Thursday, August 21, 2014

Um, that was quick.

Sweetie was having a rough day yesterday.  There were some difficulties we needed to pray about, and he was feeling rather down.

He was also praying for some kind of sign or signal that he's on the right path.  He went to choir and i went to prayer meeting, and when his choir practice was over, he was feeling better.  His voice had been particularly cooperative, and he was grateful.

Then we got home and he got a phone call.  It seems he's been nominated to be a deacon!  Talk about a sign.  This church doesn't do that lightly.

So, yes, that was quick.  He's doing better today, and it made him glad to be able to get up and go to the early morning Bible study that is just starting today.  (The morning one i attend is on Fridays, and is more of a prayer meeting than a specific study.)

It's not always so quick that we get an answer, and in this case, i'm glad indeed that it worked that way.  He needed that.

Today is:

Acton Fair -- Acton, ME, US (an old fashioned country fair plus midway, stage shows, and a great good time; through Sunday)

Aquino Day -- Philippines

Buhe -- Ethiopian Orthodox Church (Christian remembrance of the Transfiguration.)

Cadillac Day -- the first Caddy was built this day in 1902

Consualia -- Ancient Roman Calendar (festival of Consus, god of grain and silos)

Crazy Day -- go crazy, in honor of Patsy Cline recording Willie Nelson's song Crazy on this date in 1961

Fete de la Jeunesse -- Morocco; Western Sahara (Youth Day, on the Birthday of HM Mohammed VI)

Gospel Day -- Kosrae, Micronesia

National Pecan Torte Day

National Senior Citizens Day -- US

National Spumoni Day

Poet's Day -- a day to celebrate the poet in you, and share special thoughts about poets and poetry

Senior Citizens Day -- US (by Presidential proclamation in 1988)

Soldiers' Reunion Celebration -- Newton, NC, US (the oldest patriotic event of its kind in the US, honoring all veterans; annually since 1889)

Sour Herring Premiere -- Sweden (by ordinance, the year's supply of sour herring may begin to be sold on the third Thursday in August)

St. Pius X's Day (Patron of first communicants, pilgrims; Des Moines, Iowa, US; Great Falls-Billings, Montana, US; Kottoyam, India; Santa Lucija, Malta; Springfield-Cape Girardeau, MO, US; Zamboanga, Philippines)

Watermelon Festival -- Winterville, NC, US (sticky fun; through Saturday)

Zucchini Festival -- Obetz, OH, US (family fun and zucchini; through Sunday)

Anniversaries Today:

Seminole Tribe of Native Americans is legally established and recognized, 1957
Hawai'i becomes the 50th US state, 1959

Birthdays Today:

Ozma, Queen of Oz, year unconfirmed
Hayden Panettiere, 1989
Usain Bolt, 1986
Brody Jenner, 1983
Alicia Witt, 1975
James Robert "Jim" McMahon, 1959
Steve Case, 1958
Kim Cattrall, 1956
Jackie DeShannon, 1944
Peter Weir, 1944
Clarence Williams III, 1939
Kenny Rogers, 1938
Wilt Chamberlain, 1936
Melvin Van Peebles, 1932
Shimon Peres, 1923
Christopher Robin Milne, 1920
Friz Freleng, 1906
Count Basie, 1904
Aubrey Vincent Beardsley, 1872
William Murdoch, 1754
Francis de Sales, 1567

Debuting/Premiering Today:

"La Cage Aux Folles"(Musical), 1983

Today in History:

Minamoto Yoritomo becomes Seii Tai Shogun and therefore de facto ruler of Japan, 1192
Pueblo Indians capture Santa Fe from Spanish during the Pueblo Revolt, 1680
James Cook formally claims eastern Australia for Great Britain, naming it New South Wales, 1770
The Nat Turner slave revolt in Virginia leaves 55 dead, 1831
Mighty Casey (Dan Casey) is struck out! In a game against the N.Y. Giants, 1887
William S Burroghs patents the adding machine, 1888
Oldsmobile is incorporated as a division of General Motors Corp., 1897
Arthur Rose Eldred becomes the first Boy Scout to earn the rank of Eagle Scout, 1912
Physicist Harry K. Daghlian, Jr. is fatally irradiated in a criticality incident during an experiment with the Demon core at Los Alamos National Laboratory, 1945
James Anderson, Jr., posthumously receives the first Medal of Honor to be awarded to an African American U.S. Marine, 1968
Philippine opposition leader Benigno Aquino, Jr. is assassinated at the Manila International Airport, 1983
Carbon dioxide gas erupts from volcanic Lake Nyos in Cameroon, killing up to 1,800 people within a 20-kilometer range, 1986
Coup attempt against Mikhail Gorbachev collapses, 1991
The Red Cross announces the famine in Tajikistan and calls for international aid there and in Uzbekistan, 2001
Hurricane Dean becomes the first storm to make landfall as a Catagory 5 since Hurricane Andrew, 2007


  1. A timely reminder to take everything to the Lord. I am glad your Sweetie's dedication to his church is recognized :)

  2. That prayer was answered very quickly. Excellent.

    Have a blessed day. ☺

  3. Nice to hear you got a quick answered prayer!

    Yes, it's Ninoy Aquino Day here in the Philippines. Another holiday. Yay! The thing is, it was also holiday on Tuesday (Quezon City Day), so we got work on Mon, no work on Tues, work on Wed, no work on Thurs, then back to work again on Fri. Haaayy! Anyway, it's another holiday on Mon, Aug25 - National Heroes' Day, so it's a long weekend! Yay again! ;o)

  4. I imagine being chosen to be a deacon is quite an honor. Congratulations to him.

  5. Glad that the good knews and "message" came so quickly. We are usually not so lucky and find that we must be patient.

  6. Congrats and Amen to answered prayers!

  7. Congrats to him and I am glad he got the answer so resoundingly. Having been a deacon, that is a working position for sure.

  8. your sweetie got an instant telegram...yes he did!