Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Back to It, Random and Fun Tuesday

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It’s time for some random Tuesday fun with Stacy's Random Thoughts at Stacy Uncorked and Sandee of Comedy Plus.

Friday of vacation was about the best vacation day i’ve ever had.  Planting myself in a deck chair under the waterfall, i stayed there all day, getting up just to use the facilities and get something to eat.  Much dozing was done, and i can say i have thoroughly inspected the insides of my eyelids, no cracks yet.

On our drive home Saturday, Sweetie and i stopped at the little “hole in the wall” BBQ joint that has become our day before Father’s Day tradition.  We buy a huge amount of BBQ for Grandpa, and take it to him on our way back to our house.  He thinks it’s some of the best (besides his own, of course) and he divides much of it into meal size portions and freezes them.  Our intent is that he doesn’t have to worry about meals for at least a few days and it makes him very happy.

A Father’s Day tradition at our church is the men’s choir.  Any man who can carry a tune (and even a few for whom that is questionable) is invited into the choir loft and they do sing their hearts out.  This year, the choir director had them all put on their Blues Brothers sunglasses for the last song, Chainbreaker.

The men's choir for Father's Day, singing in style!

The work week started with a bang, as is usual, at Dr. D’s house.  We got part way through sorting the stuff in one corner of the bedroom, and she already has an over-full bag of lipsticks and the nail polish tackle box is crammed.  

We finally had to quit and run errands, the sum of which is that the Tracfone is unusable.  She cannot remember which gmail account was used to set it up, and without that information, there’s nothing to be done but buy a new Tracfone and move the minutes over to it.

We were much more successful with getting her bed changed.  We found two complete sets of sheets that actually fit her bed.  The bed is the size that was called a “double” when i was a child, but is now called “full”.  Or, if you are JCPenney, you have your own word for it:

No photo doctoring (i don't know how), they call it Matrimonial size.

How they came up with that, well, i am not sure i want to know, but it did give both of us a good laugh.

Ms. V and her family are on vacation, so i am doing their house in the odd hours after doing my other work this week.  As they always do, they packed and dropped whatever they didn’t want to take with them and skedaddled.  It’s going to be a long week, adding that work to the regular load.

This evening, i am picking up some foster kittens, just through Sunday.  Their other foster mom has to go to a funeral out of town.  They are between 2 and 3 weeks old, and there are four of them.  Pictures will follow as soon as i can.

That’s about all the news their is, i hope everyone is having a fabulous Tuesday!


Today is:

Asatru Alliance Founding Day -- Asatru/Slavic Pagan              

Birthday of José Gervasio Artigas / "Never Again" Day -- Uruguay (Dia del Nunca Mas)

Butterfly Day -- an ecard holiday; if you know someone who loves butterflies, send an ecard, let them know you are thinking of them

Day of the Independent Hungary -- Hungary (a memorial day for those martyred in 1958, and for the end of Soviet occupation)

Festival for Minerva -- Ancient Roman Calendar (goddess of arts, crafts, skill, war, and intelligence)

Festival of the Coming Ice Age -- can't find out anything about this one, but it sounds hilarious

Garfield the Cat Day (his birthday/comic strip premier)

Juneteenth -- US, celebrates the news of freedom on the day it came to slaves on Galveston Island, Texas

Labour Day -- Trinidad and Tobago

National Martini Day -- some sites specify a dry martini

New Church Day -- Swedenborgian Christian

Royal Ascot -- Ascot Racecourse, Ascot, Berkshire, England (a unique event bringing together the best of fashion, style, sport, and entertainment for five days)

Rusalka's Week begins -- Asatru/Slavic Pagan Calendar (week long festival to honor the divinity of rivers)

Spooky Stories Appreciation Night -- because someone thought it would be a good night to tell a few scary tales

St. Boniface of Querfurt's Day (Patron of Prussia)

St. Jude's Day (Patron of desperate situations, forgotten/impossilbe/lost causes, hospitals, hospital workers; Saint Petersburg, FL, US)

Swedish Days Midsommar Festival -- Geneva, IL, US (celebrating Swedish heritage in the granddaddy of all Illinois festivals with fun for the whole family through Sunday)

Tiger-Get-By's Second Birthday -- Fairy Calendar

Western Days -- Elgin, TX, US (music, carnival, parade, live music and more; through Saturday)

World Sauntering Day -- origin unknown, but perhaps begun at Grand Hotel (Mackinac Island) in Michigan during the 1970s as a response by W.T.Rabe to a growing movement toward the recreation of jogging and the idea was to encourage people to slow down and appreciate the world around them; the rules are to observe the lost art of Victorian sauntering, discouraging jogging, lollygagging, sashaying, fast walking, and trotting, but no word on meandering that i can find!

