Sunday, October 26, 2014

Silly Sunday: Come On Home

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How in the world do you described Homecoming?

It was a nice, peaceful morning, with coffee and fruit and a walk by the lake.  The parade was just what a Homecoming Parade should be, little kids catching beads and candy, having a blast.

Then a bit of rest, and a walk around the campus.  Finally, to the stadium for one of the toughest fought, most ground out games i have ever seen in my entire life.

Every minute was like pulling teeth.  The first quarter lasted an hour, and the game that started at just after 6pm didn't end until almost ten.

It came down to the last play, too.  There wasn't an easy moment, there wasn't an easy score on either side, and there were several calls by the referees that will be argued until doomsday.

Somehow, some way, the home team pulled it off.  By that time, i'd had an SVT (heart palpitations) from nerves, and one friend said, "I was on blood pressure medicine for three years, and I eat right and exercise and I don't take medicine any more, but this game is going to put me back on it!"

But in the end, the home team won, and so Homecoming was a success.

All this, of course, reminds me of a football joke.

When Boudreaux was a young man, and very strong, he decided to try out for the college football team.  He went out to the practice field and talked to the coach.

The coach asked him, "Can you tackle?"  Boudreaux say, "Watch dis," and proceeded to run at a telephone pole, knocking it over!

"Wow!" the coach said.  "Now, can you run?"  Again, Boudreaux say, "Watch dis" and proceeded to run 100 yards in under 9 seconds.

"Glory!" the coach exclaimed.  "And, can you pass a football?"

This time, Boudreaux stop to think about it.  Finally, he say, "Mais, coach, I guess if I can swallow it, I can pass it!"

Today is:

A Family Halloween -- Billings Farm and Museum, Woodstock, VT, US (a great time for all)

Angam Day -- Nauru ("Day of Fulfillment"; a celebration of overcoming hardships)

Armed Forces Day -- Benin

Daylight Saving Time ends -- Albania; Andorra; Austria; Azerbaijan; Belgium; Bosnia and Herzegovena; Bulgaria; Croatia; Cyprus; Czech Republic; Denmark; Egypt; Estonia; Faroe Islands; Finland; France; Germany; Gibraltar; Greece; Greenland (some areas); Holy See; Hungary; Ireland; Isle of Man; Israel; Italy; Kosovo; Latvia; Lebanon; Liechtenstein; Lithuania; Luxembourg; Macedonia; Malta; Mexico (most areas); Moldova; Monaco; Montenegro; Morocco; Netherlands; Norway; Poland; Portugal; Romania; San Marino; Serbia; Slovakia; Slovenia; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland; Turkey; Ukraine; United Kingdom; Western Sahara

Day of the Ancients -- Asatru/Pagan Slavic Calendar

Day of Mourning -- Libya

Exaltation of the Shellfish -- Pontevedra, Spain (while i can confirm they celebrate this each year, i cannot find confirmation on this specific date this year)

Haute Dog Howl'oween Parade -- Long Beach, CA, US (dress up your dog and have a howling good time)

Ludi Victoriae Sullanae -- Roman Empire (celebration of the victories of Lucius Cornelius Sulla, through Nov. 1)

Mother-in-Law Day -- a day to honor good Mothers-in-Law for their contributions to their families and for enduring all the bad jokes; if you have a lousy one, go listen to Ernie K-Doe's song

Mule Day -- anniversary of the first importation of donkeys to the US, which George Washington used to breed the first mules in the Americas

National Day -- Austria

National Gospel Day -- Cook Islands

National Mincemeat Pie Day

Pretzel Day

Pumpkin Day -- time to get one for the 31st, if you haven't already

Reformation Day/Reformation Sunday -- Protestant Christian (obs.)

