Sunday, February 8, 2015

Silly Sunday: Protection

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Today the Session of our church has called the annual Congregational Meeting.  Sweetie hates such meetings.  When he was young, his father the Baptist preacher told him, "Son, don't come to the meetings!  You are too young to come see adults acting like children the way they do at these meetings!  Be glad you don't have to be there!"

Unfortunately, he always obeyed his father, and still tries to use the excuse of "my father told me I don't have to go!" to get out of it.  He can't, of course, he's a deacon now.

Also, they bribe us with a meal, the old fashioned eatin' meetin', where the church buys the entree and the congregation brings sides, salads and desserts.  If you feed them, they may be grumpy about the meeting part, but they will come.

All this reminds me of the time Boudreaux was talkin' to his frien' James.  James was a Protestant and Boudreaux was a Cat'lic, but James decide he goin' ax Boudreaux some advice about a problem in dere church.

"I know dem priests don' marry," James tell him, "but maybe you got some idea we ain't done thought 'bout yet."

"Many years ago," James continue, "de pastor of de church an his wife was espectin' de firs' baby, an he ax for a raise, because you gots to pay for so much for a chile dese days.  So we decide when he an' his wife have a chile, we give dem a raise."

"So, wha's de problem?" Boudreaux ax. 

"Well, dey about to have dere sixth chile!  It's gettin' espensive for us to give him mo' money ever' time dey has a chile!" James say.  "So we's gonna have de Congregation Meetin', and we's trying to t'ink about what we can say to tell him dis ain't workin'!  He know we been talkin' 'bout dis, an' he say 'Chil'ren be a gift from de Lord!"

"Mais," say Boudreaux.  "I know jes' what you tell him.  You tell him he right, chil'ren be a gift from de Lord, an' so is de rain, but when it rain too much, you wear rubbers!"

Today is:

*Boy Scout Day -- celebrates the birth anniversary of Scouting in the US

Cowtown's Last Old West Gunfight -- White Elephant Saloon, Fort Worth, TX, US (annual reenactment of the last gunfight in what was then Cowtown, between White Elephant Saloon owner Luke Short and former marshal T.I. “Longhaired Jim” Courtright on this date in 1887)

Death of Kelp-Koli -- Fairy Calendar

Hari Kuyo -- Sensouji Temple, Japan (Festival of Broken Needles, in which all of the worn or broken sewing needles from the previous year are put in a sacred resting place.)

Hold Onto Your Head Day -- invented by someone for people like me, because heaven knows i'm losing mine!

International Flirting Week -- always the Sun-Sat that encompases Valentine's Day; if you are married, flirt with your mate, it's fun!

Jerusalem International Book Fair -- Jerusalem, Israel (unique, biennial, multilingual, with thousands of publishers from over 40 countries, recently including participants from Arabic countries; through the 13th)

Krewe of Mutts Parade -- Baton Rouge, LA, US (the heart of downtown is turned over to pets and their people, including an all day Bark in the Park event, to benefit CAAWS, the Capital Area Animal Welfare Society)

Laugh and Get Rich Day -- a day to recognize the power of laughter

Love May Make the World Go 'round, But Laughter Keeps US from Getting Dizzy Week -- annually, the week before and including Valentine's Day; dedicated to Victor Borge’s notion that “Laughter is the shortest distance between two people” and Joel Goodman’s notion that “Seven days without laughter makes one weak.”

Man Day -- always the Sunday before Valentine's Day, sponsored by C. Daniel Rhodes

Mystic Krewe of Barkus Parade -- NOLA, US (The French Quarter goes to the dogs, and some cats as well, all to benefit animal nonprofits)

National Molasses Bar Day

Ocean County Bluegrass Festival -- Albert Music Hall, Waretown, NJ, US (a family-oriented bluegrass festival, at the best venue for bluegrass and old time country music anywhere)

Preseren's Day -- Slovenia (Honors their national poet, France Preseren, often called Day of Slovenian Culture)

