Tuesday, May 17, 2011

He Has What?!

#1 Son came to me the other day saying, "Mom, remember how i thought i stubbed my toe the other day and it hurt? Well, i think it might be broken."

This was, of course, on a Sunday evening, with me desperately trying to get dinner cooked for Brother-in-Law, The Mouth, after having to spend the afternoon ferrying Bigger Girl and friend Tammy to an event at the rescue shelter.

He agreed to wait until i had dinner finished, then we headed off to the local doc-in-a-box, but the one that is really just a mini emergency room, a branch of the big hospital where they take the not so serious emergencies.

On the way, he also mentioned that his car was making a funny noise. Great, i thought, as we pulled into the parking lot.

Because he is over 18, he filled out his own paperwork and went into the back without me. Funny, it seems just yesterday he was 12 and i was bringing him to this same place for stitches when he jumped down a whole flight of steps and cut his head on a crossbeam of the ceiling.

He came out without a cast, saying he was done. Although it was hard to wait, i was outside before i asked what was going on. He gave me the discharge paper with the diagnosis.

Arthritic Gout.


No sign of a hairline fracture, sudden onset of pain so bad it has him hopping on one foot at work, all the symptoms fit.

We went home to confirm online what i remembered about what to avoid when you have gout, and to arrange for Brother-in-Law, The Mouth, to bring Sweetie home from work on Monday, while i would take him in. That way we could have the car looked at, another saga in and of itself.

So, my skinny as a bean pole, eats everything including beets and any other veggies, has a salad every day with dinner, and scarfs down a minimum of 3 pieces of fruit a day son has gout.

Go figure, because i sure can't.

Today is

Birthday of the Raja -- Perlis, Malaysia

Constitution Day -- Nauru; Norway

Dea Dia Festival -- Ancient Roman Calendar (goddess of growth)

Feast of Azamat -- Baha'i

Full Flower Moon/Corn Planting Moon/Milk Moon

Galician Literature Day -- Galicia (an autonomous region of Spain)

International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia

Liberation Day -- Democratic Republic of the Congo

National Cherry Cobbler Day

National Famine Memorial Day -- Ireland

Navy Day -- Argentina

Pack Rat Day -- come on out and admit it, you are a pack rat, too!

Rubber Band Day -- patented this day in 1845, and aren't we pack rats glad.

Shunki Reitaisai -- Toshogu Shrine, Nikko, Japan (Grand Festival of Spring, through the 18th)

St. Robert Bellarmine's Day

World Hypertension Day

World Telecommunication and Information Society Day

Birthdays Today:

Tahj Mowry, 1987
Drew Roy, 1986
Andrea Corr, 1974
Jordan Knight, 1970
Enya, 1961
Sugar Ray Leonard, 1956
Bob Saget, 1956
Bill Paxton, 1955
Dennis Hopper, 1936
Maureen O'Sullivan, 1911
Edward Jenner, 1749

Today in History:

Italian Jesuit Niccolo Zucchi becomes the first to see 2 belts on Jupiter's surface, 1630
Paul Chomedey de Maisonneuve founds the Ville Marie de Montréal, 1642
Frontenac becomes governor of New France (Canada), 1672
Louis Joliet and Jacques Marquette begin exploring the Mississippi River, 1673
England passes the Molasses Act, putting high tariffs on rum & molasses imported to the colonies from a country other than British possessions, 1733
The US Continental Congress bans trade with Canada, 1775
The New York Stock Exchange is founded, 1792
John Hawkins & Richard French patent the Reaping Machine, 1803
Napoleon I of France orders the annexation of the Papal States to the French Empire, 1809
Occupation of Monaco changes from French to Austrian, 1814
Antoine Joseph Sax patents the saxophone, 1846
Rosalía de Castro publishes Cantares Gallegos, the first book in the Galician language, 1863
Aristides wins the first Kentucky Derby, 1875
Greek archaeologist Valerios Stais discovers the Antikythera mechanism, an ancient mechanical analog computer, 1902
The Columbia Lions and the Princeton Tigers play in the first-ever televised sporting event, a collegiate baseball game in New York City, 1939
The United States Supreme Court hands down a unanimous decision in Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas, 1954
Soviet Venera 6 begins its descent into the atmosphere of Venus, sending back atmospheric data before being crushed by pressure, 1969
Thor Heyerdahl sets sail from Morocco on the papyrus boat Ra II to sail the Atlantic Ocean, 1970
Maoist guerrilla group Shining Path attacks a polling location in the town of Chuschi, Ayacucho, starting the Internal conflict in Peru, 1980
Lebanon, Israel, and the United States sign an agreement on Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon, 1983
After 18 years as the mayor of Paris, Jacques Chirac takes office as President of France, 1995
Three days of popular protests against the government of Prime Minister of Thailand Suchinda Kraprayoon begin in Bangkok, leading to a military crackdown, 1992
Zaire is officially renamed Democratic Republic of the Congo, 1997
The aircraft carrier USS Oriskany is sunk in the Gulf of Mexico as an artificial reef, 2008
Dalia Grybauskaite is elected the first female President of Lithuania, 2009

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