Anniversaries Today:

Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, marries Sophie Rhys-Jones, 1999

Birthdays Today:

Zoe Saldana, 1978
Poppy Montgomery, 1972
Mia Sara, 1967
Andy Lauer, 1965
Aung San Suu Kyi, 1965
Paula Abdul, 1962
Kathleen Turner, 1954
Ann Wilson, 1951
Phylicia Rashad, 1948
Salman Rushdie, 1947
Elaine "Spanky" McFarlane, 1942
Gena Rowlands, 1930
Louis Jourdan, 1919
Pauline Kael, 1919
Pat Buttram, 1915
Abe Fortas, 1910
Earl W. Bascom, 1906
Lou Gehrig, 1903
Guy Lombardo, 1902
Moe Howard, 1897
Wallis Simpson, 1896
Elbert Green Hubbard, 1856
Charles H. Spurgeon, 1834
Blaise Paschal, 1623
King James I of England and VI of Scotland, 1566

Debuting/Premiering Today:

Inside Out(Pixar film), 2015
Batman Returns(Film), 1992
"The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas"(Musical), 1978
"The Rocky Horror Show"(Musical), 1973
"Devil May Hare"(Cartoon short, Tazmanian Devil's premier), 1954
"I've Got a Secret"(TV), 1952
"Moon Mullins"(Comic strip), 1923

Today in History:

King Louis IX of France orders all Jews  found in public without an identifying yellow badge to be fined ten livres  of silver, 1269
The Earl of Pembroke's army defeats Bruce's Scottish army at the Battle of Methven, 1306
English colonists leave Roanoke Island, N.C., after failing to establish England's first permanent settlement in America, 1586
Emanuel Swedenborg reports the completion of the Second Coming of Christ in his work True Christian Religion, 1770
Battle of Seven Oaks between North West Company and Hudson's Bay Company, near Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, 1816
The first officially recorded, organized baseball match was played under Alexander Joy Cartwright's rules on Hoboken's Elysian Fields (Hoboken, New Jersey)with the New York Base Ball Club defeating the Knickerbockers 23-1; Cartwright umpired, 1846
Over two years after the Emancipation Proclamation, slaves in Galveston, Texas, United States, are finally informed of their freedom; the anniversary is still officially celebrated in Texas and 35 other states as Juneteenth, 1865
Maximilian I of the Mexican Empire is executed by a firing squad in Querétaro, Querétaro, 1867
After all of the Southern States are formally readmitted to the United States, the Confederate States of America ceases to exist, 1870
The Herzegovinian rebellion against the Ottoman Empire begins, 1875
The first Father's Day is celebrated in Spokane, Washington, 1910
Julius and Ethel Rosenberg are executed at Sing Sing, in New York, 1953
Kuwait declares independence from the United Kingdom, 1961
In one of the first militant attacks by Hezbollah, David S. Dodge, president of the American University in Beirut, is kidnapped, 1982
Norway ratifies the Indigenous and Tribal Peoples Convention of 1989, 1990
Prime ministers of several northern European nations participate in a ceremonial "laying of the first stone" at the Svalbard Global Seed Vault in Spitsbergen, Norway, 2006
In a very simple ceremony, Prince Felipe of Spain is crowned following his father's abdication, 2014
Nature Ecology and Evolution publishes the first full genetic study of domesticated cats, showing they were domesticated around 9,000 years ago and were bred from one species, the African wildcat, 2017


  1. Love that BBQ tradition.
    Don't work to hard, and try and find some time for fun.

  2. Mimi,

    I'm glad you got to do a whole lot of eye lid checking while on vacation. When we go on vacation, we usually need a vacation from our vacation because we burn up the road seeing stuff. Barbecue sounds good for Father's Day. You really made Grandpa's day bringing him home his favorite treat. :) I had to smile at the men's choir wearing sunglasses. Next thing you know it, they'll be singing Rawhide. :D Oh, I love the name of those sheets! They sounded rather dated. How long has she had them? Have a randomtastic day, my friend!

  3. Sauntering is an excellent thing - avoids jogger's face, don'choo know?

  4. I enjoyed your vacation almost as much as you did. I know you needed the time away and so did your hubby. It made me smile all week. Now it's back to reality. I always hated it when the vacation was over and it was back to work.

    Looking forward to seeing the foster kitties.

    Have a fabulous day, my friend. ♥

  5. What a great BBQ tradition for Grandpa. We do that for several older relatives.

  6. have a great Wednesday we celebrate father's day on 23rd June

  7. Well that is a first with the "Matrimonial" mattress. - Sounds like you all had a nice Father's Day & I can't wait to see pictures of those kittens.

  8. The only downside of vacation is coming back to the work back log, especially if you're self-employed as we are.

    I so wish I could be the one taking care of those kittens for you. I've been watching a live TinyKitten cam and I've been wanting to get my hands on a kitten for a few days now.

  9. Cool photo of the men in their glasses. Glad you had a nice vacation. That is a funny name for sheets :)

  10. Glad the end of your vacation was enjoyable. It's nice to know that there are no eyelid cracks yet!

    We had bbq for Father's Day as well! And left the leftovers with my grandfather. Maybe that's a southern thing? My dad and grandfather both love eating bbq and always ask for it for Father's Day!

    I am so happy to be getting to the end of my spring cleaning. I have gotten rid of so much! While it can be difficult to do in your own home, I think I would enjoy helping others get rid of their stuff as a job. Is Dr. D pretty easy going about getting rid of stuff or is she more of a "hoarder"?

    I thought double beds were still called that. Huh. I don't know any married couples sleeping on a full. Usually they have a queen or king bed.

  11. Sitting under a waterfall sounds heavenly! Glad you didn't find any cracks in your eyelids...heh!

    What an awesome Father's Day BBQ tradition! You guys are so nice!!

    The 'matrimonial' size cracked me up!! Now I wish we had a double or a full bed in our guest room just to get sheets from jcpenney. ;)


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