Sunday, January 15, 2012

Not Too Bad

Sweetie was standing outside the house waiting for me to drive up.

When i got out, i asked him what was up, and he said, "Just look."

It was a dent in the rear of his car, he had been standing in such a way i couldn't see it until he moved. The whole bumper is caved in and the fiberglass torn on that side, and it is slightly popped out of place on the side of the car.

"I got rear ended at a red light on the way home," he explained. "Very nice young lady, a student, and no one was hurt."

Did you call the police, i asked, praying he had. Last time this happened he hadn't, assuming there was no real damage, and there was.

"Yes, we did, and waited in the cold for the officer. It took an hour! Oh, i have the info he gave me in the house."

The best news is that no one was hurt. Second best is that she has the same insurance company as us, so i can call my agent on Tuesday and find out how to go about getting an estimate. Third best will be if her policy will cover a rental while his is in the shop.

Although he's not thrilled about the idea of a rental, he hates that they always give you something small and cheap when it's the insurance paying for it.

Still, it's all not too bad.

Today is:

Arbor Day -- Jordan

Armed Forces Day / Remembrance Day -- Nigeria

Army Day -- India

Basketball Day

Carmentalia -- Roman Empire (2nd day)

Dia del Maestro -- Venezuela (Teacher's Day)

Ebisu Daikoku Tsunahiki -- Suruga, Fukui Prefecture (Two teams, representing the gods Ebisu and Daikoku, have a tug-of-war; a win for Ebisu brings good fishing, for Daikoku, good harvests.)

Feast of the Ass -- Ancient Roman Calendar (celebrates Vesta being saved by a donkey)

Feast of Entering Heaven and the Two Lands -- Ancient Egyptian Calendar (date approximate)

Festival of All Fairies -- Fairy Calendar

Fiesta Del Senor de Esquipulas -- Central America and Carribean (Festival of the Black Christ)

Jackson Day Race -- New Orleans, LA, US (105th annual, a 9k run through historic areas of New Orleans; the oldest street race in the South and 5th oldest in the nation.)

John Chilembwe Day -- Malawi

Korean Alphabet Day -- North Korea

Lenaea -- Ancient Greek Calendar (a Festival of Comedy; date approximate)

Moliere Day -- France

National Hat Day -- begun by a hat loving individual who has chosen to remain anonymous

National Strawberry Ice Cream Day

Pilgrimage of Cristo Negro de Esquipulas -- Esquipulas, Guatemala

Procrastinator's New Year -- declared by someone who had a really great sense of humor

Sight-Saving Sabbath -- to alert church members to the importance of regular eye exams

Sinulog -- Cebu City, Philippines (a very colorful festival about the pagan origin of the people, and their acceptance of Roman Catholicism)

St. Paul the Hermit's Day (the first of the Egyptian hermits)

Tamil Thai Pongal Day -- Sri Lanka (Festival of the Tamils)

Tree Planting Day -- Egypt

Ume Matsuri -- Atami, Japan (celebrating the umi -- plum -- at one of the most famous plum viewing spots in the country; through March 12)

World Religion Day -- Baha'i

Anniversaries Today:

Elizabeth I is crowned Queen of England, 1559

Birthdays Today:

Charo, 1951
Margaret O'Brien, 1937
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., 1929
John Cardinal O'Connor, 1920
Lloyd Bridges, 1913
Gene Krupa, 1909
Edward Teller, 1908
Aristotle Onassis, 1906
Pierre S. du Pont, 1870

Today in History:

Nebuchadnezzar II of Babylon lays siege to Jerusalem under Zedekiah's reign, in a siege lasting until July 23, BC588
Christopher Columbus sets sail for Spain from Hispaniola, ending his first voyage to the New World, 1493
Third sitting of the Council of Trent opens, 1562
The British Museum opens in Montague House in London, 1759
John Etherington of London steps out sporting the first top hat, 1797
The first US built locomotive to pull a passenger train begins its first run, with Mr. and Mrs. Pierson on board for the first US railroad honeymoon trip, 1831
The donkey is first used as a symbol for the Democratic Party, in Harper's Weekly, 1870
The Coca-Cola Company, then known as the Pemberton Medicine Company, is originally incorporated in Atlanta, Georgia, 1889
James Naismith publishes the rules of Basketball, 1892
Tchaikovsky's ballet "Swan Lake" premieres in St Petersburg, 1895
Dr. Lee DeForest patents a 3-element vacuum tube (one of the inventions that later made radio possible), 1907
The Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority becomes the first Greek-letter organization founded and established by African-American college women, 1908
The Boston Molasses Disaster, 2 million gallons of molasses spill, 21 killed, over 150 injured, 1919
The first building to be completely covered in glass, built for the Owens-Illinois Glass Company, is completed in Toledo, Ohio, 1936
The world's largest office building, The Pentagon, is dedicated in Arlington, Virginia, 1943
The US Supreme Court rules that "clear and present danger" of incitement to riot is not protected speech and can be a cause for arrest, 1951
The first Super Bowl is played in Los Angeles; the Green Bay Packers defeat the Kansas City Chiefs 35-10, 1967
The USSR launches Soyuz 5, 1969
The United Nations deadline for the withdrawal of Iraqi forces from occupied Kuwait expires, preparing the way for the start of Operation Desert Storm, 1991
Wikipedia goes online, 2001
An intense solar flare blasts X-rays across the solar system, 2005
ESA's SMART-1 lunar orbiter discovers elements such as calcium, aluminum, silicon, iron, and other surface elements on the moon, 2005


Hilary said...

Ugh.. but so glad to hear that nobody was hurt.

messymimi said...

Hilary, it's a minor nuisance, and could have been much worse.