Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Our Chyna got adopted!!!

Yes, this is indeed cause for celebration. It couldn't have happened to a nicer cat.

She is the feline leukemia positive cat who has lived in the office of the shelter, away from interaction with any other cats, for longer than I care to remember, and much longer than any cat should be so isolated. She is friendly to people and other cats, very sweet tempered, prone to be overweight, and needed a forever home with the understanding that once she starts showing symptoms of her disease her life will be short.

Finally, finally, she got that home. I am deeply glad.

In other good news, we also found when we substituted for a morning person at the shelter, that Molly, former roommate of Mouse, and also a delightfully sweet girl, has been adopted. Others going to new homes this week are Icarus, Callie, Annie, and Noonie, who is still at the shelter and will be picked up by her new family on Friday.

Also, JuJu is now in a room, with Bowie and Rory. Rory is calming down, and Ju is not hissing at everyone any more.

Frieda is getting sweeter! She is now in the office, where Chyna was, and loves the extra room and attention when work is going on.

Angel has gotten to where she is not as friendly as she was before. She is so wary of getting medicine in her eye that she would rather hide first, and once she is sure she doesn't detect a tube of ointment in your hand, come get petted later. Dustie is still camping out in the chair, in easy reach, and taking her medicine even though she doesn't like it.

Grady, Prissy, and Clint are in the clinic area not for isolation, but simply so they will have more room to run. Grady is still escaping as often as possible, and Princess scoots behind him as usual. Clint just hides in the litter box and growls. I think there is no such thing as enough room for Grady, and Clint prefers a steady, small space. Whoever adopts Grady will have a chore keeping him indoors only.

Nikkie is new and will become Nacho's new roomie, since his neck is healed up.

Candy the crazy is scheduled to go in the room with the equally nutty Curly Sue and Simba -- we let them out together any time people are around, so they can get used to each other. So far, so good.

We have two who were dumped at the pet store, long haired tabbies who look like sisters but one is about 6-7 months and the other about 3 months, in an isolation cage in the kitchen. They are scrawny, with burrs in their fur, and yet cautiously friendly.

Jinny has such a bad case of the runs I had to just change out her whole litter box, Roxanne is shy as she can be, Princess, Zeus, Rosie, Stella, Francie, Tiger and Buddy are all doing well.

Tiger, by the way, is the fattest cat I have seen since our own Runty. He is 17 pounds if he is an ounce, poor thing.

I believe we are full up now, so send prayers and good vibes for lots more adoptions.

Meanwhile, back on our own front, the 7 kittens are doing great. My kids have started naming them, mostly crazy names as usual, but at least we will never have another Bam Margera or Raab Himself in the rescue again.

Today is:

Independence Day -- Chad

Ingersoll Day

National Marina Day

National Raspberry Bombe Day

Play in the Sand Day (Yeah, like at the beach, nothing like sand in your
shorts, I get enough of that on vacation, thank you.)

Presidential Joke Day

Son and Daughter Day

St. Susanna's Day

Birthdays Today:

Hulk Hogan, 1953
Arlene Dahl, 1928
Mike Douglas, 1925 (Note: he also died on this date in 2006)
Alex Haley, 1921
Anna Maria Luisa de' Medici, 1667 (Last of the Medicis)

Today in History:

First day of the Mesoamerican Long Count Calendar, used my the Maya and other pre-Columbian Mesoamerican civilizations, BC3114
Traditional date of the defeat of Bel by Hayk, progenitor and founder of the Armenian nation, BC2492
Battle of Artemisuim, naval battle of the Greco-Persian War, fought at the same time as the Battle of Thermopylae of the same war; Leonidas, King of Sparta, dies in the land battle, BC480
Papandayan Java volcanic eruption kills 3,000, 1772
Charles Lawrence gives expulsion orders to remove the Acadians from Nova Scotia beginning the Great Upheaval, 1755
The world's first roller rink opens in Newport, RI, 1866
Animation is patented by John Wray, 1914
The first civilian prisoners arrive at Alcatraz, 1934
A bomb explodes on Pan Am Flight 830, en route from Tokyo to Honolulu, killing one teenager and injuring 15 passengers, 1984

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