Friday, January 22, 2010

We Plan, God Laughs

The email came yesterday, and I responded right away. It was a request to take care of a very sick orphaned kitten for the weekend, because her foster mom has to go to her sister's out of town wedding.

When I spoke to Kay, she asked if she could drop the kitten off to me between noon and 2PM Friday. I told her that we get home from cleaning the church by noon, so that should be okay, but to call anyway because as soon as I say I am going to do this or that, God's sense of humor kicks in and He makes other arrangements.

Sure enough, the morning started with a bang. Literally, a crash from outside of our bedroom door where the cats were wreaking havoc. Since it was about time to get up anyway, I did, and the rest of the morning went as usual. (I'll have to save a rundown of my usual morning conversations and experiences for another post.)

Then we got to the church to do our jobs and my key would not open the lock on the sanctuary door. (Yes, there are two other exit doors, both set so as to open from the inside only.) A call to one person led to another led to a locksmith being called out. We decided to continue cleaning everything else (3 other buildings) and if he got there before we left, and we had time, do the sanctuary last. If he did not get there in time, someone else would come up to wait for him and we would come early Sunday morning to clean that last area.

Sure enough, he pulled up at the last possible moment. It was just a stuck tumbler, which he loosened with a spray of "locksmith in a can" as he called it. Then he took the lock apart, made sure it wouldn't stick anymore, tightened up the whole lock, which was working its way loose, and said "No charge." Apparently he was in a great mood because it was a beautiful day, he had rekeyed our whole church less than a year before and this could be considered warranty work, and he likes to keep people happy to call him. He's a smart business man.

His timing, however, put us off from leaving at our usual time, so we couldn't stop at the bank and cash the paycheck. After all, Kay would be coming any time after noon, and Bigger Girl has to eat lunch and get her uniform on and be ready for carpool.

In the middle of the lock crisis, I also got a call from a distraught young lady who had lost a gold hoop earring that was a birthday present only 2 weeks before at the youth meeting the night before and could we look for it, and she was going to come help look and retrace her steps.

Naturally, the earring was in the sanctuary we couldn't get open, and she had to leave, but a quick call and directions to my house and she picked it up from me just a few minutes before our sick kitten arrived.

Panleukopenia and giardia. Four siblings have already died. This one is feisty, but needs meds and fluids every hour around the clock.

This weekend is adoption day, Angel Food distribution, our usual shelter cleaning, and the normal grocery run, Sunday School duties, and brother-in-law visit.

I better hang on, once God starts laughing at our plans, anything can happen, and probably will.

Today is:

Answer Your Cat's Questions Day

Celebration of Life Day

Dance of the Seven Veils Day

National Blonde Brownie Day (I thought these were just called

St. Vincent's Day (Spanish martyr and patron of winegrowers, schoolgirls, vinegar makers) - a sunny day today indicates a good wine crop next season, and yes it is sunny here today, so I guess the muscadine wine people are happy.

Ukranian Day

Birthdays Today:

Steven Adler, 1965
Diane Lane, 1965
Michael Kelland Hutchence, 1960
Linda Blair, 1959
Steve Perry, 1949
John Hurt, 1940
Joseph Wambaugh, 1937
Sam Cooke, 1935
Bill Bixby, 1934
Piper Laurie, 1932
Ann Sothern, 1909
George Balanchine, 1904
D.W. Griffith, 1875
Grigori Rasputin, 1869
Nat Turner, 1800
Lord Byron, 1788
Sir Francis Bacon, 1561

Today in History:

The first contingent of Swiss Guards arrive at the Vatican, 1506
Postal service between NYC and Boston is inaugurated, 1673
The Native American Iroquois tribes renew their allegiance to the British against the French, 1690
Spain ceded the Falkland Islands to Britain, 1771
The first Knights Templar grand encampment in the US is held in NYC, 1814
A severe earthquake in southern Syria kills thousands, 1837
British colonists reach New Zealand, 1840
The Zulus attack the British Army camp in Isandhlwana, South Africa, 1879
The Ancient Egyptian obelisk "Cleopatra's Needle" is erected in Central Park, 1881
After 63 years, England stops the sale of Queen Victoria postage stamps series and begins King Edward VII series, 1901

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  1. I protest! Your subtitle-to-fame was stolen from me! I have the most boring blog in the world, and I'm not ceding the title to someone who writes good stuff.

    And may I just say that it's really cool, the kitten fostering that you do?


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