Sunday, July 19, 2015

Silly Sunday: My Kind of Math

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"Mom!  Do you know how many text messages you can get in one minute?" Little Girl asked.  Then her phone chimed, denoting another incoming.

"Aaaagh!  Will you stop!" she emphatically said to her phone as it chimed three more times.

How many? i asked, smirking.

"Well, if they'd -- stop it! -- I could count!" she said.

When the messages ceased to come in (turned out they were from several friends, and sometimes her phone doesn't get messages until she hooks up to wi-fi, so gets all of them at once), she counted 17.

"Seventeen!  In about a minute!  I wonder how -- let's see, 60 seconds divided by 17, um..., that's about one every three and a half seconds!"

Her math is much better than Clothile's.

The census taker was asking Clothile how old she was.

"Lessee," she say.  "I was 18 when I marry Boudreaux, an' he was 30.  An' now we done been marry 30 year, an' he's 60.  So dat mean twice, an' so, I t'ink dat make me 36!"

Today is

Back-to-Front Yad -- Fairy Calendar

Bloomer Day -- anniversary of the opening day of the first US women's rights convention in 1848*

Codman Estate Antique Auto Show -- Codman Estate, Lincoln, MA, US (a day to appreciate antique and classic cars, trucks, motorcycles, and fire engines)

Dornach Commemoration Day -- Dornach Battlefield and nearby city of Solothurn, Switzerland (victory in 1499 which ended the Swabian War)

Festival of Honos -- Ancient Roman Calendar (personification of morality and honor)

Galla Bayramy -- Turkmenistan (celebration of the wheat harvest)

Kokura Gion Taiko -- Yasaka Shrine, Fukuoka City, Japan (shrine festival that incorporates a taiko drumming competition with up to 100 teams; through the 21st)

Lake Superior Day -- info at the Lake Superior Forum

Liberation Day -- Nicaragua

Luxembourg Beer Festival -- Diekirch, Luxembourg

Martyr's Day -- Myanmar

National Daiquiri Day

National Ice Cream Day -- by US Presidential proclamation on the 3rd Sunday of July each year; at this time of year, the trick is to eat it fast enough that it doesn't melt, but not so fast that you get a brain freeze!

Ragbrai / Register's Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa(TM) -- Iowa, US (the oldest, largest and longest bicycle touring event in the world; through the 25th)

Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival -- Santa Fe, NM, US (highly acclaimed chamber music festival that draws international talent; through Aug. 24)

Stick Out Your Tongue Day -- internet generated, do it just because it's fun

St. Justa's Day (Patron of potters; Seville, Spain)

Triple Play Day -- the first Major League unassisted triple play was made by Neal Ball on this day in 1909

*Amelia Bloomer's birth anniversary on May 27 is also called "Bloomer Day"

Anniversaries Today:

Frank Sinatra marries Mia Farrow, 1966
Isis marries Osiris (year unknown, ask the ancient Egyptians!)
Adonis marries Aphrodite (year unknown, ask the ancient Greeks!)

Birthdays Today:

Stephen Anthony Lawrence, 1990
Jared Padalecki, 1982
Topher Grace, 1978
Angela Griffin, 1976
Clea Lewis, 1965
Anthony Edwards, 1962
Campbell Scott, 1962
Brian May, 1947
Ilie Nastase, 1946
Vikki Carr, 1941
Arthur Rankin, Jr., 1924
George McGovern, 1922
Rosalyn Sussman Yalow, 1921
Eve Merriam, 1916
Robert Todd Lincoln Beckwith, 1904 (last direct descendent of Abraham Lincoln)
Max Fleischer, 1883
Charles Horace Mayo, 1865
Lizzie Borden, 1860
Edgar Degas, 1834
Samuel Colt, 1814

Debuting/Premiering Today:

"That's All Right"(Elvis' first single release), 1954

Today in History

A dragon more than 100 metres long was found dead on Yehwang Mountain in Henan province and was seen as a bad omen for Emperor Huan, who ignored it and died at age 35 (three years later); Xiang Kai, who had warned him of the omen, was released from the prison the emperor had placed him in, and lionised as a hero, BCE164Moslem forces under Tariq ibn Ziyad defeated the Visigoths led by their king Roderic, 711A hailstorm brings down the ceilings of the Papal Palace, Rome, 1500Lady Jane Grey is replaced by Mary I of England as Queen of England after having that title for just nine days, 1553Five women are hanged for witchcraft in Salem, Massachusetts, 1692Representatives of the Iroquois Confederacy sign the Nanfan Treaty, ceding a large territory north of the Ohio River to England, 1701Australia's first recorded use of gaslight was commenced in a Sydney shop, 1826The British Medical Association was founded as the Provincial Medical and Surgical Association by Sir Charles Hastings at a meeting in the Board Room of the Worcester Infirmary, 1832The two day Women's Rights Convention opens in Seneca Falls, New York; "bloomers," named after developer Amelia Bloomer, are worn at this very early feminist convention, 1848A meteorite with an estimated mass of 190 kg explodes over the town of Holbrook in Navajo County, Arizona causing approximately 16,000 pieces of debris to rain down on the town, 1912Joe Walker flies a North American X-15 to a record altitude of 106,010 metres (347,800 feet) on X-15 Flight 90. Exceeding an altitude of 100 km, this flight qualifies as a human spaceflight under international convention, 1963The Sandinista rebels overthrow the government of the Somoza family in Nicaragua, 1979The first three-dimensional reconstruction of a human head in a CT is published, 1983President Clinton announces his idea for a "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy in regards to gays in the US military, 1993A Tel Aviv judges orders safe deposit boxes that contain manuscripts of Franz Kafka to be opened, 2010A Pontifical Commission is established by Pope Francise to investigate current accounting practices and implement new strategies for greater fiscal transparency and fiscal responsibility among all Vatican office, 2013


  1. You are great in finding these jokes and also tying them into your daily life!

  2. Thank's for the laugh this crazy weekend.

  3. She does math the same way I do.

  4. Aha that is my kind of counting! As for the phone messages, I think 17 messages would make me dizzy!

  5. Bwahahahahahahaha. Some women can do math better than others.

    Have a fabulous Silly Sunday. ☺

  6. LOL thanks for the laugh, have a tanfastic day :-)

  7. Math in the summer time is limited to video game point totals and tip calculations. I like her math. And, I am sticking out my tongue while typing this in celebration of this special day!

  8. Yay for Little Girl and Chlotile. Math isn't my strong suit. :)