Sunday, June 12, 2016

Sunday Doings

It's Sunday on the Florida Gulf Coast right near the Alabama state line, so that means it's time to go to church at the Flora-Bama Bar.

The Flora-Bama used to have a reputation for serving underage kids and encouraging the worst kind of imbibing behavior.  No longer.  They want you to drink and have a good time without getting totally pie-eyed and they want you to come to church on Sunday.  So they let the Worship on the Water group have two services there every Sunday morning, with The Sports Bar, on the other side of the island, serving as a remote campus with the satellite TV.  No excuse for not getting to a service just because you are on vacation!

Services are relaxed and music has a distinctively country flair.  The preaching is typical for a Methodist or non-denominational service.

Once church is done, we will go to the local health food cooperative store to get the kind of food i like (the weirdo vegan is weird on vacation, too).  The place has grown from a tiny hole in the wall to a beautiful store that rivals any high end grocery.   

Even though Sandee, of Comedy Plus, is out of town and not hosting Silly Sunday today, i have to share that i'm reminded of a discussion Boudreaux had with some visitors about some of the interesting foods Cajuns eat.

Boudreaux say, "Dere ain't no better dinner dan possum wit' some o' dem white Irish potatoes!"

An' several people in de room get upset an' say, "Dat ain't right!  You gots to serve de possum wit' de sweet potatoes!"

Den Boudreaux say, "Mais, you be right!  I jes' want to see how many o' you really done had possum!"

Today is:

Abused Women And Children's Awareness Day

Children's Sunday -- many US churches

Crowded Nest Awareness Day -- for those whose problem is the opposite of the Empty Nest, a day to remind you to keep your sense of humor and get support when you need it

Festival of Mut -- Ancient Egyptian Calendar (date approximate)

Ghost in the Machine Day -- the internet holiday that explains everything!

Helsinki Day -- Finland

Independence Day -- Philippines

International Cachaca Day -- the once illegal cocktail now has its own day of celebration 

Loving Day -- US (commemoration of Loving vs. Virginia decision by the Supreme Court which struct down all anti-miscegenation laws)

Multicultural American Child Day -- listed as a celebration on the second Sunday in June on many sites, with no way to trace it that i can find

National Jerky Day -- begun a couple of years ago, possibly by one of the jerky manufacturers (no one can track it down, sounds suspicious to me)

National Peanut Butter Cookie Day

Peace of Chaco Day / Chaco Armistice Day -- Paraguay and Bolivia (commemorates the end of a war between the two)

Puerto Rican Day Parade -- NYC, NY, US (recognizing the many Puerto Ricans in the US, and especially in New York City)

Race Unity Day -- Baha'i sponsored observance promoting racial harmony

Red Rose Day -- found all over the internet, with June 12 as the most common date cited; may have begun with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation of Australia, which has Rose Days as fundraisers

Russia Day -- Russia

Shavuot -- Judaism (Feast of Weeks, began at sundown yesterday, through sundown tomorrow)

St. Anthony's Eve -- Brazil; Portugal
     Dia dos Namorados -- Brazil (Lover's Day, celebrated on St. Anthony's Eve)

St. Onuphrius' Day (Patron of weavers; Centrache, Catanzaro, Italy)

World Day Against Child Labour -- The UN, Education International and the International Labour Organization

Write to Your Father Day -- a week before Father's Day, write him a letter and ask him things like what he finds most enjoyable or exciting or scary or satisfying; encouraging people to stay in touch with Dad on a deeper level than the commercial holidays

Birthdays Today:

Frances O'Connor, 1969
Timothy Busfield, 1957
Marv Albert, 1941
Chick Corea, 1941
Jim Nabors, 1932
Anne Frank, 1929
Vic Damone, 1928
George H.W. Bush, 1924
David Rockefeller, 1915
Alexandre Tansman, 1897

Debuting/Premiering Today:

"Doctor Doctor"(TV), 1989
Raiders of the Lost Ark(Film), 1981
You Only Live Twice(Film), 1967
Cleopatra(Film), 1963

Today in History:

Joan of Arc leads the French army in their capture of the city and the English commander, William de la Pole, 1st Duke of Suffolk in the second day of the Battle of Jargeau, 1429
The French begin their colonization of Algeria with the landing of 34,000 troops, 1830
The world's first Fingerprint Bureau opens in Calcutta, India, after the Council of the Governor General approves a committee report that fingerprints should be used for classification of criminal records, 1897
Shooting begins on Paramount Pictures' Dr. Cyclops, the first horror film photographed in three-strip Technicolor, 1939
Anne Frank gets her diary as a birthday present, 1942
The United States Supreme Court in Loving v. Virginia declares all U.S. state laws which prohibit interracial marriage to be unconstitutional, 1967
The first man powered flight across the English Channel is performed by Bryan Allen in the Gossamer Albatross designed by Paul MacCready, 1979
At the Brandenburg Gate U.S. President Ronald Reagan publicly challenges Mikhail Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall, 1987
Russia Day – the parliament of the Russian Federation formally declares its sovereignty, 1990
Queen Elizabeth II reopens the Globe Theatre in London, 1997
A disputed presidential election in Iran leads to widespread protests, 2009
Ending an extensive study on the wooly mammoth, scientists conclude that they were wiped out by multiple things, including climate change, human hunters, and shifting habitats, 2012


  1. LOL I must try that I trust Boudreaux heheh!

  2. I've never eaten 'possum and could tell you if they taste better with sweet potatoes or regular ones.

  3. I have never eaten possum and never want to, so really don't care what kind of potatoes. That church deal sounds great.

  4. I eat the sweet potatoes and pass on the possum.

  5. Can't say I have ever had possum! I am not sure we have possum up here?? I guess there might be some in our southern region, but I would think the winters far too cold for them. I have had rabbit though!

  6. I've not had possum or sweet potatoes. It's a surprise to me to learn that possum are eaten. Learn something new every day :) Have a lovely week.

  7. I know some people eat squirrels and I'm told they taste pretty bad!


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