Tuesday, January 17, 2012

She Ate What?

That's what i keep asking about the Hazelnut. Mostly because when i ask her directly, she just looks at me with sad eyes.

So far this week she seems to have eaten two shoes (bought at a dollar store just for her to chew on), the plastic squeaks out of two stuffed squeaky toys, the fluff out of another stuffed toy, the plastic antenna off one of the cordless phones, and more sticks than i care to count.

The end result has been that she has is now rivaling the cats in the "leaving something unpleasant hacked up right where it will be stepped on" department.

When i ask Miss Lizzie if she is concerned about all the stuff her dog seems to swallow, she said that after she saw one of her dad's dogs pass a Brillo pad, she figures she's not going to worry about bits of stick or small pieces of plastic or shoe.

Next time someone around here asks where something is, instead of going crazy looking for it, i'm just going to say the dog probably ate it. Because she very well may have.

Today is:

Apple Wassailing Day -- cider orchards of South West England (ancient tradition to bless the trees)

Blessing of the Animals -- Hispanic Christian (in association with St. Anthony's Day)

Ditch Your New Years Resolutions Day -- no info on origin, but probably someone who gave up; will you?

Felicitas -- Ancient Roman Calendar (goddess of good luck)

Get to Know Your Customers Day

Hot Heads Chili Day -- no clue what this one means, but i guess we can have chili for dinner

Kid Inventors' Day -- celebrating how inventive kids are; on the birthday of Ben Franklin, who invented swim fins at age 12

Liberation Day -- Poland (liberation from the Nazis in 1945)

National Hot Buttered Rum Day

Patras Carnival -- Patras, Greece (opening ceremony, through Clean Monday)

Professional Boxer's Day -- Ali's birthday

Rid The World of Fad Diets and Gimmicks Day

St. Anthony of Egypt's Day (Patron of basket weavers, brush makers, butchers, domestic animals, grave diggers, herdsmen, swine; against eczema, ergotism; patriarch of all monks)

Zirgu Diena -- Ancient Latvian Calendar (Day of the Horses)

Anniversaries Today:

Octavian marries Livia Drusilla, BC38
George Burns marries Gracie Allen, 1926

Birthdays Today:

Kid Rock, 1971
Michelle Obama, 1964
Jim Carrey, 1962
Susanna Hoffs, 1959
Anthony Glise, 1956
Andy Kaufman, 1949
Muhammad Ali, 1942
Maury Povich, 1939
Shari Lewis, 1934
James Earl Jones, 1931
Vidal Sassoon, 1928
Eartha Kitt, 1927
Betty White, 1922
Al Capone, 1899
Nevil Shute, 1899
Mack Sennett, 1884
David Lloyd George, 1863
Anton Chekhov, 1860
Anne Bronte, 1820
Benjamin Franklin, 1706

Today in History:

Pope Gregory XI moves the Papacy back to Rome from Avignon, 1377
Cesare Borgia returns in triumph to Rome from Romagna, 1501
Giovanni da Verrazzano begins his voyage to find a passage to China, 1524
The Edict of St Germain recognizes Huguenots in France, 1562
England's Long Parliament passes the Vote of No Addresses, breaking off negotiations with King Charles I and thereby setting the scene for the second phase of the English Civil War, 1648
An avalanche destroys every building in Leukerbad, Switzerland, kills 53, 1718
Capt James Cook becomes the first to cross Antarctic Circle (66° 33' S), 1773
The first cable car patented, by Andrew S Hallidie (begins service in 1873), 1871
Queen Liliuokalani is deposed, the Kingdom of Hawaii becomes a republic, 1893
Sir Robert Falcon Scott reaches the South Pole, one month after Roald Amundsen, 1912
The first fully automatic photographic film developing machine patented, 1928
Popeye the Sailor Man, a cartoon character created by Elzie Segar, first appears in the Thimble Theatre comic strip, 1929
Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg, credited with saving tens of thousands of Jews from the Nazis, is arrested by secret police in Hungary, 1945
The United Nations Security Council holds its first meeting, 1946
The Goldbergs, the first sitcom on American television, first airs, 1949
The Great Brinks Robbery - 11 thieves steal more than $2 million from an armored car Company's offices in Boston, Massachusetts, 1950
A B-52 bomber collides with a KC-135 Stratotanker over Spain, dropping three 70-kiloton nuclear bombs near the town of Palomares and another one into the sea in the Palomares incident, 1966
Harald V becomes King of Norway on the death of his father, Olav V, 1991
The Czech Republic applies for membership of the European Union, 1996
Mount Nyiragongo erupts in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, displacing an estimated 400,000 people, 2002
Rioting begins between Muslim and Christian groups in Jos, Nigeria, which resulting in at least 200 deaths, 2010


  1. Oh, my. I had Rudee eat a carpet we'd put in his kennel, but that was when he was a chewy puppy. I think that perhaps a query of your vet might be in order, if Hazelnut needs something that's missing in the diet, or if it's just a quirk of said dog.

    Huh. Pooped a Brillo pad? That gives a new meaning to cleaning the colon...


  2. Cat, she's on a good dog chow, but i will ask the vet. And thanks for the laugh!