Sunday, August 16, 2015

Silly Sunday: Boom!

All of us were startled by a sudden small explosion in the kitchen.  Running in, we were treated to the sight of #2 Son standing there with a Coke can that was spewing all over him and the floor.

"Oh, no!  Mom, look at this!" #2 Son called out.  Then he grinned and added, "I don't know why it would explode, it was only on the floor in my car for about 6 hours!"

Well, here's a towel, get started cleaning, i told him, and he did.

A few minutes later he came back into the kitchen with what was left of it and poured it down the drain.  "I am so over that Coke!  It's not cold, it exploded over me, and just now, when I tried to drink it, Dansig knocked into my elbow and spilled more of it on me!  By the way, where is that towel?  I need to clean the rest of it."

This reminds me of a funny incident that happened when Sweetie was a chef.  He had put some butter in a cast iron skillet to heat, and then was called away by a waiter to answer a question about something on the menu.  When he got back to the butter there were flames coming up from the pan.

He grabbed the pan with one of their industrial pot holders, and then, without thinking, turned around and dropped it in the sink and turned on the water.

The resultant explosion singed off his eyebrows!

Yes, they laughed at him, it took months for his eyebrows to grow back, and we still laugh about it.

Today is:

Baba Au Rhum Day -- of course, on rum day, bake some cake with the stuff!

Bratwurst Day

Children's Day -- Paraguay

Daimonji Bonfire -- Mt. Nyoigadake, Kyoto, Japan (spectacular bonfires in the shapes of word pictures on the mountains surrounding the city)

Dog Day Road Race -- Harvey Cedars, NJ, US (sponsored by the High Point Volunteer Fire Company)

Elvis Presley Day -- can you believe he's been gone 37 years?

Festival of the Minstrels -- Tutbury Castle, UK (middle ages; celebrated with great pomp, as the Duke of Lancaster had decreed that they each year elect a new king of the minstrels)

Fete de l'Independance -- Gabon (National Day)

Harmonic Convergence Day -- modern followers of Maya and Aztec calendars

Hartjesdagen -- Amsterdam and Haarlem, Holland ("Little Hearts Day"; the folklore is that this was the day non-nobles could hunt deer in the woods around Haarlem, and became a two-day cross dressing festival, all men dressed as women, and women as men, to see how the other half lived; revived in recent years on the 3rd weekend of August, but the 3rd Monday was the original celebration; through tomorrow)

Joe Miller's Joke Day -- anniversary of the death of English comic actor Joseph Miller in 1738

Madonna del Voto Day -- Siena, Italy (a/k/a Palio dell'Assunta, 2nd of the traditional yearly horse races)

National Airborne Day -- US (honors all Airborne Military)

National Tell a Joke Day -- seems internet generated, but probably related to Joe Miller Joke Day

National Rum Day

Remember What Your Spouse Wore the First Time You Met Day -- internet generated and dangerous!

Restoration of the Republic -- Dominican Republic

Roller Coaster Day -- the first one was patented this day in 1898

Rushbearing -- Forest Chapel, Cheshire, England (ancient tradtion of bringing new rushes, plaited in traditional weaves, to carpet the church and keep it warm, always on the first Sunday after Aug. 12)

St. Roch's Day (Patron of bachelors, dogs, falsely accused people, invalids, surgeons, tile makers; of over 20 cities in Italy as well as Istanbul, Turkey; for relief from pestilence; against cholera, diseased cattle, epidemics, knee problems, plague [Black Death], skin diseases and rashes)

St. Stephen of Hungary's Day (Patron of bricklayers, kings, masons, stonecutters; Hungary; against the death of children)

Xicolatada -- Palau-de-Cerdagne, France (hot chocolate festival)*

Anniversary Today:

Sean Penn marries Madonna, 1985
Paul Simon marries Carrie Fisher, 1983
Gioachino Antonio Rossini marries Olympe Pélissier, 1846

Birthdays Today:

Seth Peterson, 1970
Steve Carell, 1963
Laura Innes, 1960
Timothy Hutton, 1960
Angela Bassett, 1958
Madonna, 1958
Jeff Perry, 1955
James Cameron, 1954
Kathie Lee Gifford, 1953
Reginald VelJohnson, 1952
Leslie Ann Warren, 1946
Julie Newmar, 1935
Eydie Gorme, 1932
Frank Gifford, 1930
Ann Blyth, 1928
Fess Parker, 1925
Menachem Begin, 1913
George Meany, 1894
T. E. Lawrence (of Arabia), 1888
Bernarr Macfadden, 1868
Amos Alonzo Stagg, 1862
Hongxi Emperor of China, 1378

Debuting/Premiering Today:

"Siegfried"(Opera, WWV 86C), 1876

Today in History:

Henry VIII defeats the French at the Battle of Guinegate/Battle of the Spurs, forcing the French to retreat, 1513
Jack Broughton formulates the earliest code of rules for boxing, 1743
Chang and Eng Bunker, the original "Siamese" twins, arrive in Boston to be exhibited, 1829
U.S. President James Buchanan inaugurates the new transatlantic telegraph cable by exchanging greetings with Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom, 1858
Arica, Peru (now Chile) is devastated by a tsunami which followed a magnitude 8.5 earthquake, 1868
Gold is discovered in the Klondike, at Bonanza Creek, 1896
Edwin Prescott patents the roller coaster, 1898
In Valparaiso, Chile, an 8.6 earthquake followed by fire destroys the city and kills 20,000, 1906
The first color sound cartoon, called Fiddlesticks, is made by Ub Iwerks, 1930
Democrats nominate Adlai E. Stevenson as presidential candidate, 1956
Joseph Kittinger parachutes from a balloon over New Mexico at 102,800 feet (31,300 m), setting three records that still stand today: High-altitude jump, free-fall, and highest speed by a human without an aircraft, 1960
A solar flare from the Sun creates a geomagnetic storm that affects micro chips, leading to a halt of all trading on Toronto's stock market, 1989
For only 2nd time Stanley Cup leaves North America (heads to Russia), 1997
In England, two men who created a Facebook site to incite violence during the riots are sentenced to four years imprisonment, 2011

*Yes, they celebrate a hot chocolate festival in the summer.  It all started when the 15th of August was a feast day on which the locals always drank a bit much, and the chocolatier of the town claimed his brew was a good remedy the day after.  The original festival on the 15th has ceased, but the hot chocolate is brewed to this day, served at 11am promptly.


  1. Remember What Your Spouse Wore the First Time You Met Day -- internet generated and dangerous!
    That is a good subject for a blog post. I'm off to write it now!

  2. Well, I hope the sugar ants do not hang out around your front door, because I am sure much of the coke is still hanging around!

  3. A heart warming story, glad it ended well. Greetings!

  4. LOL funny story it would have put me off that can of coke too

    Haha! must have been a fright though as well as looking in the mirror afterwards LOL

    Have a bangtastic day :-)

  5. On yikes on that burning butter story. I know it's funny now, but I'm guessing it wasn't at the time it happened.

    Have a fabulous Silly Sunday. ☺

  6. I think the cat was trying to save #2 son from drinking that Coke. Glad your husband didn't burn more than his eyebrows. My sister once put a bunch of freezer-burned battered mushrooms into hot oil and it went up in flames. She totally freaked out, but I put the lid on it and it was all good. Oil and water don't mix, especially when it's hot oil!

  7. Wow! I bet those singed eyebrows weren't funny at the time.


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