Friday, May 20, 2011

Rapt at the Rapture

As pointed out by Suldog, some so called Christians are predicting the end of the world, or the Rapture, this Saturday.

Now, why would i say "so called Christians"? Because, of course, it is pointed out in the Bible that no one knows the day and the hour. Even Jesus laid aside that knowledge when He came to Earth. There is no way to figure it. What i want to know is, how are these people going to feel the next day?

The whole point of all Bible prophecy about the end is for two things that i can see. First, the end is coming, whether for you as an individual with your own death, or for all of us as a group venture, it is coming. Second, you don't know when, so be prepared.

Anything else seems to be commentary to me.

That off my chest, the story of my Brother-in-Law, The Mouth, who is the kind of narrow minded Christian that gives the rest of us a bad name. He has always been "unsure if he is truly saved, or just thinks he is saved."

Back when he was in college, his room mate and a couple of friends got a brilliant idea one day when he stepped out to use the facilities. Two of them undressed completely, setting their clothes down in piles that looked as if the bodies within the clothes had just disappeared. They then hid in the closet.

The third person just went on with his work at his desk as if nothing was wrong. The Mouth came in and, seeing the clothes, asked where the other two were. His room mate said, "I don't know, bro, they were here one minute, and then they just disappeared."

The Mouth about had a conniption before the two burst out of the closet, naked and laughing. His room mate could hardly contain himself.

Yes, looking back, it was a mean trick. Yes, he laughs about it now, too. It's still funny.

Today is

Be a Millionaire Day - now we all can go for that

Common Prayer Day -- Denmark

Eliza Doolittle Day

Emancipation Day -- Florida, US

European Maritime Day -- European Council

Festival of Mjollnir -- Ancient Norse Calendar (feast of Thor's Hammer, date approximate)

Grudie Rosnoe -- Slavic Pagan Calendar (ten days of sacrifices to Rod for rain and good harvests)

Independence Day -- Cuba; East Timor

International Virtual Assistants' Day

Lafayette Day -- Massachusetts, US

NASCAR Day -- NASCAR charities raises money to improve the lives of children

National Bike to Work Day

National Day -- Cameroon

National Quiche Lorraine Day

Pick Strawberries Day

Rhododendron Festival -- Florence, Oregon, US (through the 22nd)

Rhubarb Festival -- Intercourse, Pennsylvania; come on out and enjoy the music, games, rhubarb-inspired foods, and lots of family fun, including the Rhubarb Race Car Derby and best pie contest!

St Bernadine of Siena's Day (patron of publicity agents, advertising, communications, he city of Carpi (Italy), and the diocese of San Bernardino, California; against compulsive gambling, respiratory problems and hoarseness of the throat)

World Metrology Day / Weights and Measures Day

Birthdays Today:

Tony Stewart, 1971
Bronson Pinchot, 1959
David Paterson, 1954
Cher, 1946
Joe Cocker, 1944
Stan Mikita, 1940
Anthony Zerbe, 1936
George Gobel, 1919
Jimmy Stewart, 1908
William Fargo, 1818
John Stuart Mill, 1806
Honore de Balzac, 1799
Dolly Madison, 1768

Today in History:

The first Ecumenical Council in the Christian Church, the Council of Nicea, opens, 325
An earthquake kills about 300,000 people in Syria and Antiochia, 526
John Cabot sets sail from Bristol, England, on his ship Matthew looking for a route to the west, 1497
Cartographer Abraham Ortelius issues the first modern atlas, 1570
Shakespeare's Sonnets are first published in London, 1609
Napoleon Bonaparte reinstates slavery in the French colonies, revoking its abolition in the French Revolution, 1802
Otto is named the first modern king of Greece, 1835
HMS Erebus and HMS Terror with 134 men under John Franklin sail from the River Thames in England, beginning a disastrous expedition to find the Northwest Passage in which all hands are lost, 1845
U.S. President Abraham Lincoln signs the Homestead Act into law, 1862
Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis receive a U.S. patent for blue jeans with copper rivets, 1873
The Triple Alliance between Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy is formed, 1882
Krakatoa begins to erupt (the volcano's final and most notable explosion will occur on August 26), 1883
The first public display of Thomas Edison's prototype kinetoscope, 1891
Cuba gains independence from the United States, 1902
The Saturday Evening Post publishes its first cover with a Norman Rockwell painting ("Boy with Baby Carriage"), 1916
Montreal, Quebec radio station XWA broadcasts the first regularly scheduled radio programming in North America, 1920
By the Treaty of Jedda, the United Kingdom recognizes the sovereignty of King Ibn Saud in the Kingdoms of Hejaz and Nejd, which later merge to become the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 1927
At 07:52 Charles Lindbergh takes off from Roosevelt Field in Long Island, New York, on the world's first solo non-stop flight across the Atlantic Ocean, 1927
Amelia Earhart takes off from Newfoundland to begin the world's first solo nonstop flight across the Atlantic Ocean by a female pilot, 1932
In a referendum in Quebec, the population rejects by a 60% vote the proposal from its government to move towards independence from Canada, 1980
First publications of the discovery of the HIV virus that causes AIDS in the journal Science by Luc Montagnier and Robert Gallo individually, 1983
The Chinese authorities declare martial law in the face of pro-democracy demonstrations, setting the scene for the Tiananmen Square massacre, 1989
In a second referendum in Quebec, the population rejects by a slight majority the proposal from its government to move towards independence from Canada, 1995
The independence of East Timor is recognized by Portugal, formally ending 23 years of Indonesian rule and 3 years of provisional UN administration (Portugal itself is the former colonizer of East Timor until 1976), 2002


  1. That's a fantastically funny story! I laughed out loud, and there's no better gift for a morning at the start of a work day. Thank you!

  2. May is National Velociraptor Awareness Month:

    I have been informed that the person, some Protestant minister, who has predicted the arrival of the Raptor this Sunday may be mistaken. Foolish people are trying to disprove him by the use of Scripture. I can tell you most definitely that the Scripture is silent on Velociraptor attacks. (I have checked thoroughly).

  3. Suldog, glad i could make you laugh.

    Merry, you are right, nothing i've ever read in the Good Book mentions Velociraptors. Thanks for the grin.

  4. Mimi, I'm w/you...nothing going on but commentary.

    So glad your sweetie was on the scene w/the motorcyclist. He saved that man's life.