St. Demetrius of Thessaloniki's Day (Patron of soldiers; Thessaloniki, Greece)
     Greek day to broach the wine barrels and taste the new season's wine in honor of this saint

Sts. Lucian and Marcian's Day (Patrons of converts, possessed people)

Toping Wagglegammon -- Fairy Calendar (no human knows what this means, but it sounds intriguing)

Visit a Cemetery Day

Workaholic Stop and Smell Something Day -- internet generated day to encourage workaholics to stop and consider what they might be missing

Worldwide Howl at the Moon Night -- some organizers even have howling parties

Anniversary Today:

Grand opening of the Erie Canal, 1825

Birthdays Today:

Sasha Cohen, 1984
Keith Urban, 1969
Tom Cavanagh, 1968
Natalie Merchant, 1963
Cary Elwes, 1962
Dylon McDermott, 1962
Jeff Probst, 1962
James Pickens, Jr., 1954
Lauren Tewes, 1954
Hillary Rodham Clinton, 1947
Pat Sajak, 1947
Jaclyn Smith, 1947
Ivan Reitman, 1946
Pat Conroy, 1945
Bob Hoskins, 1942
Jackie Coogan, 1914
Mahalia Jackson, 1911
Abby Greene Aldrich Rockefeller, 1874
Joseph Hansom, 1803
Georges Danton, 1759
Domenico Scarlatti, 1685

Debuting/Premiering Today:

"St. Elsewhere"(TV), 1982
Doonesbury(Comic strip), 1970
The Village Voice(newspaper, first issue), 1955
"Mourning Becomes Electra"(Play), 1931

Today in History:

Comet 55P/1366 U1 (Tempel-Tuttle) approaches 0.0229 AUs of Earth (2.1 million miles and 3.4 million kilometers)--marking the third closest approach of any comet to our planet in recorded history, 1366
First use of lead pencils, 1492
William Penn accepts the area around the the Delaware River from the Duke of York, 1682
The first Continental Congress adjourns in Philadelphia, and the Minute Men begin to organize in the colonies, 1774
King George III goes before Parliament to declare the American colonies in rebellion, and authorized a military response to quell the American Revolution, 1775
Benjamin Franklin departs from America for France on a mission to seek French support for the American Revolution, 1776
The first of the "Federalist Papers" are published, calling for ratification of the US Constitution, 1787
The French Directory, a five-man revolutionary government, is created, 1795
Hamilton Smith patents a rotary washing machine, 1858
Soccer football rules are standardized and rugby starts as a separate game, 1863
The Gunfight at the O.K. Corral takes place at Tombstone, Arizona, 1881
First use of a "getaway car" after a robbery in Paris, 1901
The first Soviet (worker's council) formed, St. Petersburg, Russia, 1905
Margaret Sanger arrested for the obscenity of advocating birth control, 1916
The Maharaja of Kashmir agrees to allow his kingdom to join India, 1947
Mother Teresa founds her Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta, India, 1950
Pan American Airways makes the first commercial flight of the Boeing 707 from New York City to Paris, France, 1958
The world sees the far side of the Moon for the first time, in pictures taken earlier in the month by the Soviet Luna 3, 1959
The last natural case of smallpox is discovered in Merca district, Somalia, 1977
"Baby Fae," born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, receives a controversial heart transplant from a baboon, dies of kidney infection 21 days later, 1984
The Charlottetown Accord fails to win majority support in a Canada wide referendum, 1992
Jordan and Israel sign a peace treaty, 1994
Britain's House of Lords votes to end the right of hereditary peers to vote in Britain's upper chamber of Parliament, 1999
The water level at Three Gorges Dam, the world's largest water control and utilization project, reaches full capacity, 2010


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oh, yikes! :)

glad you had a great homecoming!

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Bwahahahahahahahaha. You are the queen of Boudreaux jokes.

Have a fantastic Silly Sunday. ☺

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LMAO thanks for the larf :-)

Have a tanfaulous week ahead :-)

stephen Hayes said...

Love the joke. Our high school never won a homecoming game in its history. I was in charge of decorations for the Homecoming dance and I decorated the gym in black crepe.