Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Having a Jubilee

 Yesterday, we got the call to please take in one more kitten.  It was supposed to be about the age of my current younger litter, and how could i say no?

The call to the nice lady ended with me agreeing to meet her at a local coffee shop about a mile from me, and a mile from her, too.  She showed up right on time and gave us a beautiful little tortoiseshell kitten that was dehydrated, but appeared healthy.

Then she pointed out the small cut and burn up by the kitten's ear.  Apparently, she had found the kitten earlier that day trapped in the engine of her car!  A call to 911 ended up with a fire truck and a rescue squad taking two hours to free the poor thing.

Bigger Girl says we are having a jubilee because the kitten is safe now, and we have named her that, Jubilee.  She's skittish and needed hydration from the vet's office, and of course she doesn't want a bottle yet, it doesn't taste like mama and she's not quite hungry enough yet.  She will be soon.

Today is

Abolition Day -- Martinique

Bath International Music Festival -- Bath, UK (with musicians from more than 30 countries, this is truly a premier festival; through June 2)

Bear Waking Day -- Norway (traditionally said to be the day the bears awaken from their hibernation, at least according to many sites)

Buy a Musical Instrument Day -- even just a kazoo, and have some fun making music; maybe if this one spreads around the world and enough of us do it, it will foster some harmony in our lives

Election Day -- Cayman Islands

Elf Fest -- Lothlorien Nature Sanctuary (near Needmore, Indiana; through next Tuesday)

Emergency Medical Services for Children Day -- because children need different care, they aren't just tiny adults

Independence Day -- Montenegro

International Day for Biological Diversity -- UN

National Maritime Day -- US (commemorating the first transoceanic voyage under steam power)

National Sovereignty Day -- Haiti

National Vanilla Pudding Day

St. Julia's Day (Patron of torture victims; Corsica, Portugal; Livorno, Italy)

St. Rita of Cascia's Day/La Abodada de Impossibles (Patron of desperate causes, difficult marriages, forgotten causes, illness, lost causes, parenthood, sick people, sterile people, victims of physical spousal abuse, widows, wounded people; against abuse, infertility, loneliness, sickness, sterility, wounds, unhappy marriages; Cascia, Italy; Dalayap, Philippines; Igbaras, Philippines)

Toad-Pinching Day -- Fairy Calendar (Pixies)

Toothpaste Tube Day -- the tube was invented on this day in 1892 by dentist Washington Wentworth Sheffield, who wanted to replace the unhygenic practice of dipping the brush into a jar of dental cream

Unity Day / National Day -- Republic of Yemen

Birthdays Today:

Apollo Anton Ohno, 1982
Ginnifer Goodwin, 1978
Morrissey, 1959
Paul Winfield, 1941
Richard Benjamin, 1938
Susan Strasberg, 1938
Peter Nero, 1934
Sir Laurence Olivier, 1907
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, 1859
Mary Cassatt, 1844
Richard Wagner, 1813

Today in History:

The Macedonian army of Alexander the Great defeats Darius III of Persia in the Battle of the Granicus, BC334
The Hashshashin (Assassins) attempt to murder Saladin near Aleppo, 1176
Pope Gregory XI issues five papal bulls to denounce the doctrines of English theologian John Wycliffe, 1377
Richard, Duke of York, defeats and captures King Henry VI of England, 1455
A grand jury indicts former Vice President of the United States Aaron Burr on a charge of treason, 1807
On the second and last day of the Battle of Aspern-Essling (near Vienna), Napoleon is repelled by an enemy army for the first time, 1809
The SS Savannah leaves port at Savannah, Georgia, United States, on a voyage to become the first steamship to cross the Atlantic Ocean; the ship arrived at Liverpool, England on June 20, 1819
HMS Beagle  departs on its first voyage, 1826
The transporting of British convicts to the New South Wales colony is abolished, 1840
Farmers Lester Howe and Henry Wetsel discover Howe Caverns, 1842
The Blackwall Tunnel under the River Thames is officially opened, 1897
The Wright brothers are granted U.S. patent number 821,393 for their "Flying-Machine", 1906
Lassen Peak erupts with a powerful force, and is the only mountain other than Mount St. Helens to erupt in the continental US during the 20th century, 1915
The most powerful earthquake ever documented, the Great Chilean Quake, measures 9.5 and strikes southern Chile, 1960
The nuclear-powered submarine the USS Scorpion sinks with 99 men aboard 400 miles southwest of the Azores, 1968
Ceylon adopts a new constitution, thus becoming a Republic, changes its name to Sri Lanka, and joins the Commonwealth of Nations, 1972
Namco releases the highly influential arcade game Pac-Man, 1980
Microsoft  releases the Windows 3.0 operating system, 1990
Johnny Carson retires from The Tonight Show after 30 years, 1992
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia join the United Nations, 1992
A jury in Birmingham, Alabama, convicts former Ku Klux Klan member Bobby Frank Cherry of the 1963 murders of four girls in the bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church, 2002


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  3. Bless you for taking in that helpless little kitten. I'm sure she's in very good hands.

  4. Jubilee---what a wonderful name for a kitten that's come through so much bad luck.

  5. Oh my.. that sweet little face. Poor baby. I'm so glad she's with you.. safe and sound. She reminds me of my long-gone sweet Topaz.. also a tortie. One of the two most loveable cats I've ever known. She has a great name.. she's in great hands. Thank you for what you do, MM.


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