Thursday, April 6, 2017

E for Entrances

As he hung back from the groups of tourists, he tried not to draw attention to himself.  Clutching the bag containing the bottle hidden among souvenir t-shirts, he was looking for the clues the Djinn had coached him to seek. 

At a place near the edge of the ancient site, he spotted one of the signs he was looking for and waited for a moment when no one was watching in his direction.  He had to be very careful as he wandered further and further into the areas archaeologists hadn't finished examining to both make sure he wasn't caught by authorities who took meddling with their antiquities very seriously and that the one person he did want to see him was exactly the right distance behind him.

How his foe had ditched the sidekick assisting him he had no clue, but it made things easier knowing it was just the two of them; he had a much better chance of pulling this off if it wasn't two against one.  He kept his ears open listening for the footsteps trailing him and he was starting to think he'd missed the signs when he saw it just as the Djinn had said -- the one sign that marked the secret entrance.

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Even if i caught them on garbage day, it's a nice entrance to a beautiful property.

Today is:

Act of Self Determination Day -- Cocos (Keeling) Islands

Animated Cartoon Day -- date of release, in 1908, of Humorous Phases of Funny Faces, often considered the first actual animated cartoon

Army Day -- US (by proclamation of FDR in 1942)

California Poppy Day -- California, US (state flower)

Chakri Dynasty Day and  King Rama I Memorial Day -- Thailand

Drowsy Driver Awareness Day -- please pull over and take a nap when you need to

French Quarter Festival -- New Orleans, Louisiana, US (celebrate all that makes the Vieux Carre special, antiques, food, and 275 hours of musical entertainment; through Sunday)

Gio to Hung Vuong Day -- Vietnam (National Day; celebrating the founding of the nation by Emperor Hung Vuong some three millenia ago)

International Day of Sport for Development and Peace -- UN (on the anniversary of the date of the opening of the first modern Olympic Games in Athens in 1896)

Jump Over Things Day -- probably started by the same people who brought us Walk Around Things Day on the 4th; as if friends and family aren't looking at you strangely enough after that one

Nafels Pilgrimage -- Canton Glarus, Switzerland (commemoration of the Battle of Nafels in 1388, observed with processions, prayers, sermon, and a reading of the names of those killed in battle)

National Caramel Popcorn Day

National Student Athlete Day -- US

New Beer's Eve -- US (unofficial celebration of the end of Prohibition; beer became legal to sell again on tomorrow's date in 1933)

North Pole Day -- Peary and Co. arrived there this day in 1909

Plan Your Epitaph Day -- figure out how you want to be remembered, and then live that way! (some sites celebrate this on Nov. 1)

President Ntaryamira Day -- Burundi (anniversary of assassination)

Randox Health Grand National -- Aintree Racecourse, Liverpool, England (the world's greatest steeplechase, according to many, dating back to 1839; today is Grand Opening Day, tomorrow is Ladies Day, and Saturday is Grand National Day)

Sorting-Out of the Doggets Day -- Fairy Calendar

St. Sixtus' Day (Patron of Alatri, Italy)

Tartan Day -- Scottish diaspora of Canada and the US (anniversary of the Declaration of Arbroath in 1320)

Teflon Day --  Polytetraflouroethylene resin was developed by Roy J. Plunkett while working for  E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company in 1938

The Masters Tournament -- Augusta National Golf Club, Augusta, GA, US; the matchup for the Green Jacket is the first of golf's major championships in 2017, running through the 9th

Think About Spring Cleaning Day -- don't do it, necessarily, just think about it

Twinkie Day -- the snack cakes that will never go away were invented on this day in 1930

Birthdays Today:

Candace Cameron, 1976
Zach Braff, 1975
Ari Meyers, 1969
Paul Rudd, 1969
Marilu Henner, 1952
John Razenberger, 1947
Barry Levinson, 1942
Philip Austin, 1941
Roy Thinnes, 1938
Merle Haggard, 1937
Billy Dee Williams, 1937
Andre Previn, 1929
James Watson, 1928
Gerry Mulligan, 1927
Lowell Thomas, 1892
Rose Schneiderman, 1882
Butch Cassidy, 1866
René Lalique, 1860
Raphael, 1483

