Saturday, September 4, 2010

Rescue Details

More than you could possibly want to know about an animal rescue group.

We are a "no kill" organization, which means we do not euthanize adoptable animals, we work to find them homes.

We can only take in as many as we have room for at any one time.

We always, and I do mean always, make room for bottle-fed kittens, which are my main duty.

Yes, if we are full, we turn people down. They then probably take the animals to the "pound," called Animal Control here, where they might be euthanized. Sometimes I'm sure they abandon the animals, and that is terrible.

It is the unfortunate reality that we can only do so much. Some people criticize the "no kill" model, because they claim we are living in a dream world, refusing to take more animals than we can handle. We also offer low cost spay/neuter, we do trap/neuter/release with feral colonies, and we are trying to work with all of the animal rescues in the area to make the whole metro area a no kill zone. We want there to be no unwanted animals.

Crazy? Yes. Doable? We will see, and we will keep working toward it.

Meanwhile, we make sure every cat that we do have, or get, that is adoptable, gets its photo on petfinders, and is either at adoption days, or in the adoption center for at the pet store, or gets exposure at adoption events at the shelter.

No animal is left in a cage for any longer than absolutely necessary. The adoption center at the pet store has a one week limit that we impose on ourselves. We work to get well animals into colony rooms at the shelter, or into a foster home, as quickly as we can. They stay in cages only when they are sick if we have any way to move them out.

Every one has been adopted, sooner or later. We have found homes for elderly cats that had to be given up by their even more elderly owners who died or went into nursing facilities. We have found homes for blind, maimed, and special needs cats.

It is our wish and our work to try to get a home for every animal we can, and work on the other end of it to get people to spay/neuter their pets, so we can someday put us out of business.

Yes, I know it won't every happen, but we can dream.

Meanwhile, if you want a new cat or kitten, rescue one. It is a gift to the animal and to yourself.

Today is:

Anthracite Coal Miners Day

Glass Day

Immigrant's Day -- Argentina

Looking For the Boundaries -- Cuchumatan Indians, Guatemala Highlands

National Macadamia Nut Day

Newspaper Carrier Day

St. Boniface I's Day

St. Rose of Viterbo's Day (patron of florists)

Wisconsin State Cow Chip Throw -- Marion Park, Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin

Birthdays Today:

Beyonce Knowles, 1981
Mitzi Gaynor, 1930
Dick York, 1928
Paul Harvey, 1918
Henry Ford II, 1917
Richard Wright, 1908
Nigel Bruce, 1895
François-René, vicomte de Chateaubriand, 1768

Today in History:

Romulus Augustulus, the last Roman emperor in the West, is formally deposed, 476
Edmund Halley, English astronomer, first observes the comet that now bears his name, 1682
The city of Los Angeles is founded in Bahia de las Fumas (Valley of Smokes), 1781
Robert Fulton begins operating his steamboat, 1807
Barney Flahery, age 10, is hired to be the first newsboy, by the NY Sun, 1833
The last major US-Indian war ends with the surrender of Apache Chief Geronimo, 1886
George Eastman patents the first roll-film cameral and registers the trademark name "Kodak", 1888
Beatrix Potter first tells the story of Peter Rabbit, 1893
Comic strip "Beetle Bailey" first appears, 1950
The Ford Motor Company introduces the Edsel, 1957
Mark Spitz becomes the first competitor to win seven medals at a single Olympic Games, 1972
Google is founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, two students at Stanford University, 1998

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