

Fortuna Primigenia -- Ancient Roman Calendar (Fortune of the Firstborn)

Ides of November

International Tongue Twister Contest -- Burlington, WI, US (lots of laughs and a gift or prize for all who try, including one winner of a portion of a peck of pickled peppers)

Kindness Day UK

Lamentation of Isis -- Ancient Egyptian Calendar (mourning for Osiris)

National Indian Pudding Day

National Reread Old Letters and Magazines Day -- internet generated sentimentality

Runic Half Month Nyd begins (necessity)

Remembrance Sunday -- UK

Snakes and Ladders Tournament -- Mirano, Italy (a real life size snakes and ladders game)

St. Abbo's Day

St. Brice of Tours' Day

St. Frances Xavier Cabrini's Day (patron of hospital administrators, emigrants, immigrants)

St. Homobonus' Day (Patron of garment workers, tailors)

St. John Chrysostom's Day

St. Stanislaus Kostka's Day (Patron of Poland, young people; against broken limbs, doubt, palpitations)

Tooth Collection Days begin -- Fairy Calendar

Volkstrauertag -- Germany (National Day of Mourning, commemorates victims of war and violence)

World Kindness Day

Birthdays Today:

Monique Coleman, 1980
Jimmy Kimmel, 1967
Whoopi Goldberg, 1955
Chris Noth, 1954
Jean Seberg, 1938
Oskar Werner, 1922
Nathaniel Benchley, 1915
Louis Brandeis, 1856
Robert Louis Stevenson, 1850

Today in History:

English king Æthelred II orders the killing of all Danes in England, known today as the St. Brice's Day massacre, 1002
Lady Jane Grey and Bishop Cranmer are accused of high treason, 1553
Patriot revolutionary forces under Col. Ethan Allen attack Montreal, Quebec, defended by British General Guy Carleton, 1775
Benjamin Franklin says, “Our new Constitution is now established, and has an appearance that promises permanency; but in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” 1789
The first US anti-slavery party, the Liberty Party, convenes in New York, 1839
James Braid first sees a demonstration of animal magnetism, which leads him to study the subject and come up with what he later calls hypnosis, 1841
The Denny Party arrives at Alki Point, becoming the first settlers of what would become Seattle, Washington, 1851
The first shipment of canned pineapple leaves Hawai'i, 1895
French cyclist Paul Corny flies the first helicopter, 1907
Russia completes development of the AK-47, one of the first proper assault rifles, 1947
A 150-mph tropical cyclone hits the densely populated Ganges Delta region of East Pakistan (now Bangladesh), killing an estimated 500,000 people in one night. This is regarded as the 20th century's worst natural disaster, 1970
Xavier Suarez is sworn in as Miami, Florida's first Cuban-born mayor, 1985
The High Court of Australia rules in Dietrich v The Queen that although there is no absolute right to have publicly funded counsel, in most circumstances a judge should grant any request for an adjournment or stay when an accused is unrepresented, 1992
In a referendum voters in Sweden decide to join the European Union, 1994


  1. I never write/assemble my posts in Blogger. I use another program so that I don't have to rely on internet use to at least compose it. I'll just paste it into Blogger when I'm ready to post, or ready to schedule it.

  2. Hilary, i would, too, except that i'm afraid Old Bessy, by aging and unreliable laptop, might eat it. That's why i have to mail everything i want to keep to myself at my email address, so it's stored off my computer.

    It's a great idea, though, if i can ever get a new computer.


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