Sunday, December 12, 2010


Not a single adoption at the events this weekend. So far, in December, Nacho and T-Boy have gone, but even the kittens are getting overlooked at the pet store.

Heading into the shelter, I stopped for gas a couple of blocks away and #2 Son and Little Girl decided to run the rest of the way to see if they could beat me there. They did, by about 15 seconds. Just about long enough to compliment Leigh on her car, and we were pulling in. Leigh is our "shelter caretaker coordinator," the person I answer to when cleaning up each week. She had stopped to drop some things off.

While there, she noted that the Christmas decor has suffered a bit. Some things that were there last week are gone, some really ugly things have replaced them. Her words were that it looks like Christmas threw up in the main room. I must admit, I'm no decorator, but it doesn't look as nice as it did last week. Probably too many spoons in the pot.

She also admitted to being afraid of Frieda! I mean, I know the cat has problems, but she isn't scary, just loud and opinionated. I showed her how to pet Frieda, head and neck only, and that both quiets her and makes her happy. Scratching anywhere else is a no no. I don't think I convinced her that Frieda can be friendly if you handle her right.

Popping into the storage room, I started listening for Baby's growling, and didn't hear a peep. Worried, I stepped in and found no food or box for her, either. I went on through to the big room, and there she was. She is still growling, but yet seems to want to be petted, too. Not much, but a little. Grady behaved in there and didn't try to run away, Prissy was her usual, beautiful self, and Clint stuck his nose out and tolerated me scratching his ears! I was astonished. I think he needs lots of one on one attention, and he will be a sweet heart. It might also be that fewer cats in the room means he doesn't feel the need to hide as much.

Gidget is in a cage, howling away wanting attention, and suffering from an eye infection. Little Girl and I dosed her, and she didn't really fight it, but she cannot stand being caged. She is so friendly, she wants to be out and with you all of the time.

Belle is in a cage for a possible upper respiratory, but Leigh got her out to play with anyway. What a snuggler! She could double for a Russian Blue, and is a love. Somebody is going to have a lap cat there.

Harley is hiding in the back of a cage, acting like a scaredy cat. Poor guy, I hope he calms down soon.

BEBE is new and in a cage awaiting the works treatment from the vet. Cream colored and shy, she accepts petting and seems to just be awaiting her fate.

Dora, Heathcliff, Squirt, and Peepers are also battling a bit of an eye problem. They have calmed, and are eating, and now this. I hope it goes away fast.

Everyone else, Francie, Iggy, Angel, Dustie, Mamie, Maisie (a pure white that I am shocked hasn't adopted), Roxanne, Sophia, Tiger, Buddy, Bowie, JuJu, and Candy are holding steady.

As for mine, still 14 of them. Kaitlyn, Hummingbird, Buster Davis, and Dawnflower will be vetted this week. Poor little Tiger is still 4 ounces too small, and we are hoping for next week. Never try to have surgery on a kitten that is under two pounds, unless it is a life threatening situation. Too much risk of over anesthetizing, even with a great vet.

All I Want For Christmas Is My Fosters To Get Adopted. My new song.

Today is:

Advent Fast Begins -- Orthodox Christian Churches

Bonza Bottler Day

Fiesta del Virgin de Guadalupe -- Mexico

Independence Day -- Kenya (Jamhuri)

Miracle of the Roses -- Catholic Christian

National Ambrosia Day

National Ding-A-Ling Day (A day on which to honor all the ding-a-lings you know, and even act like one yourself.)

Neutrality Day and Student Youth Day -- Turkmenistan

Poinsettia Day

St. Cury's Day (patron against blindness, deafness, demonic possession)

St. Lucy's Eve -- Austria (night of the shining that some use to predict the future)

Unmentionable Thoughts Festival -- Fairy Calendar (imps, goblins, and naughty fairies)

Yuletide Lads begin arriving -- Iceland (Jolasveinar trolls, bring gifts and mischief from now until Christmas)

Anniversaries Today:

Pennsylvania becomes the 2nd US State, 1787

Birthdays Today:

Mayim Bialik, 1975
Rey Mysterio, Jr., 1974
Madchen Amick, 1970
Jennifer Connelly, 1970
Tracy Austin, 1962
Sheila E. 1957
Cathy Rigby, 1952
Emerson Fittipaldi, 1946
Dionne Warwick, 1941
Connie Francis, 1938
Bob Barker, 1923
Bob Dorough, 1923
Joe Williams, 1918
Frank Sinatra, 1915
Edward G. Robinson, 1893
Edvard Munch, 1863
Erasmus Darwin, 1731

Today in History:

The Battle at Ninevah: Byzantine emperor Heraclius defeats Perzen, 627
The Order of the Dragon is created by Sigismund, King of Hungary, and his wife Queen Barbara of Celje, following the battle for possession of Bosnia, 1408
Isabella crowns herself Queen of Castile and Aragon, 1474
Jews are expelled from Schlettstadt Alsace by Emperor Frederick III, 1479
In Vienna, Ludwig von Beethoven receives his first lesson in music composition from Franz Joseph Haydn, 1792
Mexico is officially recognized as an independent nation by the US, 1822
The first Canadian coins are circulated (1 cent, 5 cent, 10 cent and 20 cent), 1858
Rudolph Dirks' first Katzenjammer cartoon strip appears in the NY Journal, 1897
Belo Horizonte, the first planned city of Brazil, is founded, 1897
George F Bryant of Boston patents the wooden golf tee, 1899
Guglielmo Marconi receives the first transatlantic radio signal at Signal Hill in St John's, Newfoundland, 1901
Delhi replaces Calcutta as the capital of India, 1911
Oscar Straus becomes US Secretary of Commerce, the first Jew to be a US Cabinet member, 1906
The first all metal aircraft, the Junkers J-1, is test flown in Dessau, Germany, 1915
In Nebraska, Father Edward J. Flanagan founds Boys Town as a farm village for wayward boys, 1917
The first prototype of a hovercraft is patented by British engineer Christopher Cockerell, 1955
Guinea joins the United Nations, 1958
The Russian Federation gains independence from the USSR, 1991

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