Sunday, October 25, 2015

Silly Sunday: Call it like you see it.

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We had local and state elections here yesterday, finally, thank heaven!  Now, of course, we have to go through the run-off elections, but at least the bulk of it is over.

Don't get me wrong, i am so thankful to live in a country where i can cast a secret ballot and elect leaders that i vote even when it's just one small issue on the ballot, and i encourage everyone to get out and do so also.

No, it's the constant phone calls that get me wanting to scream and tear my hair out.  In addition to all of the sales calls we still get, despite being on every Do Not Call list i can possibly find, during election season the phone never stops.  While we usually only get a sales call or two each evening, which i allow the answering machine to pick up to record their dial tone, during election season we can have fifteen to twenty calls an evening!

(Yes, i am planning to cut the cord on the landline, i just have to make the call and make sure the people who do need that number, such as the pharmacy and Little Girl's school, have the new one.)

Boudreaux don' really like dem sale calls or politic calls, either, no, but he done foun' him a way to make 'em toler'ble.  One day, Thibodeaux see Boudreaux settin' outside de house wit' de phone settin' right dere beside him.  So Thibodeaux ax, "Boudreaux, what you be doin' out here makin' you phone calls?"

"Oh, I don' be makin' no calls," Boudreaux say.  "No, I be waitin' for de nex' call from one dem sale people."

"What for you be waitin' for dat?"  Thibodeaux ax.  "Don' tell me you like dem calls!"

"Mais, oui, I like dem lots!" Boudreaux say.  "I like talk to dem for to get all de angry from de work day out my system, but dey don' unnerstan' my Cajun French, so I talk to dem wit' my 'other French' words, an' Clothile don' want me sayin' dem words in de house in front de chil'ren!"

Today is:

A Family Halloween -- Billings Farm and Museum, Woodstock, VT, US (a great time for all)

Armed Forces Day -- Romania

Constitution Day -- Lithuania

Daylight Saving Time ends -- Albania; Andorra; Austria; Azerbaijan; Belgium; Bosnia and Herzegovena; Bulgaria; Croatia; Cyprus; Czech Republic; Denmark; Estonia; Faroe Islands; Finland; France; Germany; Gibraltar; Greece; Greenland (some areas); Guernsey; Holy See; Hungary; Ireland; Isle of Man; Israel; Italy; Kosovo; Latvia; Lebanon; Liechtenstein; Lithuania; Luxembourg; Macedonia; Malta; Mexico (most areas); Moldova; Monaco; Montenegro; Morocco; Netherlands; Norway; Poland; Portugal; Romania; San Marino; Serbia; Slovakia; Slovenia; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland; Ukraine; United Kingdom; Western Sahara 

Day of the Basque Country -- Basque Country

Feast of Forty Martyrs of England and Wales -- Roman Catholic

International Artist Day -- invite an artist to lunch, buy that painting that you've wanted for so lng, go to an art gallery or the symphony or a play -- celebrate how art adds to your life daily!  

Mother-in-Law Day -- a day to honor good Mothers-in-Law for their contributions to their families and for enduring all the bad jokes; if you have a lousy one, go listen to Ernie K-Doe's song

Munzipan Feast -- Fairy Calendar (a fairy delicacy, and you don't want to know how it's made)

National Greasy Foods Day

Pastoral Care Week begins -- honoring all clergy who provide spiritual help and care, they need recognition and care themselves; this year's theme is "Spiritual Care Together" 

Punk-for-a-Day Day -- internet generated; if you've always wanted to be a punk, try it out for a day

Reformation Day/Reformation Sunday -- Protestant Christian (obs.)

Republic Day -- Kazakhstan

Respiratory Care Week begins -- recognizing the respiratory care profession and promoting awareness of lung health issues 

Retrocession Day -- Taiwan

Sourest Day -- as a balance, because we have so many days that emphasize sweet

Sts. Crispin and Crispian's Day (Patrons of cobblers/shoemakers, glovemakers, lace makers/lace workers, leather workers, saddle makers, tanners, weavers)

Thanksgiving Day -- Grenada

Visit a Cemetery Day

World Pasta Day -- as established by the first World Pasta Congress in 1995

Birthdays Today:

Katy Perry, 1984
Midori, 1971
Tracy Nelson, 1963
Brian Kerwim, 1949
Jon Anderson, 1944
Anne Tyler, 1941
Helen Reddy, 1941
Bobby Knight, 1940
Marion Ross, 1936
Billy Barty, 1924
Minnie Pearl, 1912
Leo G. Carroll, 1892
Pablo Picasso, 1881
Georges Bizet, 1838
Thomas Babington Macaulay, 1800

Debuting/Premiering Today:

"Victor/Victoria"(Musical), 1995
"Newhart"(TV), 1982
"Le Repetition"(Anouilh play), 1950
"The Time of Your Life"(Play), 1939

Today in History:

Seljuk Turks defeat the German crusaders under Conrad III at the Battle of Dorylaeum, 1147
Battle of Agincourt, in which the Welsh longbow defeats armored knights, 1415
Christopher Columbus, aboard the Santa Maria, lands at the Dominican Republic, 1492
Dutch sea-captain Dirk Hartog makes second recorded landfall by a European on Australian soil, at the later-named Dirk Hartog Island off the Western Australian coast, 1616
Governor Bradford of the US colony Plymouth disallows sport on Christmas Day, 1621
Wedding of future US President John Adams and Abigail Smith (the marriage lasted 54 years), 1764
Canadians and Mohawks defeat the Americans in the Battle of Chateauguay, 1813
Opening of the Erie Canal, 1825
Battle of Balaclava, memorialized as the "Charge of the Light Brigade", results in the deaths of 409 troops, 1854
The Toronto Stock Exchange is created, 1861
Traditionally understood date of the October Revolution in Russia, which corresponds to November 7 on the Gregorian Calendar, 1917
The Archbishop of Dubuque, Francis J. L. Beckman, denounces swing  music as "a degenerated musical system... turned loose to gnaw away at the moral fiber of young people", warning that it leads down a "primrose path to hell", 1938
Adlai Stevenson shows photos at the UN proving Soviet missiles are installed in Cuba, 1962
Uganda joins the United Nations, 1962
Nelson Mandela is sentenced to five years in prison, 1962
The United Nations seated the People's Republic of China and expelled the Republic of China, 1971
Proceedings on the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction conclude at The Hague, 1980
Three months after the end of the Ten-Day War, the last soldier of the Yugoslav People's Army leaves the territory of the Republic of Slovenia, 1991
Fidel Castro announces that transactions using the American Dollar will be banned in Cuba, 2004
Sony removed the original cassette Walkman from the market, 2010
Scientists announce that the completion of the nuclear genome study of a 24,000 year old Siberian boy's remains shows 2/3 of today's Native Americans are of Eastern Asia origin, and the others from Western Eurasia, 2013


  1. A good one to start the week with, thanks for sharing and warm greetings to you.

  2. Thanx for my weekly dose of Boudreaux.

  3. I know those words and I'm not even Cajun. Yes I do. Love this.

    Have a fabulous Silly Sunday. ☺

  4. LLOL he is clever too hahaha!

    Have a joketastic Sunday :-)

  5. What's really bad around here are the political ads for Mississippi politics. I don't even live in Mississippi, but their ads are annoying.

  6. LOL!!! Quite the clever one! :)

  7. LOL!!! Quite the clever one! :)

  8. Yes all them calls annoy me too. Last election here in Tasmania they were even sending automated SMS messagess to our mobile phones as well.