Random Acts of Kindness Week -- always Valentine's Week

Rebel Day -- birth anniversary of James Dean

St. Jerome Emilani's Day (Patron of orphans; Taos Indian Pueblo)

Tako-ichi -- Kita-ku, Tokyo, Japan (kite fair dating back to the Edo period)

World Marriage Day -- sponsored by Worldwide Marriage Encounter

Anniversary Today:

Founding of Universiteit Leiden, with the motto Praesidium Libertatis, 1575

Birthdays Today:

Josh Keaton, 1979
David "Phoenix" Farrell, 1977
Seth Green, 1974
Alonzo Mourning, 1970
Gary Coleman, 1968
Claudette Pace, 1968
Vince Neil, 1961
John Grisham, 1955
Mary Steenburgen, 1953
Brooke Adams, 1949
Robert Klein, 1942
Nick Nolte, 1941
Ted Koppel, 1940
John Williams, 1932
James Dean, 1931
Jack Lemmon, 1925
Audrey Meadows, 1924
Freddie Blassie, 1921
Lana Turner, 1921
Elizabeth Bishop, 1911
Lyle Talbot, 1902
William Tecumseh Sherman, 1820
Jules Verne, 1828
Samuel Butler, 1612

Debuting/Premiering Today:

"Good Times"(TV), 1974
"RCA Victor Show Starring Dennis Day"(TV), 1952
"Danses Concertantes"(Stravinsky Ballet), 1942
"Two for the Show"(Musical), 1940
"The Plough and the Stars"(Play), 1926

The Stars and Stripes(US Armed Forces Newspaper), 1918
The Birth of a Nation(Film), 1915
"Boris Godunov"(Mussorgsky Opera), 1874
"Flora; or the Hob in the Well"(Cibber's Opera, first opera performed in the Colonies), 1735

Today in History:

Mary, Queen of Scots, is executed on suspicion of having been involved in the Babington Plot to murder her cousin, Queen Elizabeth I, 1587
Isaac Newton reads his first optics paper before the Royal Society in London, 1672
French and Indian troops set Schenectady, NY, afire, 1690
A doctor in Salem Village, Massachusetts Bay Colony suggests that two girls in the family of the village minister may be suffering from bewitchment, leading to the Salem witch trials, 1692
The Supreme Privy Council is established in Russia, 1726
The first opera in the US, "Flora," opens in South Carolina, 1735
A minor earthquake shakes London, 1750
The strange phenomenon called the "Devil's Footprints" mysteriously appear in Devon, England, 1855
Martin Robinson Delany becomes the first black major in the US Army, 1865
The Boy Scouts of America is incorporated by William D. Boyce, 1910
D.W. Griffith's controversial film The Birth of a Nation premieres in Los Angeles, 1915
The Stars and Stripes newspaper is published for the first time, 1918
Swiss men vote against women's suffrage, 1920
Radio arrives at the White House, 1922
Allende meteorite falls near Pueblito de Allende, Chihuahua, Mexico, 1969
The NASDAQ stock market index opens for the first time, 1971
After 84 days in space, the crew of the first American space station Skylab returns to Earth, 1974
The Melbourne dust storm hits Australia's second largest city. The result of the worst drought on record and a day of severe weather conditions, a 320 metres (1,050 ft) deep dust cloud envelops the city, turning day to night, 1983
The massive Internet collaboration "24 Hours in Cyberspace" takes place, 1996
A freak storm in the Hindukush mountains of Afghanistan triggers a series of at least 36 avalanches, 2010


  1. Where you find these jokes is a marvelous mystery.

  2. Your poor hubby. He'll go because he has too, but he'll be grumpy about it.

    Loved the joke. It made me laugh out loud. Great comeback.

    Have a fabulous Silly Sunday. ☺

  3. I wasn't expecting that punchline. It made me laugh. :)

  4. LOL with the joke! I love church potlucks, always good food and no calories of course (just kidding about the no calories part). Hope it is a somewhat enoyable time and everyone behaves at the meeting part of it :)



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