Debuting/Premiering Today:

"Barney & Friends"(TV), 1992
Post-It Notes(first day of sale), 1980
"Entertaining Mr. Sloane"(Play), 1964
"Little Orphan Annie"(Radio series), 1931
"La Double Inconstance / Double Inconsistancy"(Play), 1723

Today in History:

Julius Caesar defeats Caecilius Metellus Scipio and Marcus Porcius Cato (Cato the Younger) in the battle of Thapsus, BC46
The Roman army under the command of Stilicho stymies the Visigoths under Alaric in the Battle of Pollentia, 402
Charlemagne confirms his father Pepin the Short's "Donation of Pepin," which had established the Papal States, 774
King Richard I, The Lionheart, of England dies from an infection following the removal of an arrow from his shoulder, 1199
The Scots reaffirm their independence by signing the Declaration of Arbroath, 1320
The Italian poet Petrarch first sees his beloved Laura, 1327
At the Cape of Good Hope, Dutch sailor Jan van Riebeeck establishes a resupply camp that eventually becomes Cape Town , 1652
An earthquake devastates Dubrovnik, then an independent city-state, 1667
Peter the Great of Russia ends the tax on men with beards in that country, 1722
Rama I succeeds King Taksin of Siam (modern day Thailand), who is overthrown in a coup d'état, 1782
The Committee of Public Safety becomes the executive organ of the republic in France, and the period known as the Reign of Terror begins, 1793
John Jacob Astor incorporates the American Fur Company, 1808
Celluloid, the first plastic, is patented, 1869
The city of Vancouver, BC, is incorporated, 1886
The Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City is dedicated, 1893
In Athens, the first modern Olympic Games are opened, 1,500 years after being banned by Emperor Theodosius I; James Connoly of the US becomes the first gold medalist of the modern games, 1896
The Kishinev pogrom forces thousands of Jews to seek refuge in Israel and the West, 1903
Robert Peary and Matthew Henson allegedly reach the North Pole, 1909
Governor Huey P. Long is impeached by the Louisiana House of Representatives, 1929
Mohandas Gandhi raises a lump of mud and salt and declares, "With this, I am shaking the foundations of the British Empire." Thus he starts the Salt Satyagraha, 1930
Launch of Early Bird, the first communications satellite to be placed in geosynchronous orbit, 1965
The American League of Major League Baseball begins using the designated hitter, 1973
Pakistan tests medium-range missiles capable of reaching India, 1998
Rolandas Paksas becomes the first president of Lithuania to be peacefully removed from office by impeachment, 2004
Scientists announce the discovery of three new animal species that spent their entire lives without oxygen, 2010
In England, lawmakers ban the display of tobacco products, hoping the move will lead to a reduction in the number of youths who smoke, 2012


  1. GREAT white fence not common i Europe

  2. Your story is getting exciting! Neat and attractive fence. Have a great day!

  3. This gets better every week.

  4. Great fence shot ~ love the angle ~ thanks,

    Happy Weekend to you ~ ^_^

  5. I'm so caught up in your tale that I find myself really wanting that Djinn to be successfully freed, and for his friend to also make it safely home. Great use of both E and the SSS prompt today! :-)

  6. I so love your story. I love every single installment. It's getting more and more intense.

    Have a fabulous day, my friend. ☺

  7. You've got me hooked on this story and impatiently waiting for more.

  8. Yeah those garbage containers can mess with one's photo opps but that really is a nice entrance and fence. - Oh the story plot is getting so intriguing and keeping me on the edge of my seat.

  9. suspense much? lol very compelling installment in a great story.

  10. This series definitely needs to featured every day. There's always enough to keep us rapt but never enough to satisfy us!

  11. That sounds like an interesting story,

    "Jump Over Things Day" sounds like fun, but I am sure I'd end up with a broken something if I tried it. haha

    Have a blessed night. :)

  12. There are so many twists and turns in this story. I feel such suspense building. See you next week.

  13. a clean white fence looks good :)

  14. Well, didn't you marry those two up perfectly? Clever you! I like that the threat of danger in your story is in contrast to the perfectly welcoming looking entrance in your photo.

  15. And another suspenseful twist!


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