Sunday, June 22, 2014

Silly Sunday: Shut Eye / Shut Mouth?

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#2 Son was tired after work and decided to take a nap in the big chair in the library.  He asked me not to let him sleep too long, so as not to disturb his sleep schedule.  At the time he had indicated, i tried to wake him.

Son, it's 4pm, you need to wake up, i told him.

"But, mom, I can only work on one map at a time!" he responded, eyes still closed.

What? i asked.  Son, it's time for you to get up.

"Mom, I already told you, I can only work on one map at a time!"

Son, i think you are still asleep!  You need to wake up.

"Mom, I'm not asleep!" he exclaimed, his eyes still firmly shut.  "It's just that I have the computer set up and I can only work on one map at a time!"

At that point, Little Girl walked in, and i asked her if she knew what was going on.

"Wake up!" she yelled at him.

He responded to her the same way.  "Leave me alone!  I've told you I can only work on one map at a time!"

"He's talking about their computer game!" she laughed.  "He thinks he's still playing!"

Eventually, we did wake him, but for several minutes he insisted one map at a time was all he could do!

This reminds me of a joke.

Boudreaux's wife Clothile was talking to Thibodeaux's wife Marie.  

Clothile was saying, "Oh, dat Boudreaux!  He like to make me crazy someday!  He don't never listen to nuttin' I say!  Mais, he gone be de death of me!  Marie, do you got dat same problem wit' Thibodeaux?"

Marie say, "Mais, no, cher.  When we got married, my MawMaw tole me de secret to always get de man to listen to ever' word I say!"

"Oh, tell me!  Tell me, what's de secret!" Clothile begged.

Marie answer, "It be real simple.  You want a man to listen to ever' work you say, jes' pretend you be talkin' in you sleep!"

Today is

America's Kids Day -- founded to encourage parents to teach their children the value of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness

Anti-Fascist Resistance Day -- Croatia

Bouphoria -- Ancient Greek Calendar (sacrifice of an ox to symbolize social order dissolving and being restored; date approximate)

Dairy Queen Day -- the first Dairy Queen® opened this day in 1940 in Joliet, Illinois

Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Great Patriotic War -- Belarus

Elfin Music Festival -- Fairy Calendar

Festival of 1 Lithe -- Hobbit Calendar

La Festa Dei Gigli -- Nola, Campagna, Italy (Festival of the Lilies, in honor of St. Paulinus)

Levitt Pavilion Performing Arts/Music Festival -- Levitt Pavilion, Westport, CT (50 nights of free or low-cost high quality music and performing arts)

National Chocolate Eclair Day

National Onion Rings Day

Singing on the Mountain -- Grandfather Mountain, Linville, NC, US (traditional and modern gospel music, with local and nationally known artists and speakers)

Soap Microphone Day -- grab your soap in the shower and pretend you are on stage! (promise i won't tell)

St. Nicetas' Day (Patron of Romania)

St. Thomas More's Day (Patron of adopted children, civil servants, difficult marriages, large families, lawyers, politicians/politicos/statesmen, step-parents, widowers; Arlington, VA; Ateneo de Manila Law School; Pensacola-Tallahassee, FL; University of Malta; University of Santo Tomas Faculty of Arts and Letters)

Stupid Guy Thing Day -- included under protest; "guy things" aren't necessarily stupid, it should just be Guy Thing Day; sponsored by Wellcat Holidays, who want all women to just not count anything against guys today, but chalk it up to being a Stupid Guy Thing

Teacher's Day -- El Salvador

Anniversary Today:

Harry Houdini marries Wilhelmina Beatrice "Bess" Rahner, 1894

Birthdays Today:

Eric Stretch, 1980
Donald Faison, 1974
Carson Daly, 1973
Mary Lynn Rajskub, 1971
Kurt Warner, 1971
Amy Brennenman, 1964
Dan Brown, 1964
Randy Couture, 1963
Tracy Pollan, 1960
Freddie Prinze, 1954
Cyndi Lauper, 1953
Todd Rundgren, 1948
Meryl Streep, 1949
Lindsay Wagner, 1949
Pete Maravich, 1947
Klaus Maria Brandauer, 1944
Ed Bradley, 1941
Michael Lerner, 1941
Kris Kristofferson, 1936
William Ralph "Bill" Blass, 1922
Joseph Papp, 1921
Billy Wilder, 1906
Anne Morrow Lindbergh, 1906
John Dillinger, 1903
Captain George Vancouver, 1757

Debuting/Premiering Today:

The Rescuers(Animated film), 1977
Lady and the Tramp(Animated film), 1955

Today in History:

Ptolemy IV of Egypt defeats Antiochus III the Great of the Seleucid kingdom, BC217
Bilbo Baggins returns to his home at Bag End, (Shire Reckoning), 1342
The  Jewish quarter of Prague is burned and looted, 1559
Galileo Galilei is forced by Inquisition to "abjure, curse, & detest" his Copernican heliocentric views, 1633
A poisonous cloud from Laki volcanic eruption in Iceland reaches Le Havre in France, 1783
The British Parliament abolishes feudalism  and the seigneurial system in British North America, 1825
Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee procession in London, 1897
The Flag of Sweden is adopted, 1906
The Flag of the Faroe Islands is raised for the first time, 1919
Erwin Rommel is promoted to Field Marshal after the capture of Tobruk, 1942
The Cuyahoga River catches fire, which triggers a crack-down on pollution in the river, 1969
The Canadian  House of Commons  abolishes capital punishment, 1976
Charon, a satellite of the dwarf planet Pluto, is discovered, 1978
The largest hailstone ever recorded falls in Aurora, Nebraska (7inch diameter, 18.75 inch circumference), 2003
Eastman Kodak Company announces that it will discontinue sales of the Kodachrome Color Film, concluding its 74-year run as a photography icon, 2009
UNESCO officially names Mount Fuji a World Heritage Site, 2013


  1. Haha! I enjoyed your story to start my day the joke was good too heheh!

    Have a sleepytastic Sunday ;-0

  2. Haha! That joke shows a great insight into human nature!

    Your son must really be into that game - some games can certainly stick in the mind, I think they are designed to be that way.

  3. Bwahahahahahahahaha on both. Your son and your joke. So very true.

    Have a hysterical Silly Sunday. :)

  4. Great joke and I love how it ties in to your son story. He must really like that game. Interesting that it's George Vancouver's birthday. He was big in this area in his day.

  5. My husband laughs because I do that all the time. If he wakes me at the wrong part of my sleep cycle, I tend to speak very adamantly about something that makes no sense. If he tells me I'm sleep-talking, I argue with him! Finally he gives up and lets me sleep.

  6. I am guilty of babbling when someone wakes my up too early. Glad your son only needed to do one map.

    And thanks for the laugh.


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