Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Time for Change

Is anyone else feeling almost hung over from the time change?

(Note:  i've never been drunk or hung over.  Not bragging, i just never found the idea of being out of my mind from a chemical and feeling horrible the next day appealing, so i never bothered.  Besides, half a glass of wine and i go right to bed anyway, so i just don't drink.  Thus when i say i feel a bit hung over, i'm going with what i think it might feel like, not actual experience.)

This problem seems to get worse with every year.  It's more and more difficult to catch up from that missed hour of sleep, and i'm not sure what to do about it.

If anything can be done, aside from staging a full on rebellion and starting a campaign to end the madness.

(Note:  just after writing this, i decided that someone has to have already begun a petition, and i was right.  It's here, if you want to sign it.) 

(Note:  the petitioners spell it incorrectly, adding the last "s" to the word "saving."  Doesn't matter to me, the fact that they have a petition going already means i don't have to start one!)

(Note:  i have a lot of notes today.  Must be because i'm still half asleep!)

We are back to dropping Little Girl off at school in the dark in the morning because the time change also starts earlier and earlier each year.

Maybe a better tack to take on this would be to change the clocks this one time, and never change them back.  After all, it's all rather arbitrary -- noon used to be when the sun was above your head, no need for a clock.

At least, if we just left it alone and made the current Daylight Saving Time the standard, we would have light as late in the evening as possible year round.

Until this happens, though, or we stop it altogether, i'm going to go get another cup of coffee.

Today is:

Cheltenham Hunt Festival -- Cheltenham Racecourse, Prestbury, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England (a four day Festival, with the big race on that final day)

Doctor's Day -- Venezuela

Dream Day -- supposedly begun by an instructor at Columbia University as a day to concentrate on how to make your dreams come true

Farvardigan -- Ancient Persia, Zoroastrians (10 day festival for the dead before Nowruz, the New Year)

Festival of Life in the Cracks Day -- internet holiday declared because this is where most of us are, and we deserve to be celebrated!

Harriet Tubman Day -- anniversary of her death in 1913

International Day of Awesomeness -- Celebrate what is awesome about you - always on Chuck Norris' birth anniversary, because no one is more awesome than Chuck

Mario Day -- for gamers, based on the date Mar 10

National Blueberry Popover Day

National Pack Your Lunch Day -- because it's cheaper and healthier

National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day -- US

Organize Your Home Office Day -- Lisa Kanarek wants everyone to organize their home office on the second Tuesday in March; my response is:  in one day!  is she out of her mind!

Shiogama Jinja Hote Festival -- Shiogama, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan (mikoshi parades and Shinto music)

St. Kessog's Day (Patron of Lennox, Scotland; Scotland)

Telephone Day -- Bell sent the first message by phone, to Watson in the next room, this day in 1876

Tibetan Uprising Day -- Tibetan Independence Supporters commemoration of the 1959 uprising

Whoopsical Day -- Fairy Calendar

Birthdays Today:

Emily Osment, 1992
Carrie Underwood, 1983
Shannon Miller, 1977
John Hamm, 1971
Edie Brickell, 1966
Prince Edward, 1964
Jasmine Guy, 1964
Rick Rubin, 1963
Pam Oliver, 1961
Sharon Stone, 1958
Shannon Tweed, 1957
Kim Campbell, 1947
Bob Greene, 1947
Tom Scholz, 1947
Chuck Norris, 1940
Dave Rabe, 1940
James Earl Ray, 1928
Pamela Mason, 1918
Bix Beiderbecke, 1903
Clare Boothe Luce, 1903

Debuting/Premiering Today:

"Buffy the Vampire Slayer"(TV), 1997
"The Incredible Hulk"(TV), 1978
"Sweet Bird of Youth"(Play), 1959

Today in History:

The Romans sink the Carthaginian fleet bringing the First Punic War to an end, BC241
Jews are excluded from public office in the Roman Empire, 418
King Charles I dissolves Parliament; he calls it back 11 years later, 1629
English Quaker William Penn receives charter from Charles II, making him sole proprietor of colonial American territory Pennsylvania, 1681
French Huguenot Jean Calas, who was wrongly convicted of killing his son, dies after being tortured by authorities; the event inspired Voltaire to begin a campaign for religious tolerance and legal reform, 1762
John Stone, of Concord, Massachusetts, patents a pile driver, 1791
England begins its first modern census, 1801
In St. Louis, Missouri, a formal ceremony is conducted to transfer ownership of the Louisiana Territory from France to the United States, 1804
The French Foreign Legion is established by King Louis-Philippe to support his war in Algeria, 1831
Abraham Lincoln patents a device to help free ships in rivers from shallow water; he built a small scale model, but no full-size device was ever built, and makes him the only US president to hold a patent, 1849
Alexander Graham Bell makes the first successful telephone call by saying "Mr. Watson, come here, I want to see you," 1876
Commissioner George Scott Railton and seven women officers landed at New York to officially begin the work of the Salvation Army in the US, 1880
Almon Strowger, an undertaker in Topeka, Kansas, patents the Strowger switch, a device which led to the automation of telephone circuit switching, 1891
The Courrières mine disaster, Europe's worst ever, kills 1099 miners in Northern France, 1906
After Bob Fitzsimmons KOs much larger Jim Corbett to win world HW championship he says, "The bigger they are, the harder they fall," 1896
China ends slavery, 1910
Mahatma Gandhi is arrested in India, tried for sedition, and sentenced to six years in prison, only to be released after nearly two years for an appendicitis operation, 1922
In Memphis, Tennessee, James Earl Ray pleads guilty to assassinating Martin Luther King Jr.; he later retracts his guilty plea, 1969
Astronomers discover rings around Uranus, 1977
In Haiti, Prosper Avril is ousted 18 months after seizing power in a coup, 1990
The NASDAQ Composite stock market index peaks at 5132.52, signaling the beginning of the end of the dot-com boom, 2000
NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter arrives at Mars, 2006


  1. DLS was started for working hours and making money...no other reason. I think we should abolish it. Some countries ignore it and others have a totally different route. Have you had your levels of vitamins (esp. D) checked?

  2. We solved the problem of DST. We moved to a state that doesn't recognize it (Arizona). Of course we didn't move for that reason, but for a job, however, it was nice not to get caught in the losing sleep routine of this past weekend and trying to adjust to the new schedule.


  3. i HAVE been hungover from alcohol, and yes, it feels somewhat similar to my 'drag' this week. *sigh*

  4. I rather like the time change even though it was designed to give farmers more light, and I'm not a farmer, nor is most of America. But then I don't have to drop off a child in the dark, which I wouldn't like doing.

  5. I totally forget about it every year, and if I were single I'd still probably be an hour off the rest of the world and wondering what the problem was!

  6. It's awful. Leave the time alone and we'll all be better off.

    Have a fabulous day. I'm going for another cup of coffee too. ☺

  7. I don't feel any affects really.... but I had to drag all the kids out of bed every day since. and they have not exited the comfy confines with smiles on their faces. Yes - coffee and keep it coming.
    If we left it alone, wouldn't it just be "right" in the Fall again anyway? so why bother?