Monday, July 5, 2010

What Do I Do When He's Home?

Sweetie gets two weeks of vacation every summer.

The first he took when we all went to Florida.

The second week he will take this week, and stay home.

So this week, I get to study first hand the age old question of women whose husbands are retiring -- What do I do when he's home all day long?

It should be interesting to see if I get anything done.

Today is

Anxiety Day

Caricom Day (first Monday) Barbados, Guyana & St. Vincent

Chief Taholah Days begin -- Tahola, Washington, to commemorate the 1855 treaty

Constitution Day -- Armenia

Independence Day -- Algeria; Cape Verde; Venezuela

Family Day -- Lesotho

National Apple Turnover Day

National Work-a-holics Day (always celebrated on a holiday, for obvious reasons)

Peace and Unity Day -- Rwanda

St. Anthony Zaccaria's Day

Saints Cyril and Methodius Day (Czech Republic, Slovakia)

St. Rosalia's Day

Tynwald Day -- Isle of Man

Birthdays Today

Dolly the Sheep, 1996 (first cloned mammal)
Huey Lewis, 1951
Warren Oates, 1928
Georges Pompidou, 1911
Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr., 1902
Jean Cocteau, 1889
Cecil Rhodes, 1853
P.T. Barnum, 1810

Today in History

Scotland and France form the beginnings of the Auld Alliance, against England, 1295
John Guy sets sail from Bristol with 39 other colonists for Newfoundland, 1610
Isaac Newton publishes PhilosophiƦ Naturalis Principia Mathematica, 1687
The Salvation Army is founded in the East End of London, England, 1865
Police open fire on striking longshoremen in San Francisco, on Bloody Thursday, 1934
Spam, the luncheon meat, is introduced into the market by the Hormel Foods Corporation, 1937
Highest recorded temperature in Canada, at Yellow Grass, Saskatchewan: 45°C (113°F), 1937
Larry Doby signs a contract with the Cleveland Indians baseball team, becoming the first black player in the American League, 1947
National Health Service Acts created the national public health systems in the United Kingdom, 1948
The Knesset passes the Law of Return which grants all Jews the right to immigrate to Israel, 1950
William Shockley invents the junction transistor, 1951
The BBC broadcasts its first television news bulletin, 1954
Arthur Ashe becomes the first black man to win the Wimbledon singles title, 1975


  1. Thanks, Leah. I have the feeling I will need it.

  2. Good luck with this. Sounds like you'll have to get creative. ;)