Saturday, January 23, 2010

Difficult Nights

Last night was one of those difficult nights that end sadly. Do not keep reading if you cannot stand sad news.

Taking care of kittens that are this sick is a dicey game. It frequently ends with yet another backyard burial.

The kitten, Willa, became less and less responsive as the night wore on. We kept her warm, hydrated, and medicated, but nothing seemed to help. When she got more lethargic and quit fighting with us when we gave her fluids, I knew we were probably close to the end, and I was right.

Her little body just could not absorb enough fluid because of the viruses she was fighting and she was in pain from the diarrhea keeping her little bottom sore. Even the ointments with steroids were not easing her pain.

I always hate losing one. I let them go to new homes easily enough, because I know it is best for them and me, and that is what the fostering business is all about, finding new forever homes for the cats.

This is different. It is harder to let go this way, which is why we fight so hard for their lives. Now I just have to find the words to tell Kay when she calls later this morning.

Some people may call me crazy for trying so hard. Some may think what I do is brave or wonderful in some way. I just consider it part of who and what I am. I cannot turn these tiny lives away.

Today, Bug goes to adoption day. If she doesn't get upset by all the attention and scared by the dogs at the pet store and end up biting, she will have a good chance at getting a home today.

The ones that make it to that stage make fighting for each one worth it.

Today is:

Foundation Day, Lichtenstein

National Pie Day

National Handwriting Day

National Rhubarb Pie Day

New Year of the Trees, Palestine

Measure Your Feet Day- one can only ask...."Why!?!"

Snowplow Mailbox Hockey Day

St. John the Almoner's Day (known for his generosity to the poor, "If we are able to enter the church day and night and implore God to hear our prayers, how careful we should be to hear and grant the petitions of our neighbor in need.")

Anniversaries Today:

The founding of Georgetown University, the first US Catholic college,


Birthdays Today:

Princess Caroline of Monaco, 1957
Antonio Villaraigosa, 1953
Rutger Hauer, 1944
Chita Rivera, 1933
Jeanne Moreau, 1928
Ernie Kovacs, 1919
John M. Browning, 1855
Edouard Manet, 1832
John Hancock, 1737

Today in History:

Start of the Islamic calendar, 638
In China, the war elephant corps of the Southern Han are soundly defeated at Shao by crossbow fire from Song Dynasty troops, 971
The first printing of Ramban's Sha'ar ha-Gemul, 1490
The first printing of the Pentateuch, 1492
The second version of Book of Common Prayer becomes manditory in England, 1552
What is probably the most deadly earthquake in history kills 830,000 in Shensi Province, China, 1556
Queen Elizabeth I opens the Royal Exchange in London, 1571
Joseph Pease, a Quaker, is admitted to Parliament on his affirmation, 1833
Elizabeth Blackwell becomes the first female physician in the US, graduating first in her medical school class, 1849
The first bridge over the Mississippi River opens in what is now Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1855
Alesund Fire: the Norwegian coastal town Alesund is devastated by fire, leaving 10,000 people homeless an one person dead, 1904
Charles Curtis of Kansas becomes the first Native American US senator, 1907
Pianist Ignaz Paderewski becomes premier of the Polish government in exile, 1940

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