Monday, May 23, 2011

All the Mews That is Mews

Kitty Cat Edition Meandering.

JuJu, Buttercup, and Clint, three of the most people phobic cats we have ever had at the shelter, are now settled in their barn home and catching mice! Everyone is happy, except the mice, of course. Their opinion wasn't asked by the barn owners, either.

The mama cats and babies at the shelter are moving on up, and out. As they get older, more and more babies are being fixed and put up for adoption. The mamas are spayed as their babies get big enough. There is only one mama with babies that are just beginning to try to mouth at the dry food, and the poor thing is very stir crazy. She wants to be anywhere except with those babies for a while! Though i can't say i blame her, there is really no way to separate her from them, as she is the only one with enough milk still to care for all 4 of them.

The shelter now has adoption hours five days a week, and it is helping tremendously. There have been adoptions almost every day. All of the "ringworm cats", a couple of the "UFO kitties" and several others are adopted and gone or adopted and waiting to be picked up.

This number somehow still does not include many of our cats-that-have-been-in-the-shelter-what-seems=like-forever. Grady is back to his old tricks; as we wrapped up another shelter cleaning session the other day, i stopped to use the facilities and had to ask what was the big idea, letting Grady take a nap in the sink. He is in a colony room with his buddies Candy and Prissy. They all seem happier, even in a smaller room, because it is just the 3 of them.

Angel has a sore on her nose, and runs every time the door is open. She just doesn't like meds, and only comes down if she is sure you don't have any. Poor baby, she and Dustie are so loving, they need more than a room at a shelter for years and years.

My favorite Lucky cat is still taking his meds like a champ and eating anything that holds still. The old man makes a great shelter mascot, as he is so friendly.

Baby and Frieda continue to more than make up for Lucky, they are not good shelter mascots, and need a barn home of their own. Frieda has refused all petting from me for two weeks now, which is unusual. Baby hisses at everyone who comes near as usual, and is not losing weight. How can she? Despite the low fat food in her bowl, she tears open every bag of regular cat food donated and helps herself. Why Miss W isn't putting that stuff in a Baby-proof container, i just don't get.

Room 7 needs to be redone. It has been a couple of years since the place opened, and while it is still in good condition in most areas, that room is worse for the wear. It's where Curley Sue and her nutty crew started peeling the paint off the walls, and Tabasco is continuing the trend. Literally, the paint is peeling, and to keep occupied, cats in there pull at it.

Our crew at home is moving along as well. McCartney and Balthazar are being fixed now, and will go to adoption day on Wednesday. If they aren't adopted, they will be moved to a new foster home. Hannah is on the schedule for Tuesday the 31st, and the rest will be scheduled when they go to new foster homes while we are on vacation.

That's about all that is happening along the cat front around here. Ups and downs as usual.

Today is

Birthday of Guru Amar Das -- Sikhism

Declaration of the Bab -- Baha'i

Labour Day -- Jamaica

Linnaeus Day -- Sweden

Lucky Penny Day

National Day -- Morocco

National Taffy Day

Rosalia -- Ancient Roman Calendar (rose festival)

Victoria Day -- Canada

Vulcan's Day -- Ancient Roman Calendar

World Crohn's and Colitis Day

World Turtle Day

Anniversaries Today:

South Carolina becomes the 8th US state, 1788

Birthdays Today:

Kelly Monaco, 1976
Ken Jennings, 1974
Jewel, 1974
Mitch Albom, 1958
Drew Carey, 1958
Marvin Hagler, 1952
Joan Collins, 1933
Rosemary Clooney, 1928
Helen O'Connell, 1920
Scatman Crothers, 1910
Artie Shaw, 1910
Douglas Fairbanks, Sr., 1883
Carolus Linnaeus, 1707
Emperor Qinzong of China, 1100

Today in History:

Joan of Arc is captured by the Burgundians while leading an army to relieve Compiègne, 1430
The marriage of King Henry VIII to Catherine of Aragon is declared null and void, 1533
The Netherlands declare their independence from Spain, 1568
The Second Defenestration of Prague precipitates the Thirty Years' War, 1618
After being convicted of piracy and of murdering William Moore, Captain William Kidd is hanged in London, 1701
Benjamin Franklin announces his invention of bifocals, 1785
Napoleon Bonaparte is crowned King of Italy, 1805
South American independence leader Simón Bolívar enters Mérida, leading the invasion of Venezuela, 1813
The Báb announces his revelation, founding Bábism (the Baha'i Faith), 1844
Organization of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Battle Creek, Michigan, 1863
The Canadian Parliament establishes the North West Mounted Police, the forerunner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, 1873
The fist transcontinental train arrives in Vancouver, BC, 1887
The first talking cartoon of Mickey Mouse, "The Karnival Kid", is released, 1929
American bank robbers Bonnie and Clyde are ambushed by police and killed in Black Lake, Louisiana, 1934
Tibetans sign the Seventeen Point Agreement for the Peaceful Liberation of Tibet with the People's Republic of China, 1951
Prime Minister of Israel David Ben-Gurion announces that Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann had been captured, 1960
The first version of the Java programming language is released, 1995
The Good Friday Agreement is accepted in a referendum in Northern Ireland with 75% voting yes, 1998
The fastest roller coaster in the world, Kingda Ka, opens at Six Flags Great Adventure, 2005
Alaskan stratovolcano Mount Cleveland erupts, 2006

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